Why can't Germany get its gold back?! Interview with David Morgan

Vatic Note:  (VN: I may not be able to finish this one, so its important you watch the video no matter how much I am unable to finish.  I hope to have all this problem with the PTB and their interference with my blog, solved within a week.  Hang in there with me, since I NEVER, EVER GIVE UP.

Now, to the issues outlined in the title of the blog..  First, I want to say that this is again, another distorted and propoganda piece, so watch for it carefully.  Remember the goal of these guys is to "...TO FOOL THE SHEEPLE INTO DOING THEIR BIDDING AND TO BE WILLING TO SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO DIE FOR THEIR PROFITS AND NEVER FORGET THAT.

Once you understand this, you will see all of this as it is,  simply manipulation of the globe through propoganda and disinfo with infiltration to the top of every single nation on the planet and if they can't, they send CIA and Mossad to assassinate them like they did Gadaffi.

Germany can't get their gold back because Merkel, the chancellor is a Rothschild and offspring of Hitler.  And the beat just keeps going on and on.  Now Ft. Knox is empty as well.  Remember the Tungsten scandal during Clinton's' administation? Well, everyones gold is gone, that is how DEEP AND PENETRATING the Zionist bankers infiltration has gone.

I bet its all stored in ROTHSCHILDS WAREHOUSES all over the planet and if we do WW III against the international bankers, then we can get our gold back again.  If we don't do it, and we fight each other, then we are doomed.   LETS MAKE THE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS THE ONES THAT ARE DOOMED.  ITS AMAZING THE "PAP" THEY FEED US AS A STEADY DIET.  I am always impressed when it jumps to another level.   Remember, ALL NEWS MEDIA IN BRITAIN AND THE US IS CONTROLLED BY THE ZIONIST FASCISTS BANKERS, and we all know it too. 


Published on Jan 25, 2013
David Morgan from The Silver Report chats with Cambridge House Live anchor Bridgitte Anderson about silver, gold and the global economy. Taped at Cambridge House International's Vancouver Resource Investment Conference in January 2013. http://www.cambridgehouse.com.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not an expert on Germany and international finance, but I thought this may interesting to you and to all the readers : It seems there's a good number of Jews who want to abandon Israel and make Germany the next Jewish "homeland". Israelis are flooding into Germany now. They want to make Germany the next "Israel".

I don't know if this desire on the part of Jews to make Germany the next Jew "homeland" has anything to do with the German gold controversy, but I suspect it does :


Or, following Google Search Term will access article :

"Snippits And Snappits + Germany New Israel"

For centuries the Jews wanted Palestine as a "homeland". They finally got what they wanted, now they want to abandon Israel and want Germany as a "homeland". Amazing.

Maybe that was the Zionist plan all along -- that Germany be the Jew "homeland". Maybe that's why Germany was set-up to be defeated during WW2. There is much about Hitler to suggest he was part of the set-up to destroy Germany. His strategy and tactics were all wrong. That's not hindsight. Hitler EXECUTED 84 of his German generals who pointed out to Hitler in good faith his strategy was leading to Germany's defeat and ruin. He EXECUTED them : 84 patriotic German generals were executed !! Though Hitler never executed any of his Jew and Muslim generals. Yes, there were a lot of Jews serving in the Third Reich and Hitler loved his Muslim Jihadist Legions.

Maybe that's why the Allied Air Forces targeted the German civilian population during WW2 instead of the IG Farben facilities. The Allies could have ended the war in 6 months to a year if they had concentrated on bombing IG Farben plants in Germany, as IGF was the foundation of the Third Reich's financial, political, and military strength. Instead the Allies ran carpet-bombing raids over the German civilian population while IG Farben was not targeted for bombing. Yet, IG Farben is the very cartel that put Hitler into power. IG Farben was also bank-rolled from Wall Street.

Hitler was horrible, so was Churchill and FDR. So was Stalin.

Germany was definitely intentionally set-up to be destroyed. For more info about the true nature of the Third Reich :


Anthony C. Sutton + Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler PDF"

Also :

"Anthony C. Sutton + Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution PDF"

The very same bankers and oligarchs financed both totalitarian regimes, as they also financed the Allies.

More about Hitler :

" Just Another Inside Job + Adolph Hitler Jew"



"Dietrich Bronder + Bevor Hitler Kam PDF"

"Wars are the Jew's harvest"

[Rabbi Reichorn ; Chief Rabbi of France : 1859]

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

A compelling work about Christian Zionism, Empire, the NWO, Communism, and British Israel :


Because of the 4,096 character limit, I broke up my post in two parts.

Christian Zionists need to seriously re-think their unquestioning support of Jew Zionism.

The Hegelian Dialectic that pressures us to be either a Zionist or a Nazi is absurd. Especially as Zionism and Nazism is tied-at-the-hip. And both Zionism and Nazism is tied-at-the-hip with Islamic Jihad.

The Jews played an immense role in creating and building the Third Reich and putting Hitler into power. Their Hitler then played an immense role in starting the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood. The recent intense push to get the US military to invade Syria in-support-of and in-alliance-with the blood-thirsty, warmongering Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood that the Noir-Juif donmeh Jew Hitler started says it all.

Christian Zionists need to re-think their support of Jews and Jew Zionism. Especially as so many Jews in the USA are doing everything they can to turn the US into a Communist state, and doing everything they can to make Christianity illegal .

"Hitler's Muslim Legions"

"Hitler + The Muslim Brotherhood"

"Militant Islam Monitor + From Fuhrer To Florida"

Jews want war so much, let them do their own goddamned fighting.

All this war for the sake of the Jews and their Israel, and now it turns out they really want Germany as a "homeland". So this will only mean more war -- all for the sake of the Jews. How any NON-jew can be a Zionist is beyond me.

AND, ALL Jews-- each and every one -- fully well knows their Jew tribe played an IMMENSE role in creating an building Nazi Germany and putting Hitler into power, as they cry their Jew crocodile tears about what happened in Germany. AND they all know, each and every Jew knows, Hitler was a donmeh Jew.

"Haaretz + Hitler Was A Jew Himself"

"Mossad Did 9/11"

"Israel Did 9/11"

Now, after all this, turns out, the Jews don't really want Israel as a "homeland", they really want Germany as a Jew "homeland".

" Albert Pike + Three World Wars Planned"

Pike was yet another Jew. A satanic Jew. I'm wondering if that's all Judaism is about : Satanism and War. Seems like it.

Christian Zionists need to wake up and STOP supporting the Jew's agenda, and wake up fast, if we're to save the USA. Looks like the US is getting set-up to be destroyed. Similar, if not exactly like, Germany was intentionally set-up to be destroyed.

That Christian Zionists are still supporting Jews now that's it's obvious the Jews are doing everything they can to make Christianity illegal in the USA is just beyond cavil. The expression "beyond cavil" is too mild.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

What happened to the two posts I sent you earlier today? How come they're not up on the commentary board?

Both the posts were cogent, articulate, fact-based, fact-filled, and backed-up with solid source references. Both pertained to the subject matter concerning the present-day state of affairs in Germany. The present-day state of affairs in Germany having every thing to do with WW2. Even you recognize that as you mention Merkel's blood lineage from Hitler : So my posts are not off-topic.

Both posts are germane to the subject matter, and both contain a lot of truth, and I back-up my fact-based opinions with solid source references. So what exactly is the problem? What else do you want in a post? Let me know, I'll see if I can provide you that something extra you're looking for.

In the meantime, my two fact-based, fact-filled posts I sent you earlier today deserve to be up on the commentary board.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

well, no one seems willing to ask the "real" question here, so I will....
Forget the fact that Germany, and now a few others as well, want their gold BACK.....why did they ever allow the Federal Reserve to "store" it for them? Don't they have their own "gold storage" ? I thought almost every nation had their own private Fort Knox...what stupidity would possess any nation to LET the United States government store their gold, when they relinquished their gold, did they realize that was it? Nothing to sign? This all sounds very confusing to me, it just doesn't make sense AT ALL that any nation would do that...its not like the USA just recently found itself on the list.....our nation has been a known rogue for some time now, why are they asking...ASKING? for their gold back...as if this is a game of "mother, may I". And why now? Not during the so called Cuban missile crisis of 1963. Not even after 9/11 was there an effort to retrieve the gold, a good time, if any, due to the radical new face change of the nation. But now, they want their gold back? Could you please help me sort this out? Thank you.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous #1, I have so far put up everything we have received. In case you have not noticed we are having massive interference in this blog. I am sitting in a cafe right now typing this. Its the only way now that I am able to "get the TRUTH" out until they find me here.

I am working on finding out how I can get rid of these guys permanently and as soon as I do, You won't be having this problem. Email me and tell me what the blogs were about and I will dig and find out what happened to your comments. Thanks

Vatic Master said...

Anon #1, better yet, send them to me by email and I will see to it they get up.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous December 30th,6:48 AM :

The reason Germany doesn't have its' own gold reserves is because Germany is under US military martial law -- has been since 1945. Germany -- and also Italy and Japan -- are not as autonomous and sovereign as many people think. All 3 countries are still under US military law and have been since 1945.

The Federal Reserve owns Germany as it owns the US. The Federal Reserve isn't even a branch of the US government. It's a private corporation owned by about 7-8 banking families.

One group of bankers steal gold from another group of bankers, and we're all expected to go to war over this bullshit. And the bankers who are stealing gold from one another are all inter-related through marriage.

From : Salvatore