New ‘Monsanto Law’ In Africa Would Force GMOs On Farmers

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Vatic Note: Looks like Kissinger got his 1974 write up on depopulating Africa, specifically for their natural resources. The good news is farmers here in America are finally realizing that regular non GMO seeds are a better investment over the long haul, for a number of reasons.

1. They can save the seeds for the next planting season,
2.  Weeds would not turn into super weeds,
3.  They have found out that yields are proving greater with Non-GMO seeds than previously stated with GMO seeds that were supposed to increase yields.
4.  There will be no damage to the health of those purchasing their products.
5.  Bees would be back in business pollinating without dying from the pesticides within the plant.
6.  Finally, there would not be any permanent damage to our soil which is so desperately needed to grow our food at a level that would feed the nation with the nutrients/minerals that are natural to the soil.  

So, what this below is, is a call to murder whole populations of Africans due primarily to greed,  and racism as Kissinger proved in his 1974 call to depopulate Africa so the Corporations could rape and pillage the continent with impunity.  So far they are doing exactly that and there is no international call to cease and desist, nor any arrests, prosecutions etc.   It appears the conservatives were right about the UN.   It works for the globalist racists and is doing so with our tax money that we pay to support that ill conceived organization.  The British khazars run the UN, just like they run everything else globally.  

Remember, all of our Presidents have proven to belong to the heritage line of the Queen, including Obama.  The goal and objective, JUST LIKE IN WW II, is to bring the US down LIKE THEY DID TO GERMANY, the economic power of their day, and to do so brutally, as stated in the protocols.   Britain wants her empire back and they are starting with the USA.   According to Albert Pike, the 3rd world war is to be between the  Muslims and Christians where they kill each other off, and leave the Zionists standing to rule the world.

This below is called "soft kill" for the people of AFrica, and by golly, they are doing it.  

New ‘Monsanto Law’ In Africa Would Force GMOs On Farmers
BY CHRISTINA SARICH, http://naturalsociety.com/new-monsanto-law-africa-force-gmos-farmers/,   POSTED ON JANUARY 3, 2015


A way to sneak biotech crops into the market

The front lines of the food sovereignty war in Ghana are swelling as the national parliament gives support to the Plant Breeders Bill. This proposed legislation contains rules that would restrict farmers from ancient practices: freely saving, swapping, and breeding seeds. Under new laws protecting the intellectual property rights of biotech, farmers would be subject to hefty fines for growing anything that has been ‘patented,’ even if their crops were cross-pollinated.
The obviously biotech-infiltrated Ghanaian government states that the new laws would “incentivize the development of new seed varieties to ensure the marketability of crops,” but farmers argue it gives rights straight to corporations like Monsanto, and not farmers who have been growing food in Ghana for centuries.
Many activists and trade groups there think that the new laws would simply give Monsanto a way to edge their biotech crops into the Ghanaian market. The bill has been dubbed the “Monsanto Law” for this reason.
It is nothing short of a corporate take-over of the food system – and in Ghana, where 70 percent of food is currently grown by small farms – it would turn an ages-old system of sustainable food supply into a tremendously large economy for biotech.
The Ghana National Association of Farmers and Fishermen states:
“This system aims to compel farmers to purchase seeds for every planting season.”

Duke Tagoe of Food Sovereignty Ghana is well aware of the tremendous debt that farmers in other parts of the world have been subjected to via Monsanto’s seed monopolies:
“The economic impact on the lives of farmers will be disastrous. . .The origin of food is seed. Whoever controls the seed control the entire food chain.”

This is no different than the “Monsanto Protection Act” (H.R. 933) that President Obama signed into law not long ago in the US, even as hordes of Americans urged him not to do so. This is also linked to the UK support of the biotech take-over planned in Africa.
How long will it take for everyone to collectively realize that GMOs are not the answer, that self-sufficient and age-old farming practices can provide the world with food in a tremendously less toxic way?

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