Exposed! Walmart Bottled Water Comes from Drought Ridden Sacramento Municipal Supply And Walmart profit on it is obscene

Vatic Note:  Boy are we ever getting a serious education about Walmart.  I had no idea they were so amoral in so many ways and at so many levels.  Think about it.... what do we know for certain about Walmart?  We know the following:

1.  Walmart is the worlds outlet for Communist Chinese economic growth into a global economic powerhouse.  Coincidentally,  at the same time, Rothschilds Goldman Sachs is Chinas, exclusive foreign brokerage house.
2.  Walmart is working for the bad guys trying to bring down the USA and for the globalists.  How do we know that?  We published blogs on their shutting down a slew of stores because the employees found tunnels underground.
3.   Walmart is working with DHS and our military on the Jade Helm 15 military occupation of America and other countries,  under the guise of "training exercises for overseas", where they are not using military bases, rather the mainstreets of America and walmart. I believe its because WalMart is to be their protected and hidden supply line to the troops in the field right here in this country, and overseas using their tunnels.   It was the only way for the military to protect those supply lines from Guerilla warfare.  Supply lines are what wins or loses wars. Don't kid yourself, they are making it clear they are at war with us and the rest of the world, globalizing is the objective. 
4.  We also know that Walmart, along with other stores, has cameras with facial recognition features and are sending them to NSA.  I am wondering if that is for those who buy guns and ammo???    This fact was disclosed by Snowden.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW,  because now we run into them taking control of California's water which is in short supply for the water customers in California and Walmart will be selling them for outrageous prices, and they obtained the water from the tax payer funded sources in California, and they only pay a dollar for every 600 dollars they make off of it.  What a scam.

Read this below, watch the video and stay calm and cool, but get on the phone to your sold out congressmen and put pressure on them all the time. Also let your local Walmart know just  how unhappy you are.   Make the elected officials go to their handlers and ask for relief from us. Driving them crazy by phone is the only way at this point, to get any reaction that would be in our favor. 

Exposed! Walmart Bottled Water Comes from Sacramento Municipal Supply DURING A DROUGHT. 
Published By Dabooh 7, on May 11, 2015

Wal-Mart is facing questions tonight after CBS13 learns the company draws its bottled water from a Sacramento water district during California’s drought.
According to the label, the water comes from the Sacramento Municipal Water Supply. This comes on the heels of Starbucks opting to move sourcing and production of its Ethos bottled water from California to Pennsylvania.
While the label reads Great Value, the fine print reveals the bottled water is anything but a deal, especially for Sacramento residents.
“Either they were unaware, uninformed or unintentionally did this,” said public relations expert Doug Elmets. “It could be all three of those. Whatever it is, it’s a bad move and they need to correct it and they need to do it quickly.”

Sacramento sells water to a bottler, DS Services of America, at 99 cents for every 748 gallons—the same rate as other commercial and residential customers. That water is then bottled and sold at Walmart for 88 cents per gallon, meaning that $1 of water from Sacramento turns into $658.24 for Walmart and DS Services.


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