Bernie Sanders to run against Clinton for president: 'We're in this race to win'

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Vatic Note:   Anyone is better than Hillary, who is more sold out than Obama, or Bush, if that is even possible.   Bernie said he would be happy if he could get Clinton to tack to the left, but, like Obama,  no one can count on her actually tacking where ever she promises to tack.   I believe she will be like Obama and say whatever the American people want to hear, but do as the Zionist bankers tell her to do once elected.

We have certainly had enough of that kind of "Change", haven't we???  Unfortunately, we have had it in both parties,  neocons, and neolibs.  Not one ounce of difference between them.  Just look at JEB BUSH and what he did on 9-7-2001, he signed an EO as gov of Florida, for MARTIAL LAW, to be EFFECTIVE ON 9-11, which means he was a party or at least had knowledge of the event and WHEN IT WAS SCHEDULED TO HAPPEN.  That is treason and murder of those who died that day.  The aider and abettor is as guilty as the Mossad who did the deed.   I see Bernie as the Ron Paul of the left. 

Given that both parties have proven their leaning toward and control by  the corporatist  bankers within our political system, it would not surprise me if we end up in either party with someone owned and controlled by the money powered bankers.  I do not want a country run by AIPAC, ADL OR THE SPLC. I want them kicked out of the Fusia Centers AND HOMELAND SECURITY GESTAPO, and out of control of training of our cops.  And that is what we have had for the past 10 years.

What I worry about even more is, if Sanders is elected, will he end up like JFK?  Since its the same people who would do him, that did JFK.  That is no longer a secret, its a known fact, who really did in JFK and it was the international bankers, using their treasonous slime Americans who are loyal to the khazars Bankers,  Israel and England, and its all three trying to bring us down.  Well, let them try.  We will see what we will see.    

Bernie Sanders to run against Clinton for president: 'We're in this race to win' 
http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/apr/30/bernie-sanders-election-challenge-hillary-clintonts (...) to indicate where you cut out passages.]

“I helped lead the effort against the Keystone pipeline, because I don’t think we should be transporting some of the dirtiest fuel in the world and have got to be really vigorous in terms of transforming our energy system,” he added. “Those are some of my views and we will see where secretary Clinton comes back.”

With a bold program of economic populism and a fierce rejection of the corporate money now seemingly required by candidates, Sanders is considered a long-shot to secure the Democratic nomination. But he may further encourage Clinton to tack to the left during the primary race.
Until a few weeks ago, close aides predicted Sanders would decline to the enter the race at all, deterred by the mountain of money that increases national exposure.
But growing interest among activists who may provide enough small donations for a credible campaign have encouraged a rethink, aides said, especially as fellow senator Elizabeth Warren has so far resisted pressure to run against Clinton.
Sanders is likely to be joined on the left by former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, although his still nascent campaign has been tarnished by criticism during this week’s riots in Baltimore of his policing record while mayor of the city.
As expected, Sanders outlined a more full-throated progressive agenda, focusing heavily on economic equality, climate change and campaign finance reform.
“This country today has more serious crises than at any time since the great depression,” Sanders said. “But most Americans, their reality is that they’re working longer hours and for lower wages.”
“All over this country I’ve been talking to people,” Sanders continued. “Ninety-nine percent of all new income generated in this country is going to the top 1%. How does it happen that the top 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 99%.”

“My conclusion is is that that type of economics is not only immoral is not only wrong it is unsustainable. How do we create an economy that works for all of our people rather than a small number of millionaires?”
Sanders also directly addressed climate change: “I want to see this nation lead the world” in revolutionizing its energy sources, as well as campaign finance.
“As a result of the disastrous supreme court Citizens United decision,” Sanders said, “billionaires are literally able to buy elections and candidates.”
He also appealed for a campaigns without “gossip”, saying: “I’ve never run a negative ad in my life … I believe that in a democracy what elections are about are serious debates over serious issues.”

“This is not the Red Sox versus the Yankees.”
Progressive activists welcomed his entry into the race but continued to urge Warren, who is seen as a more polished performer, to compete against Clinton as well.
“Democracy for America members are excited to have progressive champion Senator Bernie Sanders join the 2016 presidential race. Senator Sanders has a long history of fighting the wealthy and powerful interests that dominate the political process and his presence in the race continues to ensure that income inequality will be at the very center of the 2016 debate,” said Charles Chamberlain, executive director of Democracy of America, which had been leading the so-called “draft Warren” campaign.
“We continue to encourage Senator Elizabeth Warren to join the race for president, because we’ve seen the massive outpouring of grassroots support she has across the country and we know that having her in the race would only increase the odds of having a Democratic nominee committed to the bold, populist progressive reforms our country desperately needs.”

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