A VATIC MUST SEE: Earth-Keeper: Graham Hancock on Human Consciousness & Meaning of Life

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Vatic Note:  This is awesome and incredible.... a MUST READ AND WATCH.....  There was a time when I would have pooh poohed all this, but I had an experience that taught me volumes about how little we all know about our world and our universe.   I had a neighbour who was a generational witch and her husband was a practicing Satanist.  She had a 14  year old daughter and a 9 year old son who were daily exposed to that kind of life within their home.

Without getting into a lot of detail about how this all happened, I will simply provide the salient facts to you leading up to my experience.   Both kids used to come over to my house to visit and I believe it was because things were normal here and they craved normality.  The 14 year old girl told me that her mother conjured up demons to keep the daughter in line and I used to think she was exaggerating or that the mother was blowing smoke to try and control the girl.

Well, I had to baby sit the kids one time when the parents were going to Arkansas for a week to job seek.  I told the mother that I was a church going person and that meant if I babysat, that on sundays the kids would be coming to church with me.  She said it was fine, they did not care.  Once they came on the first sunday the parents were gone, the kids loved it so much they insisted on coming on the 2nd sunday and from that they both wanted to get baptized and join the church.

The mother said no to the son, he was too young to decide that for himself,  but the daughter she had to submit to her request since Satanism depends on "choice" and free agency to decide for ones self and she was 14 so she got the mothers permission to get Baptized.  On the day of Baptism while the 14 year old was waiting in the chamber room to get baptized,  she had an event happen that taught me a lot.

She became possessed all of a sudden.  Her eyes changed shape which meant she was no longer in control of her body, and the eyes glared at me with a hatred I had never seen before, in my long life.  At first I thought she had changed her mind and was afraid to tell me, so I asked her "Have you changed your mind, and if so, its OK, you do not need to go through with it".  She never answered me and just kept glaring hatred at me directly and there were others in the room.  2 Missionary boys were there and they were each 20 years old and big and strong.

They saw what I saw, but thought it was just her changing her mind.  They repeated the question that I asked and she did not look at them,  answer them, or deviate in anyway from glaring and staring at me with that same look of hatred that never ever changed.  She was not moving or in anyway changed her position in the chair.  It was like she was a zombie.  I asked the two guys to go over and help her since she was completely gone, and they did.

They went over to help her up and she threw threw them both, using just one arm back,  across the room and NEVER even looked at them, but just kept staring with hatred at me.  I had never seen strength like that and  both guys freaked out.  LOL   I knew then that she was demonically possessed.  She was only 14 and there was no way that she had the strength to do that by herself.

She finally came out of the trance and I asked her again and she had no memory whatsoever of having thrown the two boys across the room nor did she have any memory of hating me, or having gone away for a while.  But she explained about her mother calling up demons to control her whenever she got out of hand. I reconfirmed with her that she really wanted to go through with it, and she said yes, so she did. 

I now believed it where I didn't before.  She got baptized that day and we believe the seed has been planted and when she turns 18, she can decide for herself.  She had had no options to turn to, until now, so in that sense, we gave her a real choice and options for her to decide when she becomes an adult. 

Graham Hancock attended univerities in Great Britain that were riddled with "invite only" secret societies.   Does that mean he belonged?  I have no idea, but its something to keep in mind as we navigate through all this.  Further, he ended up working for the Economist as a journalist for two or three years and that is a Rothschild owned publication.   Like I said, that on the surface means nothing since many have worked for them who were not tied into the globalists, however, the publication gets to edit the articles written, so keep that in mind.  However, its also sufficient to keep caution as a by word.

If I had not experienced what I did with that 14 year old girl, I would still be pooh poohing this kind of thing, but no longer...... I saw it with my own eyes and it was dramatic to say the least.  I will never forget it.  I had never experienced anything like that in my very long life time, either before or since. I believe I was hated by the demon because they saw it as if I had snatched a soul from their guaranteed grasp.

Earth-Keeper: Graham Hancock on Human Consciousness & Meaning of Life 
Published by James Tyberonn on Jul 8, 2014

Graham Hancock’s astonishing presentation on the Nature of Consciousness & Fundamental Meaning of Life. This is a wonderful 'must see' lecture, articulately delivered and utterly fascinating. Presented at the Earth-Keeper Event in Arkansas hosted by geologist, engineer , author & channel James Tyberonn. 

The above lecture was filmed live onsite. Graham Hancock received an enthusiastic standing ovation from the more than 750 people attending the Earth-Keeper event. Graham Hancock is a British, London based researcher and best selling author. His 12 books have been printed in 15 languages and have sold tens of millions of copies.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Anonymous said...

Reference possession of mankind by negative entities. I too, have given little attention to this subject in the past but, have now performed a "volte face". There are a couple of fascinating articles written by Carissa Conti on this subject under the general heading of "Gang-Stalking". The links are...in2worlds.net/gang-stalking-and-targeted-individuals......AND....in2worlds.net/the-hidden-puppetmasters.......There is also a book by Robert Bruce "Practical Psychic Self Defense", which discusses negative entities, what they are and how they operate. RB describes the ways in which negative entities are one dimensional and, use the same scare and feeding tactics on everybody, across the board. Carissa Conti says the result is, multiple mentally unstable people, unleashing the same verbatim nonsense/hate script that makes no sense to innocent targets. The same one "negative entity" operating in multiple forms around the world; using the same worn out unoriginal verbal abuse script, because these methods have always worked, possibly for thousands of years. Many "negative entities" are ancient and, their methods are habitual. THAT THEIR PSYCHIC ATTACK CAMPAIGNS ARE PREDICTABLE IS ONE OF THEIR GREATEST WEAKNESSES.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of human consciousness, Dr Eben Alexander is possibly, amongst the most interesting. A medical doctor and, an atheist, he "clinically" died, I think as a result of meningitis. Whilst "brain dead", he had a "near death" experience so extreme and, so profound he wrote the book "Proof Of Heaven". If anyone has the slightest interest in this subject, I strongly recommend that you watch the youtube interview with Dr Alexander. The link is....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLdl_yMTOMM.....It is one of the best youtube videos I have watched.