Revealed: NATO ‘Kill List’ Targets Civilians

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Vatic Note:  So who are the real Terrorists???  After reading this, below, we will all have the "CORRECT" ANSWER to that question.   By itself, it could almost be justified, but this is not by itself.   What we must include in this action is the greed factor.  Like in the past, lets make a list of what we do  know for sure....that plays a major role in this policy of having such a kill list.

Afghanistan must be important to the psychos for them to show their hand this blatantly.  As someone said today "Maybe they are pushing us to see how much we will take"  and that is certainly a possibility.   But many of their very detailed plans in every area are being thwarted and exposed, so its hard to say exactly what is motivating them at this point.   I suspect we will know soon enought.

1.  Afghanistan was a key country for the Unocal pipeline that was to run from the oil fields of Kurzikstan through Afghanistan to their markets for oil sales.
2.  Afghanistan was a major producer of heroin for the black ops of the CIA, MOSSAD AND MI6 to fund without congressional oversight.
3.   Eurasia was central in Zbigs book "The Grand Chessboard:  American primacy and its geostrategic imperatives.  The reason was it connects the source of energy, oil and gas, to the markets that purchase them.  So how do they get it from source to market?  Through Afghanistan with a pipeline.
4.   Tonight we just heard on the MSM news about another bus of civilians, non combatants being hit with a granade launcher.   Then we learn that there are actually written protocols about when they can intentionally murder citizens to achieve an objective.   That used to be a crime against humanity under international law.
5.  Lets also remember the Georgia Guidestones and the cabals intent to depopulate the resistance with the use of soft kill methods that they can justify without being prosecuted for murder.

There is more, but this is sufficient to lay the foundation for why they are targeting civilians to obtain their objectives, using the face of war as an excuse. As usual the real reasons for war are not even close to what they say.  Its more tied into "follow the money and the power wanted".  Read and see what you think. 

Revealed: NATO ‘Kill List’ Targets Civilians


In any instance that the combat mission in Afghanistan will potentially hit civilian casualties, “the rule of thumb was that when there was estimated collateral damage of up to ten civilians, the International Security Assistance Force or ISAF commander in Kabul was to decide whether the risk was justifiable.” Moreover, if there are more civilian casualties that will be sacrificed in a single attack, the power to make the decision is with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation or NATO.

As a result, 2412 civilians died in Afghanistan in 2009 – two-thirds killed by rebels, while 25 percent killed by NATO forces and the Afghan security forces – classified intelligence files from ISAF, the National Security Agency or NSA and the Government Communications Headquarters or GCHQ leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed.

This information was revealed as part of the document, Joint Prioritised Effects List or Obama’s List that details the operations in Afghanistan manned by the CIA and NATO. The document outlined the combat operations conducted from 2009-2011 and led by US General Stanley McChrystal and General David Petraeus subsequently, as analysed and reported by Spiegel Online International.

Each of the operation conducted in Afghanistan follows a strategy detailed by Petraeus under a sub-document called “Field Manual 3-24″. The strategy involved three stages – the cleansing phase where leadership is weakened, the regain of the enemy-captured regions and the reconstruction.

The cleansing stage could be summed up by what Michael T. Flynn, head of ISAF Intelligence in Afghanistan, said as quoted – “The only good Talib is a dead Talib.” This stage involved targeting the names on a list that includes up to 3,673 targets, with each of the target being assigned a number depending on the priority level.

This list showed that aside from Taliban leaders, mid- and lower-level Taliban members were also being targeted by NATO on a large-scale strike that could hit as much as 750 people at times.

At one point, NATO made the decision to include in the Obama’s list the drug dealers, following a United Nations report estimating that the Taliban had an income of $300 million annually, courtesy of the illegal drug industry. NATO therefore concluded that as long as the drug trade continues, the Taliban could not be defeated. Drug dealers were therefore identified as “legitimate targets” for operations by ISAF troops.

However, basis in identifying targets involved a shaky method. Take for example during a monitored telephone conversation, it would be enough for a suspect to identify himself once by a name tagged as target for NATO to launch an airstrike against that suspect – a method that most likely result to a number of civilian casualties.

Such is true in the case of an Afghan target named Mullah Niaz Mohammed, given the code name “Doody.” According to the document obtained by Spiegel Online International, Doody is a mid-level Taliban commander; number 3673 on the Obama’s list and was assigned a priority level of three on a scale of one to four.

During an operation conducted to eliminate Doody, the visibility was poor that the helicopter was compelled to circle the target area twice. Sighting Doody at one point, a “Hellfire” missile was launched. But the pilot who was carrying the operation lost sight of Doody and instead hit a man and a child.

The child was killed on the spot, while the man suffered critical wound. When the pilot saw that the missile hit the wrong target, he fired another 100 rounds of his 30-mm gun at Doody – the report was not clear if indeed it was the real Doody he was able to target.

If information revealed by the supposedly classified documents were true, the strategy from which the Obama’s list was carried out seemed to be deeply ingrained in the war happening in Afghanistan even after NATO had just recently ended its combat mission in Afghanistan. On Jan 1, the Afghan government commenced an investigation involving a mortar attack on a wedding in Helmand province.

Twenty civilians, including women and children, were reportedly killed in the attack that happened on Dec 30. The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan or UNAMA said that the mortar attack came from an Afghan National Army outpost.

“I urge the Afghna authorities to investigate this terrible incident and take the necessary steps to prevent any recurrence. The indiscriminate use of mortars in civilian populated areas is prohibited under international humanitarian law,” U.N. Secretary-General Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamamoto said, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal.

Afghan Ministry of Defence said a fact-finding delegation had already been sent to the area where the incident happened. The delegation will investigate whether or not the mortars were fired by Afghan troops, spokesman for Afghan Ministry of Defence Maj Gen Dawlat Waziri said.


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