There is Hope, Folks: U.S. Marines Will Turn On Feds (Oathkeeper’s Founder Stewart Rhodes)

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Vatic Note:   I have to apologize to my readers.... this link below along with the other one below that about Sheriff Mack is put together by cutting and pasting since both were a mess.  Pete Santilli is a very strange man, LOL  and it was so chaotic, that I had to reorganize so you could get both of these at the same time to watch in sequence.   Hopefully, I have done as I intended so you could get the big picture when it comes to both oathkeepers and the Sheriffs, if you are lucky enough to have both in your county.

These below are important to know, and to know who to contact should the obvious need arise.  Both military and sheriffs, will need your support to do as they have sworn to do.   The evil ones cannot function and succeed without the military and sheriffs to do their bidding and they know it.   So please watch and listen to both men and  join the posse supporting the Sheriff of your county.  Bring your guns if its required.  Without our support they will be vulnerable for standing for us and with us, so we owe it to them to stand with them if the need arises. 

Epic: U.S. Marines Will Turn On Feds (Oathkeeper’s Founder Stewart Rhodes)

All I can say is that this speech by Stewart Rhodes is epic & federal officials better take notice.  In fact, the entire purpose of the CSPOA meeting at the National Press Club on September 17th was to put our government officials on notice, and they did.

We have to wonder; Why didn’t the mainstream media cover this event which convened some of our nation’s most powerful voices of Constitutionality?


Please be sure to check out GMN’s coverage of this historic event which took place on Constitution Day, September 17th, 2014.  On Thursday, Pete invited Ben Swann to talk about the meeting.

Then, on Friday, Pete interviewed Sheriff Mack.  See full coverage and links here: The Pete Santilli Show – Episode #797 With Richard Mack – Your Rights Begin With Your Sheriff

The Pete Santilli Show With Sheriff Mack

Vatic Note:  Go to the 1:08:20 minute mark to skip all the noise and ignore all his fear porn, and background set up stuff, since Sheriff mack is worth listening to, but we have to go through the garbage that Pete puts out as propoganda to promote himself and all his incessant ads.  

Its frustrating and distracting, so eliminate that part from your experience.  I almost quit with all the garbage. I decided to flip around and find Sheriff Mack and did at that 1:08:20 mark, so do yourself a favor and skip to it, since you can go back and listen to the garbage if you want later.  


AGENDA FOR CSPOA MEETING AT PRESS CLUB:  Videos to be released later for viewing by the public.  We have the one from oathkeepers as the first video above and we will monitor the release of the rest and present them as they come available.  Here is their agenda so you will know who the various speakers will be when we get the videos.

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