Report: Puppies, Kittens Thrown Into Bonfires : Across Israel and in haredi communities worldwide. Sickos!!!

Vatic Note:  I have no idea if this is true or not, but I put it up because it came from an Israeli top of the line News paper that is normally friendly to Israel, so if they published this, there must be something to it.  But I have no way to verify or deny, so I am putting it up for you to view and decide.

This incredible cruelty to soulful animals is beyond my comprehension.  They are helpless creatures and cannot stand against an insane armed and totally demon possessed individual, thus its up to us to see to it we "exercise dominion" over the wild life which means to "protect" them, and do not eat them unless we are starving.  That was one of Jesus teachings that never made it into the Bible. 

If this is true, then I give credit to the animal vets of Israel for caring about the animals, especially puppies and kitties that are still babies.  Now if we could get them to care about the Palestinian Children, all would be better in this world, than it is currently.  

Report: Puppies, Kittens Thrown Into  Bonfires : Across Israel and in haredi communities worldwide.
By Admin,  Failed Messiah, May 7, 2015

Bonfire 2Across Israel and in haredi communities worldwide, Jews lit large bonfires, danced and sang to celebrate Lag Ba'Omer – purportedly the anniversary of the death of the early 2nd Century sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, who spent more than a dozen years hiding from the Romans in a cave and is the purported author of the Zohar. But reportedly similar celebrations in previous years went very, very wrong.

The Zohar, which is itself a 13th Century forgery written by Rabbi Moses de Leon – quite a coincidence, because the first known mention of Lag Ba'Omer in Jewish texts is also from the 13th Century.

Lag Ba'Omer likely was manufactured to celebrate the Zohar, cover up the forgery, and to cement forgery (and later Rabbi Isaac Luria's interpretation of it) as the pillar of mystical Jewish thought.
Be that as it may, in an article about last night's and today's predominantly haredi Lag Ba'Omer bonfire celebrations in Israel, the Times of Israel notes this horrific bit of information:
"In order to prevent ill treatment of animals at bonfires, dozens of volunteer veterinarians patrolled the country’s celebrations. The vets worked to prevent animal abuse, after several incidents of puppies and kittens being thrown into bonfires were reported in previous years."
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