GMO Lawsuit: Iowa Farmers Are Suing Syngenta

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Vatic Note:   We have done many blogs on GMO corn and other products proving that the frankenseed does damage to human organs and changes the DNA in other plants and animals that eat it when its in the ground and now they are having problems with rag-weed developing a resistance to it.

The changes to the DNA in both plants and animals could coincidentally have the same inpact on our DNA, which would not only result in soft kill through damage to our organs, or cancer, but also could then change the remaining population from "human" based on our DNA, to something else, not human based on GMO affect on our food.

The Question would be, "what impact would changed plant and animal DNA have on our DNA since food feeds our repair system of our cells and what would we become?  How would we be changed?"  Lets remember, these non humans that run the globe have been messing with transhumanism and have created some horrible creatures with their experiments.  Are the Zombie movies by those controlling Hollywood, an indication of what we could expect to become if they have their way about it?  Lets remember, Hollywood and our government are run by the same perverts.

Could that be why Israel has "Project Bluebrain"?  They are growing a human brain and reprogramming it as it grows.  Now why are they doing that and for whom?  Given what we did not know to this point, we can imagine what else we currently don't know, that they have planned for us. 

The problem with suing these people who are creating this frankenfood, is that the judges are appointed by the same operators that run the movie industry and our government.  This one I intend to watch and see just how far they get before I decide to abandon the system entirely or hold out hope that all will be well through the system and then result to the French way of handling these issues.  

GMO Lawsuit: Iowa Farmers Are Suing Syngenta
Source:   http://www.inquisitr.com/1727066/gmo-lawsuit-iowa-farmers-are-suing-syngenta/

Iowa farmers are suing biotech giant Syngenta over GMO contamination which prompted China to cancel corn orders and refuse shipments. Genetically modified (GMO) corn was rejected by China last year because Beijing officials considered the genetically engineered crop strain “contaminated.”
The specific type of corn, Syngenta AG’s Agrisure Viptera, had not been approved by China. The rejection of the corn led to a drop in grain and soybean futures, and a three-year low for the price of corn at the Chicago Board of Trade amid concerns that China is going to limit not just corn but all agriculture imports. A similar drop in wheat and alfalfa prices occurred earlier in 2013, when GMO strains of both alfalfa and wheat were discovered in Washington and Oregon.
Sixteen Iowa farmers and businesses filed a GMO contamination lawsuit against Syngenta, seeking both punitive and monetary damages. The biotech company — which rivals Monsanto for a share of the genetically modified seed market — is based in Switzerland, but also has operations in Iowa.

Previous legal filings against Syngenta, combined with the current GMO corn lawsuit, now mean that the company faces court challenges from 100 commodity traders and farmers – including Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill.
Corn imports to China had been a growing market, especially in the fall of 2013, due to a lackluster corn crop in the Asian country. American farmers had reportedly experienced a “record harvest” of their corn crops, a turn of events which growers thought would have proven good news on the global market.
“Syngenta has caused damages to U.S. farmers, grain handlers and exporters,” the lawsuit maintains. “Syngenta’s conduct in marketing, distributing and selling unapproved corn seed violates the legal standards of the marketplace because the primary market risk falls on U.S. farmers, grain handlers and exporters, not on Syngenta.”
The GMO lawsuits now filed against Syngenta claim that the biotech company was negligent because it “prematurely” sold GMO seed before it was approved by nations that serve as major markets for United States corn farmers.
Syngenta representative Paul Minehart said the GMO corn lawsuits “are without merit,” and added that he “strongly upholds the right of growers to have access to approved new technologies that can increase both their productivity and their profitability.” (VN:  which is now proving to not be the case)

The rejected GMO corn shipment weighed approximately 60,000 tons. The United States has historically been the world’s top corn exporter, sending nearly 20 percent of the annual harvest outside of the country annually.
In 2010, the same China-owned trading bureau also rejected a U.S. corn shipment after traces of “unapproved GMO” were found. Corn prices in China reportedly are about 20 percent higher than U.S.-grown corn, due to the government’s decision to stockpile more of the crop in an effort to “support farmers.” China is slated to import a record of seven million tons of corn during the current growing season, according to USDA figures.
What do you think about the GMO lawsuit Iowa farmers filed against Syngenta?
(VN: just read this other articles below, if you have any doubts.  The only ones affected by this corn shipment are agricorps, since they grow most of the exporting corn.)

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