Obama Invades Africa Under Ebola Smoke Screen Africom invasion disguised as humanitarian

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Vatic Note: Since language is so powerful in setting our perceptions of our reality,  I would really recommend we quit saying what is not so, and begin brutally to say what is so.  Example:  Instead of saying Obama did this or did that, begin saying "Obama's handlers have decided to depopulate, .... etc."  See?  Its the truth.  If Obama tried to make such decisions, they would off him because they lost control.  So, if Obama makes a decision, he isn't really doing it, he is simply communicating it as cover for the real shadow foreign controlled government.

Its different, takes a bit more time, but its far more accurate and will set the perceptions in line with TRUTH.  Notice, I don't say our "government",  I say "our foreign occupied government", because it is.   AIPAC, NETANYAHU, Dual Israeli citizens all run our government in key depts.

Homeland security has the head of ADL and SPLC sitting on their board, and look what has come out about Homeland Security since they took over?   Arrests of pedophiles in TSA under DHS, selling ex-rays of declothed bodies to porn sites, of unsuspecting flyers on commercial airlines....

Drills and false flags galore, in which Americans either died, were harmed or productions pretending that happened. In every instant, Homeland Security was either conducting a drill, like at Sandy Hook, or was war gaming.  They create and fund these bogus groups needed to start WW III.

Here is my take on this issue of Africa.  If you read Zbigs book, "The Grand Chessboard....", he makes the point that Africa will be an easy take down, since they are too poor to defend themselves against us and Israel and her Saudi allies. Now, all evidence supports that as truth,  and why???  BECAUSE ZBIG WAS STUPID ENOUGH TO PUT IT INTO A BOOK FOR EVERYONE TO READ AS POLICY.  The book was written as a blueprint for world domination.  

If you truly want to know their plans and strategies, go read that book, I have and it explained what happened in Georgia, back under Bush.  They were testing and pushing to test Russias defenses, because they are the real target of Israel and their dual citizens in our government. WHY?  

Because these khazar bankers want total control of oil AS THE CURRENCY BACKED ASSET INSTEAD OF GOLD.  AND THEY NEED TO HAVE COMPLETE GLOBAL CONTROL OF THAT RESOURCE.  No one else can have any oil if the system is to work for them.

Obama Invades Africa Under Ebola Smoke Screen Africom invasion disguised as humanitarian
By Joe Biggs, Infowars dot com, Sept 18, 2014

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs analyzes the ebola crisis in Africa and how the Obama Administration is sending 3,000 troops behind the facade of a humanitarian crisis to lead the invasion into Africa.


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