We are Surrounded by Occult Monuments

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Vatic Note:  Most of us know about the occult monuments at the vatican and Washington DC, but I had no idea about Canada.   This was a very enlightening article and well worth the read. It appears these occult symbols are much more important to the elite than we first understood.   They actually believe there is power in the symbolism, especially where sex is in the symbol.  Once you read this, it becomes clear why they are preoccupied with porn, penis size, resulting in implants.

This is a religious treatment of the subject and its not, to them, just about greed and power, but a way of thinking and a way of life for which they want to rest of the world to experience and will make it so when they take over domination of the globe.  Keep that in mind and think about your children who will end up being and suffering the brunt of this satanic religion. 

The Author makes the valid point that since these elite own everything that influences our life, from our politicians at the top, to the press, major facilities, corporations etc.  Thus the symbolism is also everywhere that they control and pervades our lives everyday in so many ways and places, that the result will have an affect, if it has not already, on our culture and its diminishing condition and movement away from our higher ideals, thoughts and spirituality.  It will be a great loss if they win on that war front

We are Surrounded by Occult Monuments 


December 30, 2013

   by   symbols is man guided and commanded, made happy, made wretched.  He everywhere finds himself surrounded with symbols, recognized as such or not."  Thomas Carlyle, Sartor Restartus

SPH, a fellow Winnipegger, marvels
at the prevalence of occult symbolism in Winnipeg and Toronto,
typical of most cities. 

Winnipeg Obelisks

1. UN Peace Keepers Cairn  (cairn is p.c. word for obelisk)

2. Winnipeg Aquaduct Monument

3. U of M Medical Memorial Monument

4. One of several wire mesh obelisks on North Main Street's center median

5. Louis Riel Monument

6. Ukrainian Settlers Monument

7. Taras Shevchenko Monument (poet, artist)

8. Chief Peguis Monument

9. Seven Oaks Monument

Occult monuments are absolutely everywhere.  Often they are before our eyes and we don't even see them. 

Monuments transcend spoken language, conveying messages without the use of words.  They can be understood without explanation by most, and for some they hold an even deeper meaning .
(left, Provencher footbridge Winnipeg.)  
Winnipeg like other major cities has its share of monuments and interesting architecture, both big and small.  Monuments are essentially symbols on display and most architecture incorporates a variety of symbology ranging from subtle to overt.  But few would recognize the esoteric importance of a monument or sculpture, and fewer still would realize the hidden messages in a building or a bridge.

And yet the symbols of an occult agenda have been woven into the backgro
und of our existence, and are ever present in the architecture surrounding us. 

"The Illuminati  has designed its many rituals, signs, codes, symbols, architecture, art and other devices so that the world around us has become a veritable Grand Theatre of the Occult." (Texe Marrs, Codex Magica)

Since all of the world's governments, major corporations, the media, and any organization of importance are in the hands of the illuminati, it is without wonder that our man-made environment is designed with their long-term goals in mind.

Many erections in Winnipeg feature important occult symbology and design.  The obelisk, an ancient Egyptian symbol, is the most prominent. The obelisk literally represents the male phallus, but esoterically represents all of the power and magic that these people ever hope to wield.  It symbolizes the generative force; the God power that they strive for.  This, in part, is the basis for the spiritual beliefs of the Illuminati sex cult runs our world.
The CN tower, a well known Canadian landmark, though it strays from the textbook obelisk formula (4 sided, tapered to the top, capped with a pyramid, made of a single piece of stone) is nothing more than a giant phallus.  Like many of their symbols it is paired with another to enhance its effect.  Rogers Centre, formerly called the SkyDome, is its compliment located adjacent the tower, represents the feminine, the fertile womb.  The pairing results in a detailed message that impacts the viewer, whether or not he is aware.


Down the street, in the middle of the Queen Elizabeth Expressway is an unlabeled monument, referred to as the river arch; a giant stainless steel arch flanked by a pair of pillars. 


The same effect can be achieved with an arch or a pool to represent the feminine, as in Winnipeg's Union station.  This grand Masonic style building has a dramatic arched entranced flanked by a pair of double pillars, (pillars being essentially obelisks in multiple, usually incorporated into architecture) and finally capped with a domed roof. 

Also in Winnipeg,  the Volunteer Monument, though originally all alone, now stands beside the domed planetarium.
Then there is the statue of a police woman putting the capstone on a pyramid in front of the Toronto Police Station. The station is flanked on the north side by two more occult statues, including a boy pulling an obelisk mounted on a wagon. 

All of these erections (pun intended) are a message to the subconscious of the oblivious as well as to the adept.

"When we realize, for the elite, their symbols are claimed to be infused with dynamic life...we begin to comprehend the powerful and explosive meaning with which the Illuminati endow their signs and symbols." (Texe Marrs, Codex Magica)

These symbols are explicit.  Theirs is a belief that prizes sex as its most powerful rite and they employ it to corrupt the world.

Our current culture of ubiquitous porn and eroding morals has been manufactured for us by the cult that build these icons.  The effects are cumulative, and with greater frequency and grander manifestations, the unwitting observer has had his subconscious inundated with these ultimately vulgar symbols thousands of times in his life.

Once one fully comprehends the immense
scope of the Conspiracy, it can be difficult to imagine affecting change in any measurable way.  However the real power harnessed and wielded by the Illuminati comes from us.  

We have acquiesced to our servitude by tolerating injustice and ignoring the obvious.  Through our understanding and greater awareness of their methods, we can shift the focus of our lives from the false reality presented on our televisions to what it truly important.   

But "what does it mean and why should I care?"  you might be wondering.   According to Yuri Lina " those who do not examine the different aspects of the conspiracy will remain incapable of understanding the world"
- See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/#sthash.FWsFSIa2.dpuf

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Anonymous said...

Vatic Master: Excellent Post. I was just in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Peron was a Masonm by the way. They have a hugh Obelisk there also. Even in small countries you see Obelisk at Street Centers and so on. Alot in Grave Yards. Thios is world wide. DC is nothing but a Judeo Masonic Withcraft Center that uuses the Grid for their Monuments and so on --for control over the masses... Robert E. Lee who was a Mason by the way--had the opportunity to destroy DC after the Battle Of Mannassh-.-it was only 25 miles away unguarded. Yet he did not do it. Eustice Mullins explains this well and how he got special treatment after war and yet others were thrown in places t like the Fortt Jefferson Fed Prison in the Florida Keys. Jeff Davis the Prez of Rebels was kept their along time and even he had Jew friends in high places like Soloman Chase. JUDEO MASONRY IS WORLD WIDE. Its ADL Ba Nay Brit Boys Ram Rodders and Enforcers for NWO ZOG AGENDA...is Judeo Masonry..

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous, thank you for your kind words, and I agree with what you said EXCEPT WHERE EVER YOU SAID "....JUDEO MASONRY..."

Let's visit who the masons were that created the organization....and who were the ones that worshipped "the phallic symbol?" IN EITHER CASE, NEITHER WERE "JUDEO", BUT ONE WAS PAGAN SATANIC, AND CREATED AND RUN BY THE KHAZAR ZIONISTS.

There are two masonic lodges that are famous and huge. The first is the Scottish rite lodge, created by actual stone masons millennium ago. It was to bring the stone workers together for a multitude of reasons, most of which benefited the membership in jobs, techniques, ideas, and technology of the day in stone work or masonry.

The second lodge was the York Lodge that was created by Rothschild through Chatham House in Britain and there were NO STONE MASONS as members. If Rothschild were "JEWISH" then you would be right, but in fact, he is not... he is a khazar satanist pretending to be JEWISH.

These facts you can check out yourselves. Why did Rothschild create the York lodge, whose members were the royalty of Britain and eventually the royalty of Europe?

Its in the protocols of the elders written by Rothschild and his khazar bankers in 1897, as a blue print for exactly how they were going to take over and run the globe.

Masonry was to be blamed for all the evil the khazars intended to do that was outlined in the protocols. When you read them again, a lot of this will make sense.

So you are half right, with respect to this lodge. That is HOW we ended up with Banai Brith as a masonic org since they have absolutely no stone masons ever in their lodge. their sole purpose was to serve zionism and the complete control of Palestine and after that, the rest of the world. .