“Holocaust” declared 7 years before there was a “Holocaust”

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Vatic Note:   Ironically, one of the biggest holocausts that we now know about was post WW II.  Millions of German Christians were murdered, numbering in the millions and it was done by the Russians as they marched into Germany from the east.  We all know who controlled the Russian government by then.

The US was not innocent either, in that they intentionally starved millions of German citizens as well as bombing Dresden killing a quarter million citizens of the city.   That is why I fight so hard to wake others up.  We are the next target and the intended occupiers are to be the Russians. We won't like it one bit. 

Remember sometime back we did a blog on the joint military exercises that were done under Bush, with the USA and Russians and it was done on American soil.  We were showing them our strategies and tactics and they were practicing, and drilling, as if going door to door against our people.  

None of it made any sense to me at the time, as to why we were doing that.  Now it does.   It is intended that we would lose the WW III and be occupied by Russian troops, thus the cabal does not have to spend their own money to control the resistance in America, they can spend the Russian peoples Taxes.

Putin does not have 40 billion dollars stashed away for no reason.  He definitely earned it.  You don't make KGB Chief in Zionist Khazar controlled Russia, unless you earned it.   Ask George HW Bush, who made head of the CIA as a relatively young man at the time. I find it interesting that these two men, Bush and Putin were both heads of their respective intel agencies,  BEFORE becoming Presidents of their respective countries.  

Add to that, the fact that Obama also worked for the CIA before becoming President of this country after Bush Jr. Once you work for the CIA, you never leave, quit or resign.  Has anyone seen any evidence of a resignation from the CIA, prior to these men taking control of the Presidency???  I bet its the same with Putin in Russia.

I do believe the cabal wishes to use Putin in the upcoming NWO, and that is why so much print, press, and propoganda is being put out making Putin look like a good guy.  The magic word for now is "BE CAREFUL, WATCH YOUR SIX"!!!! Don't let them make us the next real defacto Holocaust. You can bet the Russians that would be occupying us would be Russian Khazar Zionists. 

“Holocaust” declared 7 years before there was a “Holocaust”

By wmw_admin on December 13, 2014

Mike King — via Rebel News Dec 13, 2014


False alarm bells regarding the deaths of “millions of Jews” rang during both World War I and the Russian Civil War which followed. During the loud sound and smoky fury of wartime, such tall tales of genocide at least appeared to be somewhat plausible to the superficial reader. But during the peacetime of the 1930′s, even the most dim-witted newspaper worshipper would never believe such tales. Yet, as we shall soon see, that didn’t stop the audacious Zionists from trying.

Alfred Tarski with Stalin. Click to enlarge
Alfred Tarski (left) with Stalin. Click to enlarge

As the Berlin Olympics of 1936 approaches, Adolf Hitler has been in power for nearly 3 & 1/2 years. The initial anti-German hate campaign of 1933-34 has subsided as the world now realizes that the atrocity propaganda was false. Though removed from high positions in the press, banking, government and academia, the Jews who remain in Germany prosper in the revitalized economy. 
During the 1930′s, 75% of German Jewry is middle-class or richer. Even the legendary Max Warburg, though stripped of his dominance over Germany’s Central Bank, chose to stay in Germany until 1938, making serious “bank” the whole time.

As for the rest of Europe’s Jews, they continue on, unmolested and generally more successful that their Gentile counterparts. The Jew Leon Blum has just been elected Prime Minister of France. The government of the Soviet Union is loaded with Jews, and so is the ruling class of Great Britain. 
 Even in mildly ‘anti-Semitic Poland’ and Fascist Italy, the Jews are not being bothered. In short, just 3 years before the outbreak of the German-Polish War, the European Jews of the 1930′s are safe and sound, with many of the ones in booming Germany doing very well.

The Jews of Europe are not being “persecuted” in 1936!

1- Max Warburg is making lots of money in Hitler’s Germany 2- Leon Blum is elected Prime Minister of France 3- Lazar Kaganovich is controlling Stalin’s Russia 4- Baron Rothschild is the most powerful man in Britain 5- Alfred Tarski: an acclaimed mathematician and scholar in Poland

So, given the good treatment and relative success of European Jewry, it is nothing less than astonishing, jaw-dropping even, to discover a May 31, 1936 issue of The New York Times carrying the bold claim of a “European Holocaust” affecting “millions of Jews”. How can this be? 
As even the High Priests of Holohoaxianty will admit, the wartime internment of Jews didn’t begin until the latter half of 1941. The alleged mass executions are said to have started in 1943, ramping up to full-scale genocide by 1944. Oops. It looks like some over-eager Zionist went off the script and let the fake cat out of the bag a full 6-7 years too soon!

This ridiculous shock claim of a “European Holocaust”, made by a group of “Christians” fronting for the Chicago and New York Zionists, forms the basis of the case for the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine; which the British had conquered as part of a World War I payoff to the Zionists for their help in dragging the United States into the war on Britain’s side. Not content with mass immigration to British-ruled Palestine (The British Manadate), the Zionists, speaking through their “Christian” front men and dupes of the shadowy Chicago-based ‘Pro-Palestine Federation of America’, now want the British to crack down on the oppressed Arabs and give the Jews a nation of their own.

The full original can be viewed by enlarging the article image below.

The Holohoax: a LIE in 1936, a LIE in 1945, and STILL a LIE today!

New York Times May 31, 1936. Click to enlarge
New York Times May 31, 1936. Click to enlarge

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Stephen said...

The holocaust started in 1933 per a Jewish website, but i see that hasn't stopped this fallacy from spreading to other websites that copied it.