VATIC ALERT: GLOBALISTS CREATE NEW BOOGYMAN, Old ones were being Exposed!!! Who Is Khorasan?

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Vatic Note: I simply could not believe what I was hearing when this first came out.  My reaction was "Oh, my Gosh, they really do think we are stupid." Every single so called Muslim Extremist group they have used, was created, funded, and trained by MI6, CIA and Mossad.  You are not going to believe this video, and what an elaborate and detailed propoganda piece this has turned out to be. They are breathing life into this bogus just fabricated group.  They must be desperate.

The first bogus group  was Al Qaeda that they created to  stop the Russians in Afghanistan and they have been using them and other creations like Hamas,  ISIS, ISIL, and others and then somehow try to get them into the US for a huge false flag event so we will blame and go to war against the Muslims.  FORGET IT.  (Notice the Muslim used is the same one that was the first leader of Hamas, LOL   Its mistakes like that which blows their scams. So who is really stupid? )

I keep thinking about the scare tactic they used last year in Los Angeles, when they said Muslims had suitcase nukes they were going to set off in LA.  Then we see someone with a camera who filmed a submarine shooting off a missle out of the water outside of LA and it flopped.  I bet that was going to be the so called "suitcase nuke".  You know, I believe absolutely nothing of what any of them say anymore.

Any war we fight must be against the Wall Street/Rothschild, khazar zionist bankers and no one else.  That is who the terrorists are and who our enemies are.  The stated and published goal of these khazars is global domination and DEPOPULATION, so everything they do is toward that end.  If you keep that in mind.  All of this will make perfect sense.

ANY FALSE FLAG THEY DO FROM NOW ON, WILL SIMPLY AND FINALLY WAKE UP THE SHEEP.  The seed has been planted, they know something is wrong, and stinks to high heaven, they just aren't convinced yet as to who and why.  But our advanced notice, will make sense to them when it becomes a fact.

Here is my big question.  Just who do the Rothschild khazar globalists have in mind to take the heat and death penalty for all these crimes against humanity that our foreign occupied government is committing?  In WW II, these same bankers gave up men that worked for them and used them as cover for themselves,  not a single zionist got arrested, charge or convicted of war crimes that they funded, planned, trained and executed through their minions.  They did the same thing to the goyim brown shirts when they were through using them.

It was the minions that paid the ultimate price with their lives when it was all over.  So who do they have in mind here and now for this game in the USA that they are playing???   I think the minions need to start wondering if they are going to be sold out and used to take the heat.  I would if I were them, I would set something up and have it exposed if and when they get sold out and are standing in the docket. 

As for this little ditty below, it simply shows that Alex's group is nothing more than the promoter of the disinfo and propoganda for the Rothschild, Israel and our foreign occupied government.   I guess they built Alex's news program just for the purposes of feeding in these various disinfo projects and agendas.

Oh, my goodness, they intend to use this bogus splinter group as the source of whatever false flag they intend to do to us here on our soil.   If they do it, we go after AIPAC, WALL STREET AND NO ONE ELSE.   This below is the most direct and obvious and blatant betrayal by Alex.   I am sorry I did not believe all those that doubted him in the past.   This biggs guy is fabricating an elaborate back drop for this group with maps and everything.  No one is buying this farce anymore.  Give it up.

Who Is Khorasan?
by Joe Biggs, Info War dot com,  September 24, 2014

An Al Qaeda splinter group has emerged to be the “real threat” concerning Washington, prompting airstrikes in Syria.   (VN: now these are different airstrikes than the ones against ISIS or ISIL because they have been caught creating, funding and training these groups as controlled opposition, (MI6, CIA, and Mossad.), so they had to fabricate a new group.  That was fast and it was obvious.  Read the comments on this video on Alex's site.  Not a single person believes it.  I am sure its much worse on UTube, I have not checked yet.)

Is this group just another excuse for the administration to strike militarily without legal justification? 


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