Banning of controversial film goes too far - Canada

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Vatic Note:  It appears every western country is beginning to look like they have been taken over by these globalists and Canada is no exception.   Freedom of speech is rapidly disappearing throughout the western world, including the USA. In this case its Canada.  This video news report is well worth the watch.

If we allow this to continue, then we have lost one of the key foundations of our freedom loving republic, and the one that the second amendment was passed to protect.   I find that ironic.  We will fight to the death for the right to keep our 2nd amendment, but don't make a sound when the first amendment is under attack, for which the right to bear arms was approved to protect.

Now how ironic is that?  Our founding fathers were definitely smarter than we are.  They knew and saw the importance of that first Amendment.  Without Freedom of speech, there is no freedom.

History then becomes distorted and reflects what the "controllers" want us to believe, as we are recently finding out, and as they promised in the protocols in 1897.   Its amazing how far they have come.... granted with a strune list of dead bodies to show for it, but then hey, that is not a big deal, right???

Banning of controversial film goes too far
By Sun News Network, December 18, 2014
'The Interview' is pulled from theatres as Sony executives succumb to terror threats.  (VN: by "You know who!"  The country providing Security for fukishima just before the  so called "earthquake" and bogus tidal wave that only hit once. ISRAEL, what a coincidence, same country that did Paris, France, according to the President of France, he called them the illuminati and that is what most of them are.... Rothschild, Schiff, Dupont, etc,  we did a whole series of blogs just on all thirteen illum families.)


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