The Guidebook: How To Attract WEALTH, ABUNDANCE, and PROSPERITY! (Good Stuff!)

*** - This must work, since they cut out the video on me before it was scheduled to come up.  I have put it back up, but if its gone, then go directly to the link to watch from the original site. 
Vatic Note:   I have to admit that this was more than I thought.   He does an excellent job and he has a real handle about the way the mind works.  There has been so much science lately about all this.  Remember how we have been saying regularly that "This war we are in is a Spiritual War" that they are conducting against us.

These evil ones even wrote up in detail how to socially engineer us into a darker and more garbage way of thinking and acting.   This is going to be one of those times where you are going to have to seriously take control of your own mind and make it do your bidding.   Its created to do just that by the way it works on a scientific level and this guy in the video knows exactly how the mind works.

Because of that I gave this guy serious credibility more so than any of the others I had listened to because of how I used these techniques to create and run my own businesses for 30 years.  The mistake I made was in my poor choices for mates who ended up ripping me off.   I blame no one but myself for that, since I neglected to use the same techniques for finding the right person, that I used for building my businesses.   I even did the imaging part to a tee.

Anyway,  I decided in 2014, as a new year....... I would not only give you the "Truth" good or bad, So you know what solutions should be used, but I would also give you tools and good news to use to build your own internal spiritual power base from which to operate as this guy has done.  Check it out, try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  When it works for you and belief turns into "knowing" it works, it will go even faster.

Belief and commitment are the keys.   Once we prove that to ourselves,  then we can take on the globe and create the world we want since we don't have to do the rituals the bad guys have to do.   Our power is immediate and internal when we have belief and knowing.  That is the trigger for creating and its been proven scientifically.  Ask Gregg Braden,  He wrote the book "The Healing Power of Belief".  Try to get that book as well.  I did and it works. 

The Guidebook: How To Attract WEALTH, ABUNDANCE, and PROSPERITY! (Good Stuff!) 
Published by Mind Power Words on Oct 27, 2013



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