NWO EMERGING: Foreign Legion: Contactors from abroad allowed to serve in Russian army

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Vatic Note:  As we have said before, this NWO is being put in place, one piece at a time,  while we sleep and this is just another symptom of that happening. Here in America,  Blackwater rep will be chief of staff for the intel committee in our congress, which means, we are fully infiltrated by the NWO for when they come after us.   Now Russia will be as well. It appears without our and other countries citizens knowing anything about it, that mercenaries are distributed through out various militaries.  Why?  To keep our soldiers in line and fighting?

To make sure our soldiers do illegal acts against civilian populations?  Someone has to be held accountable for such violations of international law and we already know our globalists have no intentions of it being them.  The powers that be never do anything for just one reason.  They always have multiple reasons and when you have no morality to keep you in check internally, then everything is fair game and since we do not operate that way, we are at the disadvantage.

We see the same company that is being used by the USA in certain conditions,  will also serve in the Russian army.   So this is the new one world order military.  Private contractors who have no restrictions on how to conduct war against civilians. It also keeps the soldiers from each country in check and unable to rebel in anyway.   

Nice, huh?   Yup, Putin is in on it, he is one of them. It is really clever, once you really think about it.  Remember a NWO will not have any of the protections for its citizens that it has under a sovereign system.  As you know, the zionists see us all as cattle.   So what rights do cattle have that you know about?  None, they live, to serve and then die. 

The rules will be whatever the Zionists say it will be as they point out in the protocols and as they are putting into practice now as we speak.  That is why they infiltrated each and every powerful country, to control the system to make it into that which works for them.  Mercenaries work for who ever pays them and does whatever they are told to do by those who pay the bills. 

One mercenary company works both sides of a war, and they can share intel, once its decided early on, WHO the winner will be.  Then the mercks can pass intel back and forth since they have someone from  their company,  on both sides.  HELLO, anyone think about that?  Its brilliant.  Like we have always said, these "psychos are brilliant, but lack adaptability and creativity".  That will be their down fall. 

They don't have to spend a penny in collecting data against us, our tax money will fund that position he will use for his private contracting company, to undermine any resistance we may provide to their final move to politically globalize us.

So, now is the time to call your newly elected reps and demand he be removed instantaneously from our committee, and send this viral so Russia has to deal with it as well. In fact, I can think of a number of laws controlling these contractors, that need to be passed. 

Foreign Legion: Contactors from abroad allowed to serve in Russian army
Published time: January 03, 2015 12:50

Foreign Legion: Contactors from abroad allowed to serve in Russian army

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree which lets foreign citizens serve in the Russian army as contractors.

“Military men, who are foreign citizens, can participate in carrying out the tasks during military situations, and also during armed conflicts, in accordance with admitted principles and norms of international law, international treaties of the Russian Federation, and the Russian legislation,” the decree said.

There are a few exceptions to the rule, though: a foreign citizen who is under investigation or facing trial, has a criminal record, or has served prison time cannot be a hired gun in Russia’s army.

Also, the decree recognized the Ukrainian military service for Russian citizens living in Crimea “upon presenting the originals of documents”, which confirm the service.

The president’s website doesn’t list the document, but the state legal information page has published it.

The traditional autumn draft was finished just before the New Year, and 154,000 recruits have joined the Russian army.

As for other countries where similar legislation applies, the French Foreign Legion stands out. It has existed since 1831, and is exclusive, as it offers foreign volunteers an opportunity to serve in the French Army.

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