Could Fox be fanning the flames of Islamophobia for oil profits? Check out the connection to the Paris False Flag

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Vatic Note:  Oh, my gosh, you have to listen to this guy.  He is a bit hard to take, but ignore his antics, and listen to what he has to say.   He exposes Israel's deal with Cheney's company that he sits on the board of, and it is an Israeli energy company and the Israeli's gave Murdock who is part owner in this Israeli energy co. named Genie Energy, the right to explore on the Palestinians land on Gaza, so that is what the genocide was all about.  OIL and GAS, for gosh sakes and the same players that did 9-11 are involved...... Israel and Cheney.  What a coincidence,  NOT!!!!!

This is a classic case of FOLLOW THE MONEY.  My goodness,  I can not imagine just how psychopathic life will be if these people ever take control of the planet.   We better resist this to the death, because they intend to kill us off anyway.   Lets make it cost them.  Their arrogance is untenable.  

Russell Brand brilliantly dissects Fox News host’s Charlie Hebdo hatespew
Russell Brand, Veterans News Now,  January 16, 2015

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, Fox News has gone on a hate-spree of invective about all Muslims being to blame for the actions of a handful of criminals. The tirade stems all the way from the top. News Corporation’s CEO Rupert Murdoch has tweeted that the entire Islamic faith is to blame.

One particular Fox News bile spewer, Jeanine Pirro, has possibly topped them all, calling simply for us to “Kill them!” Them being Muslims.

Russell Brand rather brilliantly dissects Pirro’s hate-rant in a new YouTube video for his news channel, “The Trews.” First, he destroys Pirro for her vile, incendiary stupidity, pointing out that there have already been 50 anti-Muslim incidents in Paris since the Hebdo attacks. “Who gets to decide what is terrorism?” Brand asks, pointing out that dropping drones from the sky is a kind of state-sponsored terrorism.

He also pushes the question deeper, and asks who is profiting from this hatred? Pirro’s boss, Rupert Murdoch, has a substantial stake in Genie Energy, an Israel-based company in the Golan Heights, with Dick Cheney on its board. Could Fox be fanning the flames of Islamophobia for oil profits? “There’s always an economic motive,” Brand points out.

The he returns to toxicity-spewing Pirro.


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