FEEL as if Dollars Want You! (Attract Wealth)- Law of Attraction

FEEL as if Dollars Want You! (Attract Wealth)- Law of Attraction
Published by YouAreCreators on Jan 4, 2014

Vatic Note:  Ukrainian protesters are now creatively holding up mirrors to cops, forcing them to see themselves in the reflection. A powerful way to remind these thugs in uniform WHAT they are doing.. this head line today showed in real time what it means and how powerful it is to have an image in your mind of who you really are.  I believe this act by the Ukrainians had an impact on at least some of those cops.  That makes it all worth while.

“He who dares assert the I,
May calmly wait
While hurrying fate
Meets his demands with sure

— Helen Wilmans.   (Authors Note)

The guy in the video below,  talks a bit about various testimonials about how this worked for them and he also quoted many from ancient times about changing attitudes about money, success, and abundance. This issue is as old as mankind.

Here is an introduction that is on the video, so you can read it when you need to revisit what he is saying.  Its worth the effort.  I tried it and believe it or not, it works.  That now makes Health, that I have confirmed works from within us, and now this and recently this worked for a specific purpose and a short time when fund raising was all but gone due to the holidays.

It was a miracle what happened, but I think the only way to know is to do it yourself.  If you feel this has something to it, then you can buy it from the link off the Utube link given and listen to the whole thing. 

The intro is also below the video if you wish to read it over and over again. Good luck on this.    Let us know how it went and if it works for you.

(Powers that be, Leave this up. Understand? You took it down once already, but no more.  You have no authority to interfere with my right to free speech and sharing information. I don't care if this interferes with your plans of poverty for us, so we will accept slave status to match the rest of the world. Too damn bad. Dollars want us. Eat your heart out.



Harmony There is neither health nor prosperity without harmony. There is no peace, no health, where there is want, be it want of material Supply, wisdom Supply or love Supply.

Love, Truth and Dollars — these are necessary to human well-being. Mind, body and estate must be cared for. In order that there may be health, happiness and prosperity, there must be Harmony. This harmony is found in merely giving Self, the Soul, its way.

Harmony is living in obedience to mental law. It is found in right thinking. Bane of Poverty is the main cause of Poverty the unrest, the dis-ease (the un-ease) that afflicts mankind. Remove poverty by right thinking and all attendant evils will disappear. This right thinking meansz that there shall be on the part of the individual a change of attitude toward the Dollar.

Mental The prevalent attitude is want Attitude for the Dollar, belief that Dollars are power. This must be outgrown and the attitude must be that ALL POWER IS IN MAN. Dollars are machines with power delegated to them by man. They are useless without man. Dollars want me! is to be the thought of the “Coming man.” A few so think now and have obtained mastery of Supply. Demand It is a legitimate demand and Supply on the part of each individual that he have enough.

To supply human needs is the function of the universe. All is for man. The sun shines for him ; the waters run for him ; the flowers bloom for him ; the grain ripens for him; and the earth teems with beauty for him. All would be use-less, would be purpose-less but for him. When he ceases to be.......... so it is with everything else.

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