Why oil of oregano is a must-have for any survivalist, 'prepper'

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Read this thought, and know this is truly something most of us don't think about and now that he brings it up, I realized I had not thought about it either, so this below is not only for you but for me too.    This is worth the effort and I would even print it out and keep it with your other stuff to do with health injury etc.

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Why oil of oregano is a must-have for any survivalist, 'prepper'  

(NaturalNews) If a major emergency were to strike suddenly and without warning, leaving you and your family without the normal comforts of life for an indefinite period of time, would you have the tools, supplies and knowledge necessary for survival? Having extra food, water and even first aid supplies on hand is a great place to start when preparing for the worst, but what about long-term protection against infection and disease?

In their book Beyond Antibiotics: Healthier Options for Families, Michael A. Schmidt, Lendon H. Smith and Keith W. Sehnert explain how essential plant oils possess unique antimicrobial properties that naturally fight and eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. And the essential oil of oregano in particular, which survivalists and "preppers" alike are discovering is a top choice for staying healthy during a crisis, is arguably the most potent and effective antimicrobial in the essential oil family.

Most people, if asked what they would stock their own "bug-out" bags with, would probably include basic medicines like painkillers and even antibiotics. But oil of oregano, which can be stored long-term without issue, has a leg up on traditional antibiotics, as it hits microbes where it really matters, blocking their ability to breathe. Antibiotics, on the other hand, are designed to obstruct the normal life cycle or metabolism of bacteria, which leaves room for them to mutate and develop resistance.

"[O]ne of the advantages essential oils [like oil of oregano] have over antibiotics is that bacteria do not develop resistance to essential oils," explains the book Beyond Antibiotics: Healthier Options for Families. "[A]nother advantage to essential oils is that some actually stimulate immune function."

Oil of oregano 26 times stronger, more effective than conventional antiseptics like phenol

Dubbed the "Rolls Royce of natural antiseptics" by Dr. Cass Ingram, one of the world's leading experts on the subject, oil of oregano is not only one of the most effective antimicrobial agents in existence -- it is also one of the safest, producing no negative side effects and targeting only harmful pathogens while leaving beneficial ones alone.
Tests have also shown that oil of oregano beats out conventional antiseptics like phenol, which is commonly used in commercial antimicrobial products like Lysol, Pinesol and Cloraseptic, by a factor of 26 to one. This means that oil of oregano is 26 times more effective at targeting and destroying harmful pathogens than even the most powerful conventional products used to treat and sterilize things like hospital equipment.

Oil of oregano highly effective against yeasts, disease-causing free radicals

As far as its internal use, oil of oregano is "the best of the best," according to a French doctor by the name of Belaiche, who in 1977 released his official oregano index, which uses oil of oregano as the base reference for comparing the bactericidal action of other substances. Oil of oregano is so effective, in other words, that an acclaimed doctor and research set it as the standard for comparison more than 30 years ago.

"The essential oil of oregano has always provided me with amazing results in treating infectious diseases," writes Bee Wilder for Healing Naturally by Bee. "Besides oregano oil's bactericidal action, it also prevents spasms, convulsions and nervous disorders."

The same is true for yeasts like candida, which standard antibiotics cannot even treat. The believed-to-be primary active substance in oil of oregano, carvacrol, is highly effective at cleansing the urinary tract and bladder of not only bacterial invaders but also fungal and yeast invaders. Oil of oregano also helps protect the tissues of the body against inflammation by eliminating the free radicals that cause it, thus helping protect the body against debilitating illness.

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