The Power Of The Rothschild State: The Hijacked Name Of "Jew" By The Khazar Banking Cartel.

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Vatic Note:   Boy, I truly love brother Nathaniel.... he is always spot on with respect to these issues about Rothschild and israel.  The term "Jew" as a designation is historically a recent addition, so listen to Nathaneal below, very carefully.  Remember, he is a Jewish Convert to Christianity and so he carries a unique perspective that we should take very seriously.

He shows us how the khazar bankers confiscated the term Jews for themselves so they could use it to manipulate, through "anti-semitism" accusations, Americans to get them to do their bidding.  Since these are moraless khazars with absolutely no interest in integrity, fair play, morality etc,  they are using tools against  Israel's enemies that we, as Americans would never have condoned. 

To be  honest, drone warfare goes against everything we believe in with respect to conducting a legitimate war.   What we are seeing with these drones, "is NOT warfare as we have known it and defined it", rather as a weapon that is a weapon of indiscriminate civilian murder with absolutely 0 risk to the soldier, which then makes "making war" a risk  free operation for the perpetrator and aggressor, since they run no risk of loss.

Once that happens, war then turns to wholesale murder of unarmed "civilians" and thus is a crime, and not war......because then, war becomes the first resort to solve problems instead of the last resort.  I am sure that makes the profiteers of the Military industrial corporations happy.   (VN: who are also khazars and not Jews as we know them.) 

We, as Americans, have NEVER condoned murder of unarmed civilians, pregnant women, children, babies, old people as ethical, moral or as "warfare", but we have always seen that type of action as murder and have prosecuted and executed those guilty of such warfare, in every war we have fought in.

Now WE are the perpetrators  of such horrific crimes against humanity, instead of the examples of conducting in a moral manner, war between armed enemies in non civilian areas with specific military targets, but that has all changed since we began to fight wars like THE KHAZARS DO, which is out and out murder of your enemy.   Its what happens when you let a foreign country take control of your gov and all its advanced technology.   They do not have the maturity as a nation to have such access to such technology and they prove it every day.

Its what happens when you let a foreign country run your  government unfettered, and hide behind you, as Israel has,  to do what they do best.  Murder people in your name.  Remember "BY DECEPTION, WE WILL CONDUCT WAR".  Not by any international standard of warfare, but by "sneaking, lying, cheating and using others and calling those who don't agree, "ANTI-SEMITES" as they said they would do in the protocols written in 1897......".  No wonder the mongels kicked them out of  Mongolia in the 700's AD.

The Power Of The Rothschild State: The Hijacked Name Of "Jew" By The Khazar Banking Cartel.
By Volubriartor,  Political Velcraft


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