Archeologists Uncover “Huge” Structure in Israel that Predates the Pyramids

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Vatic Note: Sometimes, these kind of finds, put todays events into an ancient historical perspective and now this find almost proves the theory.   Let us clear up some facts first.   Notice this was part of "Mesopotamia?"  That is the ancient name for "Iraq" as was the name "Sumaria".  Once you know this, then comes the question,  "Why did the neocons and neolibs really want to invade Iraq?"  It certainly wasn't because they did 9-11.  The Iraqi's had nothing to do with 9-11.  What we are finding is it is more likely Mossad did 9-11 with some help from traitors from within our government, who are dual Israeli khazar Zionist citizens of Israel.

After the Bush Jr invasion of Iraq, 2 major things were done by our military, using our military cargo planes.   The IMF and World Bankers at 9 am the day hostilities were declared over,  Cleaned out $19.5 billion dollars of gold from the Bank of Bagdad, and shipped it to "who knows where" and gave it to "who knows who" and they issued fiat currency with no gold backing, pulled all the gold backed currency and reissued fiat currency as "notes", and then borrowed millions/billions in the Iraqi peoples name and charged interest.

The money was given to international corporations to fix up Iraq with no bid contracts. Bechtel was one of those corporations.  Fascism was introduced to Iraq with that move.  So then the American lead coalition of allies began collecting taxes from the Iraqi people to pay off the interest on the debt.  Needless to say the interest went to the Rothschild bankers.  The Iraqi's had never been taxed before.

Their entire cost of running their government, education, and infrastructure was paid for out of oil revenues from the Iraqi oil fields, that are now controlled by Exxon corporation and BP, owned in part by Rockefellers and Rothschild.  Because of the bogus war, the Iraqi unemployment was at 40% which was the worse time to charge them income tax.  How perverted is that?  Now this below might be a way to find out why they went into Iraq and what else did they take?

We discovered that the military, ours that is, was instructed to take certain items out of the Bagdad Museum as well.   Very ancient artifacts were in that museum and our military were filmed taking them out of the museum.  To this day we do not know who got the artifacts, what they were, or why and where they were taken.   A big mystery and maybe this below is a piece of that puzzle.   Read and see what you think. 

Archeologists Uncover “Huge” Structure in Israel that Predates the Pyramids

Archaeology fascinates me. I love the fact that we're still uncovering hidden things from our past, and learning about early civilizations.

That's why this story caught my attention when I came across it yesterday.

It seems that archaeologists working in Israel have unearthed a massive structure near the Sea of Galilee that is is believed to have been built sometime between 3050 BC and 2650 BC. That would make it older than the Great Pyramids in Egypt, and even Stonehenge in the U.K.

The structure was previously mistaken for a defensive wall of some sort, although no settlement was known to have existed in that part of the country. It is immense in size, stretching for 150 metes (492 ft), and has a volume that is said to be roughly 14,000 cubic meters (500,000 cubic ft).

It is believed to have been a standing monument of some type, although what it was used for remains a bit of a mystery. Researchers speculate that it was used as a landmark built to "mark possession or assert authority."

The crescent shaped structure may have been built by a local chieftain in the Mesopotamian civilization. Its shape could have held some significance within the lunar cycle, or  it could have also been a monument built to Sin, the culture's moon god.

The closest settlement is a town called Bet Yerah, which translates to "House of the Moon God." It is just 29km (18 miles) away, which is about a days walk for ancient travelers. There is some speculation that the monument was built to mark the borders of the city's territory, and to potentially ward off would-be invaders.

The age of the structure was determined by dating fragments of pottery that were found at the site. The monument is so old, that it actually predates the Old Testament, and provides clues about life in the region that is often referred to as the "Cradle of Civilization." Researchers say the site would have required a massive amount of labor to build.

They estimate that it would have taken between 35,000 and 50,000 days working days to construct the monument, which translates to a team of 200 people working for roughly five months straight just to achieve the lower end of that estimate. In an agrarian society dependent on food production, that would have been incredibly tough.

Reading a story like this one, it makes you wonder what else is out there, just waiting for us to stumble across it.

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