No Water = No NSA Data Center. One way to Nullify NSA global spying is Shut Off Their Water

Vatic Note:  This is only one of many great ideas these guys have.  Not only read all this and listen to the video, but visit the link below in supporting their efforts, since they have a ton of stuff.   Like I continually say,  "I love my fellow Americans, because they are creative, can think outside the box, are used to grassroots decentralized planning and action, as Ron Pauls' campaign proved in 2008.

We are not like those who are used to dictators and have been indoctrinated to behave a certain way.   We do as we will that does not hurt another human or interfere with their property and other rights.  We are self regulated or at least have been in the past without "Daddy government" watching over us like childen.

Remember it only took 5% of the American population to conduct a revolution and in todays figures that is 19,000,000 Americans.   What do you think?  A revolution does not have to be violent, it can just be resistance and refusal to partake in any of their rules and regulations.  Or any combination of same.

No Water = No NSA Data Center.
Published by Tenth Amendment Center, on Oct 15, 2013
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In Utah, the Bluffdale Data Center will require 1.7 million gallons of water every single day to operate - keep computers cool. That water is being provided by the State of Utah.

They can TURN IT OFF!


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Anonymous said...

Hello, Vatic
I am the one who tried to warn your readers of the danger of the motorola tattoo? I found a link that I would like to pass on....

Thank you for what you are doing Vatic. I am glad you are here, even though there are times when your info causes me to do a double take, I worry that the tone of the post means you have "gone south", but no, it's just my idiosyncratic way of "dealing" and there to reassure me is yet another post by you, helping to make sense of a world gone crazy.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous, thank you for that link. I have already done some research on Motorola and its very very fascinating, so hang in there til I finish this journey, since its a very big one. The company split into two companies and you would be shocked at who is on the board of each of those two companies. It shows by the members of the board, what they are planning. You will see. Check back every once in a while to see when I finish it, it will go up.

Thanks for the warning and the heads up...along with the extra link. This is one of those deep ones that goes way beyond what is on the surface. Bless you for your contribution, and sometimes I do go south, but I always come back. LOL I just get so mad sometimes, that I forget where I am normally coming from and that is what they want. And that is why I come back since I refuse to give them what they want.