Cowboy-style cap gun gets 5-year-old ousted from school in Calvert County

Vatic Note:  In reading this article, no one, not the parents, or their attorney could understand the behaviour put out by the school with respect to this incident.  They kept talking as if the kindergarten principle did not know the child was only 5 years old and a typical five year old at that.  Also, it was clear the gun was a cap gun and not a real weapon, since the article discusses the orange piece on the barrel of the toy gun.  So, what is this really all about???

Its about "control".   Who will the child see as the main and most important "authority figure" in his life after all this?   If the suspension holds, and he can't finish his term in Kindergarten, then he will learn that the school/state has more authority and power than his own parents.   That is the objective of this entire exercise.  Remember, these cabal members  use movies and other ways to tell us what they intend to do.

Have you ever watched the movie "THE SOLDIER"?  It stars Kurt Russell as the lead.  In that movie it shows futuristically, how the state takes over the children in raising them.  Parents are hardly ever seen in this movie.  Then it shows why the state takes them over,  by profiling them when they are adults and brutal and uncaring, as well as the violent way they behave,  and how they are compliant with authority commands and functions.  

If you don't believe me, watch this video showing what happens when soldiers are raised as they should be. This is exactly what the State wants to change and the only way is to take over the parenting function.  I might also add, the cabal will substitute satanic religion for Christianity which will ensure our children will become the psychopaths that the Zionists are today. 

Listen to this soldier tell about what his leaders told the men to do and keep in mind, most of those leaders are indoctrinated by secret society schools they attended.  It shows that the cabal are trying to make us into the new NAZI'S... FOR WW III.  What we have done over the past 14 years has made us hated by the world, and made us into the New Nazi's that the world will willingly take us on as we did Nazi Germany and our military is being disassembled so we will lose that war and become like Germany is today after the khazar Zionists murder millions of us who are Christians with a moral base/core.

Its impossible to explain what they are communicating to us with this movie called "the Soldier", but if you watch it, you will see it almost immediately.  You will know why and what the objective is.  If the family and parents are the most important in a childs life, then what happens when the state authority figures order those adult children to shoot those parents for resisting a dictatorship?  

Those adult children will turn on the authority figures and protect those most closest to them.  But that won't be the case if those adults as children,  bonded with and became afraid of the state who raised them.   It was a doggone good movie and I highly recommend watching it so you can resist any attempt by the state to take over your role as parent.  They are YOUR CHILDREN, they do not belong to the state.  Make sure you keep it that way.  Watch that movie.  Its important.

Also read the protocols, since children are targeted in there as well, with respect to re-educating them from the way the parents educated and modelled their life with their children.  Just watch all the ipods they have that are filled with violence. 

And then watch MTV and even Disney,  that is riddled with recreational titillating sex with no connection to love, commitment, and family,  and the attempted sexualizing of children at an early age, to be able to handle adult attempts to paedophile the children as part of their satanic worship and sacrifice to satan.  Then read our article on teaching young children how to have safe homosexual sex, and the teachers were even using didoes showing the kids how to use it property.

There is a lot going on in our schools right now and we best begin paying deep attention to what they are doing to our children under orders from the Federal Government or the school will lose their funding.  Its time we went back to local paying and local control where we were 2nd in the world in education.  Now under the feds we are 39th.

Here is a sample from google search of all the blogs we have done on this subject.  Check them out and see what I am saying.   Why would they do what we have shown and then treat this child as a criminal when he was simply doing what all 5 year olds do, and everyone knows it and it harms no one?   The only explanation is the one I mentioned,  its about indoctrination and submission to authority at every level of the state over every subject, including sex.  Check out the blog we did on Disney and how they are in line doing what the cabal is demanding be done with our children. 
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Cowboy-style cap gun gets 5-year-old ousted from school in Calvert County

Photo provided by fotosearch, stock photography & stock footage
This is NOT, a photo of the child involved in this story.                                                                
A kindergartner who brought a cowboy-style cap gun onto his Calvert County school bus was suspended for 10 days after showing a friend the orange-tipped toy, which he had tucked inside his backpack on his way to school, according to his family and a lawyer.

The child was questioned for more than two hours before his mother was called, she said, adding that he uncharacteristically wet his pants during the episode. 
The boy is 5 — “all bugs and frogs and cowboys,” his mother said.

“I have no problem that he had a consequence to his behavior,” said the mother, who asked that her name be withheld to protect her son’s privacy.

“What I have a problem with is the severity,” she said, and the way it was handled.
The family’s attorney appealed the suspension late Thursday, asking that the action be reversed and the child’s record be expunged.
If the punishment stands, it would become part of the boy’s permanent school record and keep him out of classes the rest of the school year, the family said. He would miss his end-of-year kindergarten program at Dowell Elementary School in Lusby.
The issue will be examined at a disciplinary conference Friday.
Kim Roof, executive director of administration for Calvert schools, said she could not comment on the case but pointed out that such incidents are fully reviewed at disciplinary conferences to determine the most appropriate outcome.
The case comes at a time of heightened sensitivity about guns in schools across the country. Locally, children in first and second grade have been disciplined for pointing their fingers like guns and for chewing a Pop-Tart-like pastry into the shape of a gun. In Pennsylvania, a 5-year-old was suspended for talking about shooting a Hello Kitty bubble gun that blows soap bubbles.
In Calvert County, the trouble began Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. on a 10-minute bus ride to school.
According to the family, the boy’s friend had brought a water gun on the bus a day earlier. On Wednesday, unbeknown to his parents, the boy stowed his cap gun — from Frontier Town near Ocean City — inside his backpack as he left for school.
He told his mother after the incident that he had “really, really” wanted to show his friend.
The mother was called by the principal at 10:50 a.m. and was told that her son had the cap gun and pretended to shoot someone on the bus. She said that both the kindergartner and his first-grade sister, sitting nearby on the bus, disputed that account.
The mother said the principal told her that if the cap gun had been loaded with caps, it would have been deemed an explosive and police would have been called in.
The child’s disciplinary referral said he was being suspended for possession of a look-alike gun.
The child’s mother is a high school teacher in Calvert who said she strongly supports the school system and loves the teachers at her son’s school. She and her husband, who coaches youth sports, are active community volunteers.
For the family, a major concern is the long period the 5-year-old was questioned without parental guidance or support. His sister was questioned, too, she said.
“The school was quite obviously taking it very seriously, and he’s 5 years old,” she said. “Why were we not immediately contacted?”

The family’s attorney, Robin Ficker, said that the age of the child is important and that the incident could have been used as a teachable moment.

“Kids play cowboys and Indians,” he said. “They play cops and robbers. You’re talking about a little 5-year-old here.”

Donna St. George writes about education, with an emphasis on Montgomery County schools.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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