What Is This Vibrational Change? – David Icke

*** No fundraising on Christmas. Just a note to tell you that all three of these blogs today are tied in together and hopefully its a Christmas Gift to all my readers, because it shows great hope that all will be well in the end.  We are moving toward advancement in our spirits and awareness and its death to the evil ones purpose and agenda.  

I agree with David and the rest of these blogs that we are going to be entering a marvelous time and change into more  peace, abundance and love.   Its destroying all the fear and hate that the evil ones have been pushing and promoting.  NO DIVISION, NO FEAR, AND NO HATE..... RATHER "UNITY" IN OPPOSITION TO THE EVIL ONES.  They are truly afraid of us as we have been saying all along, and these blogs explain why.
Vatic Note: In listening to this,  I realized many of us have been experiencing this change already.  First of all, we are all waking up to who we "really" are.  I am seeing much more charity, helping each other, serving others in need.  I am seeing much more "love" for others who are hurting.  Its more like a coming together rather than the proposed "rioting, hating and taking", that the MSM always talks about.

Remember Homeland security constantly harping on a massive "civil war" in this country and I see no sign of it anywhere.   The closest of that I have seen is more and more talk about a second revolution and that is across the board  with rare exceptions, so he is right.   Finally, has anyone else noticed the difference in babies coming into this world right now? 

They are far more advanced than during my early age.   Their awareness level is impressive and their reactions are based on careful observation and then reaction, where before if something moved, the baby reacted with no thought, but its different now.

I have great hope for our future. I just want to thank all cyber warriors for hanging in there through all of this as they were the soldiers in the trenches and brutally beaten up as evidenced by Jim Stone and what they did to him,  by David and all the slander he suffered and veterans today, and others.   I say "Thank you, good soldiers on the information highway battlefield".   We are prevailing and its a rewarding feeling to know that all was not done in vain.  Keep it up, the battle is not over yet, but its moving in our direction.

What Is This Vibrational Change? – David Icke
by Zen Gardner, 

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This short video of David Icke explaining the vibrational change puts it in the simplest, easiest to understand way.  He explains what this “vibrational change” is, how and why the control system is trying to stop it, and what the results will be.  The true reason for chemtrails, GMOs, flouride, HAARP, vaccines, etc. etc.

Is this Orwellian world we are entering destined for success?  Or will it crumble?  Why are the “controllers” stepping up their efforts right now?  Does it seem like things are spiraling out of control and getting worse and worse with only one end in sight–theirs?  What will happen?  Will our children and grandchildren live in servitude or peace? – Esoterica


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