Westminster Rigged Scottish Independence Vote

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Vatic Note:    Oh, my goodness, watch the fraud blatantly shown on the video.  I could not believe it.  It was hand written ballots and not electronically submitted. So that is worse.  That meant those counting the votes are traitors to their own nation.  They reversed the peoples expressed will.   My goodness, and there was more than one of them doing it.

If you are truly interested then replay the video again and again to make sure you see all the shinanigans that went on with the vote count.  The British were going to be in serious trouble if the Scots voted for independance.   So, they must have had a serious hand in this fraud vote count.

It reminds me of what Stalin said one time:   "Its not the votes that count, its the voter counters that matter".  My question is "Where were the observers to the vote count?  They are suppose to have one from each side for each table

Russian Election Observers:  Westminster Rigged Scottish Independence Vote
By Paul Joself Watson,  September 19, 2014

The head of Russia’s election observation body has sensationally accused the British government in Westminster of rigging the Scottish Independence vote, asserting that there were more ‘yes’ votes than ‘no’ votes despite the no campaign claiming victory.

Following a political battle that captured global attention, the ‘Better Together’ campaign beat off their pro-independence adversaries in securing a 55%-45% success after yesterday’s voting, meaning Scotland stays a part of the United Kingdom.

However, in a move undoubtedly tied to Moscow’s increasing hostilities with the British government, which vehemently backed the ‘no’ campaign, the head of one of the country’s top election observer groups controversially claimed today that the vote was fixed.

Speaking to RIA Novosti, Georgy Fyodorov, the head of the Kremlin-aligned Association for the Protection of Electoral Rights, stated that, “According to what our observers at the polling offices tell us, there were more Yes votes during the vote count.” 

Fyodorov went further, remarking, “Scotland found itself under immense pressure… Those on the UK side campaigning for a No vote resorted to every violation imaginable.” 

His sentiments were echoed by Igor Morozov, a member of the Council of the Federation Committee for Foreign Affairs, although Morozov stopped short of claiming the entire referendum was rigged.

“We can see that, with the exception of Glasgow, those supporting independence failed to register a majority. I think that Westminster propaganda played a great part in that. I suppose it is down to information put out in recent weeks, from the party leaders, [that had impact on the vote], thanks to that the Scots arrived at the result they have,” Morozov said.

Fyodorov did not specify precisely what ‘violations’ occurred, although as we reported earlier, some ‘yes’ supporters have drawn attention to sporadic examples which appear to show ‘yes’ votes being miscounted and added to the ‘no’ tally, although such allegations remain unproven.

In the final weeks of the campaign, the British government displayed panic at the fact that polls showed the gap between the two camps narrowing, with the ‘yes’ campaign even taking the lead at one point. Had the referendum gone the other way, the impact on Westminster would have been monumental, with many speculating that Prime Minister David Cameron would have been forced to resign.


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