Ex-FBI Agent Reveals What to Do If The Police Get in Your Face

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Vatic Note: Ex anything in the law enforcement or intel side of this government is to be held in total suspicion.  I am sure he is as presented, but be cautious and use discernment.  We have been fooled too many times by these guys and its getting relatively "old" to be going through it again, so listen and see how it sounds to you.   I am waiting for valid and believable confirmation for myself, but each of us has to decide.

After listening to this, it sounds like a training manual  for how to bow down and scrape to the system and be polite.  He says  that if you are going to fly, you have to put up with TSA,  and yet no indication that it is in total violation of our Bill of Rights.  The law that governs TSA is void on its face since its in violation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and he doesn't say a word about that, rather he just skips over it and goes on to tell us not to travel after 11 pm at night.

Its a back door way of implementing control over all these people , without a confrontation over it, including a "self imposed" curfew without saying that is what it is, rather he is using fear to make us control our own movements and timing of same.  This then benefits the police state perfectly and making us do the controlling.  How doggone clever is that?  

Can you see the indoctrination going on here?  The message this man gives is we only have rights if the cop is in a good mood,  we are polite and friendly and don't give him a hard time for stopping us, and yet this guy admits that the whole purpose for road stops is hoping to catch someone, ANYONE, without probable cause, doing something wrong so he can arrest him/her.  I keep thinking about the woman, recently, who finally rolled up her window while talking to an officer who stopped her.  He pulled out his gun and killed her.

That makes this a police state and this man in this video is simply telling us how to navigate in such a police state.  He is not asserting that we should stand for our rights, but that we should placate and bow to the newly recognized conditions that we now live under.  And if we are good at it, we may avoid discomfort and inconvenience, including  an illegal false arrest.

Well, he may well be right, since I could not get a single lawyer to take my case of my false arrest that we went through 2  years ago.  They even told me it was  a slam dunk solid case, but they didn't want the judicial system taking it out on his other cases.  Nice, huh?  Almost every lawyer I called said the same thing.  Very tightly controlled already.

This below felt like the "Frog in a slow pot of boiling water".  We are not jumping out of the pot, so we will be cooked by the time we realize what is happening.  Like I said, you read it and listen to this and decide.  I am withholding a final opinion until I hear from others with an alternative perspective.

Ex-FBI Agent Reveals What to Do If The Police Get in Your Face
Published by Alex Jones Channel on Apr 10, 2012

On the Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, host Mike Adams talks to Dale Carson, a trial lawyer, former FBI agent, police officer, detective, SWAT team member, undercover operative and private investigator who now defends clients against unfair charges.

He is the author of Arrest-Proof Yourself, which is required reading for anyone wanting to avoid unnecessary interactions with the law.




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