Is Veterans Today on NSA Surveillance List?

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Vatic Note: Aren't we all on NSA's list?   NSA has been feeding its spying info over to Israel, and the Zionist bankers.  Another important dept infiltrated by the evil ones that want to dominate the world.  Don't tell me you are surprised? I  just read that the entire objective of the NASA spying is to convince the world that privacy is a thing of the past.

We will be living permanently in a world with total surveillance.... to prevent anyone from instigating any form of rebellion.   Remember, the Lisbon treaty that all of Europe signed included the death penalty for protesting.  You are not going to recognize the world they have planned for us unless, you are acclimated through gradualism and you get used to the idea, then maybe you won't question it.

Freedom will be a thing of the past, IF they are allowed to continue down this path.  It all begins with something like this, where anyone speaking out against changes in our current system, is considered domestic terrorists or complaining about a foreign nation infiltrating and occupying our government when they are obtaining private information about our citizens.  Because their primary nation does this to their citizens, they encourage the same thing in our nation, which is totally alien to us.

When Tyranny is pushed and implemented, then resistance is duty.   They do not understand nor acknowledge that concept since its not how they have experienced any thing like it.  But then few nations have.   Freedom of speech was seen by our founding fathers as the most important right needed protecting and thus these great men passed the second amendment to ensure we retain the first amendment and our freedom of speech.

Read this and you decide.  I have great empathy for VT since Vatic Project is continually under the assault of these minions running our government for the benefit of another country.   That used to be called treason. 

Is Veterans Today on NSA Surveillance List?
by Johnnie Punish,  Veterans Today, 12/17/13
NSA-agent Time for a Digital Bill of Rights to Protect Writers, Reporters, and the American Peoples by Johnny Punish, Veterans Today 
Are web sites like VT and the writers who challenge and critic government policy on some sort of special NSA surveillance list?

Well, the short answer is absolutely yes!  And please don’t tell me you’re surprised!
However, the good news, if we can call it good, is that VT is NOT the only site and VT writers are NOT the only ones under the microscope by the lovely NSA. The NSA spreads its love over a wide area. They love everyone equally.

At this point, we have many many questions and maybe its time to either dismantle the NSA or, at the very least, create a cyber bill of rights for all us that gives us legit protections that can insure that critic of government policy remains a cornerstone of freedom and liberty in a future USA that can be proud of its ideals indeed.
I mean………….
  • What do all the NSA leaks tell us about the state of national security in the US?
  • What is the real mission of the NSA and other intelligence agencies?
  • And, is the national security state keeping us safe?
  • Should we create a digital bill of rights for all of us to protect us from the NSA?
Well, check out what Cross Talk says about it.  Here, join the debate with Suzanne Nossel and Eugene Puryear. Then, post your comments below. But before you do, remember, they are watching, recording, and getting off like Joe McCarthy at a thug convention! Wink Wink!

(VN:   Well, they won't let me put  the videos up here, so please visit the link below to watch them.  They have now attacked not only this site, but now my cell phone as well.   They do not want me calling anyone about it either.  This is getting much worse.  Time to really take a hard look at what they are doing. Just talked to a senior citizen who said her insurance company raised her rates way up without any explanation and it was AARP which has been infiltrated and is part of the plan to rob us of all that we have.  No break for seniors, they want us to go away so they can steal our social security and other retirement plans.  These people are totally insane..)

CrossTalk on NSA: Digital Octopus



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