Declassified Pentagon Report: US Created ISIL as Tool Against Assad

Vatic Note:   This is a perfect example of the Khazar Zionists 1871 written plan, through Albert Pike, to start WW III pitting the Muslims against the Christians and have them kill each other off.   This below in the photos is suppose to make Americans and Europeans mad as heck so that we will willingly fight a WW over it and take our vengence out on the Muslims, but we know too much now to do that.  Our goal should be to do away with the deceivers working for Satan and rid our countries of their presence.  Off to Petagonia with ya and NEVER come back.  You are seriously busted.  

ISIL just showed up one day after ISIS was disclosed as having been created, funded, and supported by Israel, et al.  And ISIS became the boogie man because Al Qaeda was exposed as having worked and is continuing to work for the CIA. That also got exposed and was no longer a viable Muslim enemy, rather an arm of the Israeli controlled US Government under Bush and Cheney and continued under Biden and Obama..  

The reality is,  nothing the Israeli occupied USA government did worked.   They tried North Korea fear mongering and that didn't work, then Russia and the Ukraine and that didn't work, since all of it got exposed for the false flag they all were, and finally, photos were captured that showed tattoos on the arms of the Muslim Terrorist Extremists that were "US MILITARY TATOOS".  Now how stupid is that?  Who picked these men and neglected to tell them to cover up their tattoos?   I bet it was Israel.  

Then the question is,  "Who spilled the beans that Israel was treating these ISIS rebels in their hospitals?"  That piece of trivia travelled all over the globe.  What we are now getting is that WW III is wanted and needed and we, the people, are not cooperating in filling up the pockets of the bankers using WW III, so now Israel is mad at us.  That is why Netanyahooo and OOObama are on the outs.  I bet the finger pointing has gotten really bad now.  LOL   

Its like this article from Veterans Today.  They are still using politics, just like the bad guys to avoid pointing out Obama's role in dismissing 92 major officers from the Pentagon so they could do as their masters tell them and create this bogus enemy in order to start WW III,  BUT NO ONE IS BUYING IT.  If they are planning on starting WW III, just say so.  

Like this "Hi, Israel is bribing, blackmailing and threatening us unless we start WW III, we apologize for trying to fool you, so we are just going to lob out the truth and let the chips fall where they may.  The truth is " we need to replenish the Rothschild dwindling net worth, so we are going to start a WW in order to keep the profits flowing from war as well as set the stage for our (Israel's) take over of the planet. We hope you will go along with it since, your life won't be worth a damn when this is all accomplished, so we hope you will want to die in war."  This about sums the entire issue up in a nut shell and it will save billions in propoganda and disinfo, if you just come out and tell us the truth.  There are some of our sheep that are stupid enough to do whatever you say, so you can use them and leave the rest of us alone.  

Declassified Pentagon Report: US Created ISIL as Tool Against Assad
By James Dean,  Veterans Today,  June 2, 2015

Washington knew it might then create a group of Salafist extremists. (VN:  now check out this photo below...... what is wrong with this photo???  Its the same thing wrong with every single photo for every single false flag that these moronic stupid khazars use to TRY AND manipulate us with.  I will let you guess and tell you later in this article.  Whatever it is, its blatant and obvious which is why its so stupid.)

…from  Sputnik,  Moscow
(VN:  What???  NO BLOOD AGAIN?  Silly way to die, no blood on the ground, clothes or skin.  LOL ) 

Meet the boys ... all from troubled homes
Meet the boys … all from troubled homes  (VN:  why are their faces covered?  Crisis actors again, is that why?)

[ Editor’s Note: VT’s reporting on ISIL is confirmed once again. We saw all this coming, not because we were military geniuses, but because it was so obvious.

It was so much so that we have always suspected that high up “dupes” were used to sandbag on this childish “arm the moderates” nonsense, knowing it would not only be a smokescreen for the shadow government to field their own units, but also to tap into the Pentagon kitty for funding.

In working to track the money flow — a normal tool in establishing who is running operations — our source told us, in regard to the Jordan training for example, that once the money got to Jordan for training, weapons and ammo, the paper trail hit a firewall.

There was no way to determine what the money was spent on from that point, nor who was responsible for making those decisions, as it could be used for subpoenas.

To say that was a bit unusual would be an understatement. It was something that was constructed to hide where the money was really going. What was going on here is working the seams of the command structures, as you had the military and CIA both involved.

Experienced high levels knew they could take advantage of the long established rule of the military and CIA staying in their separate lanes.

Don’t expect to ever see any real investigations on this. Such things would be such an embarrassment that they are classified as hurting national security, when it is instead the incompetence of allowing these criminal elements to operate inside the chain of command that is the much greater threat.

We are poorly served by what is going on now, and to justify it as defending the Nation is an utter fraud on the American people… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  …  June 01,  2015 

The scam of training "moderate rebels" continues
The scam of training “moderate rebels” continues
As the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group continues to gain ground in the Middle East, a newly released Defense Intelligence report shows that the US was fully aware of the dangerous consequences of its involvement in the Syrian Civil War. 
By arming “moderate” rebels, Washington knew it might then create a group of Salafist extremists.
As the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group continues to gain ground in the Middle East, a newly released Defense Intelligence report shows that the US was fully aware of the dangerous consequences of its involvement in the Syrian Civil War. By arming “moderate” rebels, Washington knew it might then create a group of Salafist extremists.  (VN: Oh, bull, what poppycock.... we are so far out front of this that such statements act as the generating of a "laugh track".  I laugh every time I see an MSM or Alternative news program try to sell us that these oversized, pale skinned tatooed guys are anything but what they are,  American, British and Israeli troops acting as Muslim Terrorists,  but worse, we proved that Israel actually lets them use their hospital and medical system when they get wounded.  See how stupid they think we are, that we would buy that blantantly produced movie production as if it were the "real thing".  NOT. 
The (VN: Israeli owned and operated.....) US government had no way of knowing that those arms supplies would, in fact, aid the extremist Islamic State, which rose from the wreckage of the wars in Syria and Iraq. (VN: oh, give me a break?  The only reason the foreign occupied gov would do any of this is to ensure that extremists would believe they are real and join in, that would force us into war.  WRONG! it was all handled very badly.  Its what happens when someone has no soul, they miss all those things that would give their scam away and thus fail.  WHY DO YOU THINK THESE KHAZARS HAVE FAILED TO ACCOMPLISH THEIR REAL GOAL AFTER THOUSANDS OF YEARS???  ITS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO SOUL AND CANNOT SEE WHAT GIVES THEM AWAY.  That is how inhuman they are. 

Washington had no way of predicting that Islamic State fighters would get their hands on the massive weapons stockpile left in Ramadi, Iraq, where “a half dozen US tanks were abandoned, a similar number of artillery pieces, a large number of armored personnel carriers, and about 100 wheeled vehicles – like Humvees,” according to Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren.  (VN: Hahaha,  well, that is one way to deliver military equipment to your bogus rebel chaos creators.)

But according to new documents from the Defense Intelligence Agency, obtained by Judicial Watch, the United States knew all too well that arming moderates would actually result in the arming of extremists, but looked the other way in the interest of undermining the Assad regime.  (VN: documents can be created by those wanting a specific result, who do this all the time to manipulate others into doing their bidding.  I am sure you must have thought of that.)
For starters, the documents show that the Pentagon was fully aware of al-Qaeda’s key placement within the Syrian opposition.

“AQI supported the Syrian opposition from the beginning, both ideologically and through the media.”  (VN: and today everyone knows that AQ works for the CIA.  Explain that away.)
The report then shows that the Pentagon was briefed on the rise of the Islamic State.  (VN: is that why 92 top level officers were purged from the pentagon?  They wouldn't go along with the scam?)

“If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime,” reads the DIA report, dated August of 2012.
The documents also point out the opposition’s refuge in the chaos of the Iraqi borderlands.

“The opposition forces will try to use the Iraqi territory as a safe haven for its forces taking advantage of the sympathy of the Iraqi border population, meanwhile trying to recruit fighters and train them on the Iraqi side…” the report reads.  (VN: except we just published a report that says the zionist cabals whole goal in Iraq is to keep it divided with half under control of the zionists and their treasonous minions.  So this fits perfectly within that goal.  REPEAT AFTER ME..... THE OPPOSITION CABAL "NEVER" SPEAKS THE TRUTH.  ALWAYS QUESTION THEIR MOTIVES.)
The documents also make mention of the possible collusion between various terrorist groups in the region.

“ISIL could also declare an Islamic State through its union with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, which will create grave danger in regards to unifying Iraq and the protection of its territory.”  (VN: What did I just say above????  THESE ZIONISTS DO NOT WANT A UNITED IRAQ, SO THIS FITS PERFECTLY WITH THEIR REAL GOAL.  They just lie better than we do. That is something we are going to have to work on. )
Yet, even with these predictions, the United States government went ahead in arming the so-called moderate factions. Whether this was a gamble on the part of US intelligence, or a show of solidarity with allies who have knowingly funded the Islamic State – like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, (VN: Israel....) – is impossible to say.   (VN: well, given that all three of those countries are run by Khazars, then its no suprise they cooperate with the scam.  WE DID A BLOG SHOWING THE FAMILY LINES OF THESE ROYAL HOUSES IN SAUDI ARABIA AND AMONG THE NATIONS ON THE ARAB PENINSULA AND WHAT A SURPRISE TO FIND OUT THEY ARE NOT ARABS, RATHER KHAZARS JUST LIKE ISRAEL.  

Clever, very clever indeed. That is why the British divided up the ottoman empire after WW I and placed the khazars in charge, and pretended they were royalty of the arabs.   Israel is extremely safe where they are.   So far they are the only ones aggressing against anyone.  The UN should declare them a rogue state, take away their statehood, and return the land to the pals.  Its past time to do what is right. )

Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor

Jim W. Dean is managing editor of Veterans Today wearing many hats from day to day operations, development, writing and editing articles. He also has an active schedule of TV and radio interviews as do the other VT editors, and will have a show on our new VT Radio and TV platform. He is hoping to refresh and move over a lot of his Heritage TV archive of 200 shows done during his Atlanta public TV years.  (VN: he best make up his mind whose side he is on, same with Gordon Duff, are they just ignorant of what is obvious or are they part of the "controlled opposition" of the international zionist bankers? I would love to get an answer to that question).
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