Peaceful Non-cooperation

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 Vatic Note:   I have put this up because it gives us a much different perspective than what we are fed day after day by the demonic satanists in their bought out and sold out press, entertainment industry and publishing Industries.  What I really like about this, is its chock full of links that build up to the title of this blog....... Peaceful non cooperation.   The video also reminds us that while we are all different throughout the globe, we are united against the satanists and perverts who would destroy each and everyone of our cultures and try to make us all into them.  What a horrible thought.  But United in one cause and cooperating in a peaceful manner, IF THEY LET US, we will prevail.  Thank you American Action Report. 

Remember, this planet is comprised of a impressive number of countries, nation states, religions, cultures, etc.   And, ironically, the powers that be want to make us all into one look alike slave global world.  So, the question becomes, "how do we preserve what we have today as far as all those elements I mentioned above, and do so in a cooperative manner, without destroying that which is different and good in each of us, that contributes to a fascinating and elegant world?"  I think the author of this blog has hit on the key to it.

UNITY, in resisting the one shape fits all mentality that the protocols have promised us, if these evil ones prevail.  Each of these below lead to a link about the subject in the title.  The first one is "A search for universal Values", just click on the title and open in a new tab.   Then read it.  When done with all of these, we should have an excellent foundation for coming together to preserve all that we have and all that we are, each in our own  unique way.   Good Luck and God Bless your efforts.   

Peaceful Non-cooperation 
by American Action Report, 

A Search for Universal Values

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Anonymous said...

So, please tell me, exactly HOW does advocating the vote figure into this peaceful non cooperation scheme? It would seem that your advocating the vote would play right into THEIR hands.