I think I figured out why they are pushing zombies so hard

Vatic Note:   So far, Jim Stone has been right on, in just about everything he has tackled in the investigative reporting field.  This below also makes perfect sense and I agree about the results.  Just reading comments on various blogs, convinces me that critical thinking skills are purposely avoid in schools in any class.  You are not allowed to question, comment or analyze as a kid.  When I grew up we were encouraged to do all three.  We were even taught how to do it.

I have been doing tutoring and was shocked at the intelligence level of these failing students and what little bit it took to get them back up to speed.  Everyone of my tutored students ended the quarter in 4th grade math with a B+ to an A- and that was with me simply teaching to their right brain at that age. They got it right away.

I had to involve the students "physically" in the learning process, since they were still in their magical period of development.  That is why blackboards used to be use, but now its power point and there is no interaction physically in learning.   Everything is inappropriately taught to the left brain during their right brain development. The student then gets bored and misses the information, since there is no interaction between that student and the information provided.  Its resulting in a total lack of creativity, independant thinking and critical skills. 

I am thoroughly convinced that its intentional and since the feds have taken over our education system we have dropped from 2nd in the world in education, to 39th.   That is a signal to us to do something about it for the future of our children, our culture, and our nation.  This is another USS liberty only subtle, instead of overt, but the objective is the same..... dumb us down so we will do the foreign "controlling" country's bidding. 

I think I figured out why they are pushing zombies so hard
By on February 25, 2015

the Rise of the Zombie, India's first first such themed movie. Click to enlarge
The Rise of the Zombie, India’s first first such themed movie. Click to enlarge

Noticed the unusual number of movies about Zombies currently available? Last year alone there were a spate of such movies. From Wyrmwood, an Australian movie that could be described as sort of Mad Max featuring the living dead to REC 4: Apocalypse and Ojuju, a Nigerian movie and Life After Beth, a comedy featuring yet more of the living dead.

Nor is the theme limited by medium. Apart from movies the Zombie onslaught can also be found in video games and TV shows.

All in all it seems Zombies are the order of the day.

However, if you thought the number of such movies was unusual you’re not alone. Jim Stone thinks its social programming and vaccines are the key

I think I figured out why they are pushing zombies so hard

Jim Stone — jimstonefreelance.com Feb 23, 2015

The zombie meme is more than viral. True, zombies have usually scored well at the box office in the past, but I think Star Wars and other sci fi moves score bigger overall yet sci-fi is not pushed in my face everywhere I go. Though naturally popular, the zombie meme cannot possibly warrant as much attention as it is getting, and I believe I know exactly why zombies are everywhere, and it is called social programming before a huge forced vaccine campaign where the vaccine itself causes a zombie like state while it wrecks the recipient. Let me explain . . .

Dees Mandatory Vaccine. Click to enlarge
Dees Mandatory Vaccine. Click to enlarge

In their push for intellectual dominance over the masses, the “elite” are getting away with destroying our children with brain destroying vaccines largely because children who are as young as they are when they get shot up have no reference to a past life, no knowledge of what they should be as “normal” and no way to communicate something horrible has happened to them. All children get knocked to a lower level by the new intentionally sabotaged vaccines, and only the worst affected exhibit the down grade as autism.

If the “elite” want to do the same type of damage to the adults, when the adults KNOW what they should be capable of they need a pretext – like a zombie virus, so when the vaccine itself wipes adults down to a lower intellectual level, it can be claimed THE VACCINE SAVED YOU, YOU HAD THE DISEASE BUT THANKS TO THE VACCINE YOU WILL NOT BE A COMPLETE ZOMBIE, IT STOPPED YOU FROM BEING TOTALLY DESTROYED. Meanwhile, there is no zombie virus out there at all, it is just cover for vaccine damage.

Obviously such a campaign to destroy adults would have to be forced, because if there were a large number of adults that got no shot, and only adults who received the shot went stupid, it would be obvious the shot was entirely responsible for all zombie symptoms. It would be too obvious and could spark an uprising.

As any proven child molesting pedophile member of British Royalty, the luciferian sect of the Jewish community, or any other high level pervert who has sold out to Satan knows, children consider anything normal because they have no reference to anything else. So when they go stupid from a vaccine, they have no way of knowing anything happened. 
Only a perv would formulate the vaccines to do what they are doing to the children now, and because adults DO have a reference, those same pervs have to formulate a way to fool and destroy a much harder target. The zombie meme fits into this very well.

I believe the “elite” have lost their patience with people intelligent enough to see through their lies, and that in addition to the prison camps and whatever else they have ready for those who are already awake, they will have their vaccine ready to take care of the entire population of sleeping sheep, to permanently stupefy them and make GOOD AND SURE they never wake up.

Just take a look at the kids now. They only follow, they DO NOT THINK. It’s all get this feed from there, work only as a team, NEVER THINK FOR YOURSELF – this, to a degree may be possible to program in school, but it is so prominently in place now that something else is obviously at play, and I believe it is the initial shots they start their lives with as children. 
The autism stats more than imply something is amiss, they prove it. If they want to do the same thing to the adults, there has to be an explanation for why adults suddenly started getting autism as well. 
Zombie virus?

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The integrity elites are now small in number, the victims of Khazar Zionist genocide agendas. Elite indicates "quality, wisdom, humanity" etc. Those who have lied, stolen and murdered their way to the "unlawful" positions they currently occupy, can in no way be referred to as elite. I say "unlawful" positions because, the "authority" of the world rests in the hands of the indigenous "Sovereigns" of nation states. Those who have "crimed" their way to power are "usurpers", lacking the support of "Sovereigns" and, devoid of any right to rule. I wonder at the intelligence of these entities, it seems woefully lacking. It has been noted that the Khazars frequently "screw up".Their "fakery" is a "joke", puerile, boring and, in many cases predictable. I believe mankind possesses a vastly superior intellect and, this is the greatest threat to their "reign of terror". I also wonder if the lack of fear many are now experiencing, is a drain on their own "evil energies". The vaccines will, obviously, corrupt the intellect of mankind and, allow the "Cowardly Khazars" and their lunatic "puppeteers" to continue their perfidy. However, this "desperation" to vaccinate, serves as a barometer of "THEIR FEAR". The El-ites (SATANIC-i'll thieve everything SCUM) ARE AFRAID OF US. It is up to us to rise to the challenge. The nurses are "heroines and angels", in their refusal to succumb to the "unlawful" orders of the "lunatics in charge of the asylum". They should serve as a beacon to the rest of us.