SOLUTIONS: Hundreds of Drone Operators Quit Air Force, Part 2 of 3

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Vatic Note: This is our second blog on the turning of the worm.  The first was on the smashing success of the ONLY state owned bank in the country and how its the envy of wall street.  It has flourished during these economic hard times, while the Rothschild and Rockefeller banks have gone south economically.  Now this below and it could very well give incentive to others in the military to refuse ILLEGAL ORDERS TO COMMIT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND TO COMMIT TREASON AGAINST OUR OWN PEOPLE AND NATION.

This below is unbelievable and a must read.  What this proves is that Americans MUST stand up and speak up.  We are being nazified by the Zionists, as they always do, to blame us and others for their horrific, satanic, and perverted deeds and for all their actions.  If we stand up and refuse to turn their satanic perverted plans into action, then they are forced to do it themselves.   Once they do, then the zionists will be exposed as to who the true culprits are in this battle of the cowardly against the innocent.

We should all thank our lucky stars that these Muslim people are as non reactionary as they are.  Otherwise we would have been at war a long time ago.  We have allowed ourselves to be used and abused, and we have committed murder and war crimes, along with crimes against humanity and that goes against everything we have always stood for, and are rapidly losing.  This new Congress better start representing "we the people" instead of the Rothschild bankers.

We used to be a beacon of freedom and right doing and now the Zionists have taken control and we are becoming Just like them, no wonder they hate Christianity, it has ethics, right doing, and morality, all foreign concepts to the khazar zionists.  Everyone in the military should stand down and refuse to serve until the "foreign occupying"  leaders are completely purged from our midst.   Believe it or not, its in our Constitution that dual citizens of another nation cannot hold unelected, or elected office in our government and its for a very good reason..... CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

We are seeing a start of some public officials to begin to act  honorably in their jobs, such as the Attorney General for NY who has had the speaker of the house in the New York Assembly arrested, and is continuing his investigation of corruption at the highest levels of New York government which could end up right in the Governors mansion.

ITS A START, now all we need is everyone else in key positions doing the same thing all over the country and in all countries.  Like we have said many times.....THE ONLY WW WE SHOULD FIGHT IS ONE AGAINST THE INTERNATIONAL ZIONIST KHAZAR BANKERS IN EVERY COUNTRY ON THE PLANET.   THE PEOPLE NEED TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST THIS CORRUPTION, TYRANNY, AND POLICE STATE, AS IT IS EMERGING.

What we should have done a long time ago is what ICELAND DID,  ARRESTED THE CORRUPT BANKERS AND KICKED THE REST OUT OF THE COUNTRY.  Now they are well on the way to economic recovery.  Iceland became "THE MOUSE THAT ROARED" and we did a blog on it.  

We should be thankful that we still have young people with courage enough to take a stand and handle all the horrors t hat are thrown at them.  Eventually, they will not stand alone as we are currently seeing.  I can attest to the fact that much has changed in the 4.5 years that we have been doing this blog.  I see the impact of education and exposing the real threat to the world.   They can use all the illegal laws against our constitution to inhibit freedom of speech but it will do no good.  TRUTH WILL PREVAIL AND IT WILL SET US FREE.

Hundreds of Drone Operators Quit Air Force
Posted by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall on January 26, 2015

“We didn’t even really know who we were firing at.”

predator drone

The traumatic nature of their work is leading drone operators to quit the Air Force by the hundreds.  In the following video, former senior drone operator Brandon Bryant expresses deep regret for the six years he spent with the US drone program between 2005 and 2011.

It especially bothered him that he was expected to fire on targets without being clear of their identities: “We didn’t even really know who we were firing at.”

Last November the human rights group Reprieve published a study indicating attempts to kill 41 alleged terrorists in Pakistan and Yemen resulted in more than 1100 civilian deaths.


photo above credit: KAZVorpal via photopin cc

Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

Dr. Bramhall is a retired American child and adolescent psychiatrist, activist and political refugee in New Zealand.

Her first book The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee describes the circumstances that led her to leave the US in 2002. She has also published two young adult novels about political activism: The Battle for Tomorrow: A Fable

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She is involved in the national leadership of the New Zealand Green Party and has a political blog at StuartJeanneBramhall.com

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