General Confesses in Death Bed Confession, Alien Survived Roswell Crash, as Alleged By Jo Walters

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Vatic Note:  This is pretty self explanatory.   Given all of this, I still keep in the back of my mind, the disclosures by navy Intel officer,  Bill Cooper and the recommendations from the 1966 Iron Mountain report which recommends either an eco-disaster or an alien invasion, in order to scare people into globalizing and giving up their sovereignty.

Once you give that up, you will then destroy your culture that was very much tied to your sovereignty.    That is why they not only allow illegal immigration, but push and help it along and that is only in all european based countries.  Now why is that???  Does RH neg blood have anything to do with it?

The rest below is really very self explanatory, just keep the warning above in mind when considering all of this.  Bill Cooper did say that there were "good" aliens and the evil ones will try to get us to fight them.  It was after all that, that the government killed him.

Now he can't say anything.  Same with Phil Schneider as well.  That is why I am still keeping all of this alive by publishing these disclosures as they come through.  We must be able to discern what is real and truthful, and make accurate and clean judgements when confronted with the issues.  Read and listen and you decide.   

Alien Survived Roswell Crash, Confesses General in Death Bed Confession | VIDEO
By AMMACHProject,  The UFO Chronicles, 9-24-13

Roswell Saucer Crash with Dead Alien

Alien Survived Roswell Crash, Confesses General in Death Bed Confession as Alleged By Jo Walters

     Editor’s Note—In a recorded interview by one Joanne Summerscales (AMMACH Project) published on September 24th of this year (2013), with eighty five-year-old Jo Walters (an Englishwoman), the latter declared that she had met with Nathan Twining Jr., son of esteemed General Nathan Twining and he divulged to her that as his father was nearing death—he confirmed the validity of the “The Roswell Incident” and that it indeed was a crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle involving 3 aliens, one who survived the mishap.


Partial Transcript of Printed Pages as Seen in Video

About fifteen years ago (not thirty, as I guessed) myself and two friends were thinking of retiring to the USA and had been put in touch with the son of General Twining who was developing a large tract of land in the Roswell area.

I cannot recall the rank of this gentleman he was certainly not plain Mr. Twining, nor can I recall his Christian name. But he most generously invited us to stay a few days and visit the site he lived in great style and we enjoyed a lovely few days of experiencing how the other half live.

My deep interest in UFOs led to the two of us having one or two long conversations about the Roswell events. During these talks he told me that he had difficultly in accepting the official line and kept questioning his father, but his father had kept to it rigidly.

But then six weeks before the General died, he sent for his son and told him he did not want to die with a deception on his conscience.

He said that there had indeed been UFO wreckage, with three beings, one of whom was still alive and had therefore been taken to the laboratories at the Roswell top-security centre.

There, he had recovered and lived for fifteen years. General Twining described him as very intelligent, and said that as time passed they had somehow managed to communicate (I think telepathy was mentioned but I’m not sure) and he had come to consider this person as a friend.

Naturally, I longed to find out more, but as my friends had no interest in UFOs and appeared to dismiss us as eccentric fantasists [sic], our host could only talk about this information to myself as he was afraid of repercussions. His manner as he spoke of this suggested a definite fear.

Our host also had an Estate Manager who I met briefly. He apparently spent much of his time roaming on the land, and claimed to have seen and attempted to speak with a number of aliens some but not all, friendly.

We also spoke briefly of abductees, and once, while standing by his front window, he pointed to a passing woman, and said she’s been taken, and has an implant.

That’s all, I’, afraid, as it was soon time to leave. Until now I have never told anyone about this, as I am still concerned that the publicity might damage General Twining’s son.


Why am I telling you now? Because I am [sic] eighty-five and frail. And I think someone younger should know about this before I die.

I am really worried about this as I have never, to my knowledge, been deliberately dishonest or broken my word. If you wish to use this information and therefore have to give its source please find out if he is still alive, and if he is please get his address for me and let me wright [sic] to him first.


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