VATIC MUST WATCH VIDEO: A SERIOUS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY BY ISRAEL: Pravda: Saudi-Israeli Nuclear Strike Hits Yemen, thus Nuclear War has Begun in Yemen

Vatic Note: AMERICA SHOULD DISAVOW ISRAEL IMMEDIATELY AND DISTANCE OURSELVES FROM HER INSANITY.  I am now thoroughly convince that these Khazar Zionist are the sickest creatures on this planet and should be shipped to mars in order to save the world as we know it.

By the same token, they are crazy enough to pretend they have done this,  in order to stir up more FEAR PORN, since they need that in order to conjure up their powerful demons.  So, this could all be a movie production using special effects as they have done in other false flags.  Who knows anymore, but if they did do it, then all this below in my vatic note stands.  If not, then they are perfect candidates for an off planet mental institution.  lol 

This Nuclear attack on Yemen is and was planned way back when Barry Chamish proved that the USA gave Israel, years ago, say around 2003, millions of dollars (our taxpayer funded) to build a NUKE HARDENED BUNKER IN THEIR DESERT. Barry even provided photos of the entrances to the underground built facilities.   The construction was completed in 2005.  We asked back then, "why" and " who" was going to attack them?  Check out these blogs  here, here and here.  

Worse,  the World bank, IN 2010,  has also taken control of the global water supply that they will use for the 1% when they are underground.   I believe but cannot prove, that is why the weather is so weird everywhere.  It rains and snows in record numbers for June and then all of it disappears and goes somewhere, so does it go underground?  I think so.  The record rain we have received is sitting in our lakes and underground pipes were laid here over the past 3 years from the lakes to where???  Right, we do not know, since they never tell us the truth about anything.

Massive upgrades are also going on at our water company with huge expansion.  They got upset when I stopped in to visit and to see what they were doing.  They were not happy, but I reminded them I was a part owner of the coop, so they had to tell me what they were doing.  It was a pathetic, diatribe that made no sense, so then I knew, the water was for the underground and now we know where to deal with the issue..... hehehe.

I could go on about the famine that is also planned, but I think this below is sufficient to prove that the powers that be intend to use nukes to depopulate both the USA,  China, Russia,  the Middle East and achieve their goals outlined on the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES, PUT UP IN 1974.  They are moving from the soft kill approach to the hard kill, under cover of a bogus planned and organized war.

What I have not figured out was how they plan on dealing with the massive radiation that will be here afterwards, since its half life is damn long.  But I am sure they have that all figured out without telling us anything.  All we are here for is to PAY FOR IT, WHILE THEY BENEFIT FROM IT AND WE DIE IN THE MILLIONS.  WE NEED TO PURGE THESE SICKOS' OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT AND SEND THEM TO MARS.

This proves just how far back this planning for this third world war goes.  The plan that ALL LEADERS ON BOTH SIDES are operating under, is that the US and Israel, will conduct war against Russia and China (with both sides leaders in on it,) and we can see all the false flags used to try and get that third world war started, but the American people are NOT COOPERATING and getting war mad at either of those two countries, no matter who does what. It must be frustrating for the zionist puppets that we aren't buying into any of it.  Their propaganda is not working like it used to. 

Remember, it was Albert Pike that recommended 3 world wars to set up Israel's take over of the globe into a New World Order, and given these are Khazars, it will be a Satanic NWO as we proved on here several times, see here, here, and here.  That is why these khazars used our tax money to build underground tunnels and cities to sit out the Nuke war they have planned which will meet their Georgia guidestones to depopulate the planet.

Then Gates and Rockefeller funded the seed bank and collected the seeds of every single plant on this earth, over many years.  I remember when they announced they had completed the collections and that seemed to be when all of this was triggered into a beginning.  IRONICALLY, "NO GMO SEEDS" were collected for the ruling 1%ers, so that confirms the deadly threat of GMO to our bodies. 

This below will require a response from Russia and so the games will begin with Russia nuking Israel, whose khazars will be  underground,  and the Pals will be wiped off the planet and they will be genocided, while the khazars will remain.   Then the US, as Israel's puppet will retaliate as usual and Russia will respond back and so the insane destruction of the world will begin.

The ONLY WAY TO STOP IT IS TO EXPOSE IT FULLY AND QUICKLY, INCLUDING "THE WHO" OF IT.   ISRAEL, OUR BOGUS ALLY, WHO HAS KILLED MORE AMERICANS, THAN ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES PUT TOGETHER.  THAT IS THE ONLY NATION WE SHOULD BE ATTACKING ALONG WITH ALL INTERNATIONAL BANKERS.  They can't suicide themselves fast enough to suit me.  Make sure this article with the video's go viral, its the only way to prove the intent of this action: a world destroying nuke war OR another "fear porn" attempt.  DO NOT GO INTO FEAR, RATHER INTO RIGHTEOUS ANGER.

Pravda: Saudi-Israeli Nuclear Strike Hits Yemen
By Admin,  Pravda RU,  May 29, 2015

Nuclear strike hits Yemen. Video. Nuclear bomb
Source: YouTube screenshot

Saudis have begun to wipe Yemen off the map. Tactical strikes have hit the city. Shocking video reveals proton bombardment from a neutron bomb.Israel is reported to be the one to deploy such neutron bombs. Any doubts about the nuclear attack on Yemen attributed to Israel, as evidenced in two Israeli F16s shot down and forensically identified, are now gone.

Forbidden strikes have brought about a storm of worldwide protest. Obama has recently promised to provide every assistance including US military force to any "external threat" the rich Arab states of the Gulf may face.

Neutron bombardment overloads camera
We will wait on the translation of the narrative, they could be selling cars for all we know.
There is nothing that can be said here, any doubts about the nuclear attack on Yemen attributed to Israel, as evidenced in two Israeli F16s shot down and forensically identified, are now gone.

Nuclear War has Begun in Yemen. 493.jpeg
A perfect nuclear fireball

Why are Russia and China silent? Why is Alex Jones silent? This is a great conspiracy, does someone tell him which things to report? Why is InfoWars bashing Putin this week? Is this what “mom” in Tel Aviv wants?
Who is silent on this story? What do you have to do? Where is Julian Assange? Why the lack of condemnations after VT first broke this story other than in the Arab media, where every outlet carried the story to an audience of nearly 1 billion.
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Israeli / Saudi Arabia Tactical Nuclear Strike on Yemen
more at: http://english.pravda.ru/news/hotspots/29-05-2015/130785-nuclear-0/#sthash.FdzBF3CO.dpuf

Nuclear War has Begun in Yemen

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