Ben Levin of Canadian Gov: court case on Child Sexual Abuse continues

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Vatic Note:  This is going on all around the western world including Israel.  Just look at all of the blogs we have put up about this issue, in almost every western country,  the USA,  Britain,  Germany,  and now Canada, which is an ongoing problem there.  The ICCC had filed charges against the Queen of England about 10 missing native children that were last seen going off on a picnic with the Queen and her husband,  in Canada, and never returned.  Their buried bodies were found 10 years later.

As a result, the Queen has gone after Kevin Arnett as the creator and force behind the ICCC.  So far, the only successful pillage of Arnetts reputation has been Andre Weber and now we know about him.  Arnett gave a response to Andres diatribe and did an excellent job.   You could see that the globalists were upset at his circumventing their perversion of our justice system.  Please read and watch and you decide.

Ben Levin court case continues
SunNews Video Gallery,  November 28, 2014

Ben Levin, the former advisor to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, is facing seven child pornography-related charges.


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Anonymous said...

ben Levin an uneducated jew who got his way into politic and tv by invisivle but dangerous jewish forces in Canada people of Canada are getting tired of jews unpunished criminality the last victim was Toronto mayor they gave him cancer