How to Double Your Brain Power!- (Part 3 )

Vatic Note: Part 3, is the second half of and continuation of Part 2, so keep that in mind when viewing this one below.   The screen on the video says Part 2, because part 3 was done manually by the up loader since Part 2 was too long for one sitting.  Part 2 and Part 3 cover different aspects of the same subject.   Again, this is a valuable video and its been confirmed by Greg Bradens book "The Healing Power of Belief".

This part discusses using affirmations and imaging.  I had an experience where this worked.  I wanted to work at a bank, but I had no experience doing so, but was educated in finance.  I decided to image myself as a banker ( this was before they were hated).

I kept that visualizing in my mind and visualized me dressed as a banker and carried a briefcase and walking through the bank in their finance dept.  Well, the first banking job I applied for, I got.  I still had not put it together how imaging and thinking or intending can create a new reality.  I had a good foundation for future learning when I healed my own lump in my breast, and then this story of how I ended up working for a bank and between the two  the foundation for "belief' was laid. 

It wasn't until I began researching for doing this blog, that I discovered so much more about our DNA, blood types like negative and positive, etc.  I believe the genesis of our solutions to our banker problems, rest somewhere in this information we are finding.  So, its well worth the watch and study.

I then learned about consciousness and we published quite a few blogs on the subject as well as "the Heart" as a second brain and how to rid ourselves of the debilitating heart wall, which imprisons our emotions that we need to power our positive and directional thoughts.  Then we addressed the role of "belief", and how it works. We also did a blog on "The Plasma Universe" which contributes to all of the above listed.

Then we published a series of Michael Tsarions long term research on "The Origins of Evil" and I believe in many ways these are all tied in together.  This series covers most of these all in one place so download them and study them when you have the time to take to focus on the subject and build up your power within, then learn how to manifest such power in the real world.

We discussed this in our "Strategy and Tactics" section of the People to People initiative.   The very first strategy we recommended was "Change our Map of Internal Reality".   That had two parts to it and after watching this series of videos and then reading our first strategy in solving our problems, and reading about the plasma universe, I think you will see just how powerful we can be if we decide to be.  Its truly up to us. What is more exciting is the fact that if we do this together, even though we are separate, we can actually do in the bankers.

I believe the khazars know this and its why they do everything they can to keep us out of our power.   THEY DO FEAR PORN to keep us in our lizard and animal brain, instead of in our higher brain and our heart needed to drive the emotions that vibrate the thoughts.  There is actually a scientific basis to all this.  Watch and see.  Prove it to yourself by doing it, since it costs you nothing and you have so much to gain as does the world, if not the universe. 

How to Double Your Brain Power!- (Part 3 of 4)
Published by mind power words on Jan 16, 2013

A simple way of using the most powerful gift God gave us...OUR MIND!
Everyone has Genius sleeping within them, this video shows you how to wake it up.

This includes how to "become" rather than just "be" that we hang on to rigidly.  Flexibility is required and openness to new views of our world and of ourselves.  Openess and belief is the fundamental key to change.  I never said it would be easy, since its not easy to change a lifetime of habits and perceptions, but once we know there are other choices with much greater results, then its worth the journey and the difficulty, but the end result is peace, tranquility, opportunity and happiness.   There are millionaires that cannot buy those results, but commitment to the work can, no matter how rich or poor you are.  Give it a good shot.


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