How to Double Your Brain Power! (Great Stuff!) - Part 1

Vatic Note:  One of  my New Years Resolutions is to balance the blog with both positive solutions for our problems, both personally, health wise, nationally and finally, globally, with "truth" both negative and positive, as I find it.  It was a suggestion from a reader in Britain who is a regular.   Once I decided to do that, these just showed up in my que.  How is that for "power of the mind"?  LOL

There will be something like this below every day from now on along with other educational positive issues like RH neg, and then there will be at least one of truth and exposure so that our solutions are related directly to the problem and so far, that is working.... as we see them getting more and more open about their plans.

I must say this would not have grabbed me if I had not had some personal experience years ago, that proved "mind over matter" and then I had a conversation along these lines with the local Bishop of my church, so it was time to move into this for both personal and universal awareness and creativity.

I believe the two must go together, since we must have everyone feeling "powerful" and "creative" in thinking outside the box,  instead of feeling  "helpless", depressed and down,  and that will be the result  of this new attempt to solve our problems without resorting to the "last resort". 

So please take the time to at least view, read, listen and do so with an open mind.  Remember, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so.   May you have a happy and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR, with your "doubled brain  power". 

How to Double Your Brain Power! (Great Stuff!) - Part 1 
by MindPowerWords,  August 5, 2012

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