How to Double Your Brain Power!- (Part 2)

Vatic Note:   I have to tell you that this is so very true.  Greg Braden wrote a great book that got me started down this path.  It was called "THE HEALING POWER OF BELIEF".   Greg is a scientist turned spiritualist and he combines both in his writings.   It changes the view of this work when you include science and he does.

I had a lump, a big one, in my breast and I remembered years ago, my grandmother use to always say "Mind over matter" and tell me how we can change things with our mind.   I have since learned that included the heart or our emotions in doing so.  Prayer has proven to work for the same reason.  Because we believe it works and we are then rewarded with the results of that effort. 

To continue,  I went to the doctor and got a mammeogram and was told I needed a biopsy to determine if it was malignant, which the doctor felt certain that it was given its size.  I did not want them cutting me up, so I asked how much time could I wait and decide before it would be too late?  They said I could probably take a couple of months, so I did and used what my grandmother told me.   I imaged a sword and pictured in my mind, whenever I was on automatic like taking a shower or driving my car,  me battling that lump with my fictious sword and I would literally picture me doing battle and telling that lump to take a hike.

A couple of months later, I returned to the doctors and had a new mammogram done so they could determine where to put the knife to get a piece of it out.  I sat in that waiting room after the mammogram for an hour and a half wondering what the heck was going  on since I wanted to leave.   The girl came out and apologized for the wait, and said she had to call the radiologist and my doctor since the pictures showed that the lump was gone. 

That sealed it for me.... there is a reason that elderly people who grew up with no TV, no IPOD's, no technology,  came to believe in "Mind over Matter".  Since they had nothing to distract them electronically or otherwise,  they developed a relationship with themselves, their minds, their hearts and their morality.   Because of that they "created" their own reality and learned to believe there was nothing they could not do because of "MIND OVER MATTER".

I know that was true for my grandmother and she passed that on to us.  So keep an open mind during this series and get the most out of it you can.  YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN.   Its how I started this blog and made a commitment to never, ever give up and so far we are all still here, well beyond their planned take over which was suppose to happen in 2009.... it didn't and not a single nuke false flag.

Hmmmm.... lets all focus on the bad guys disappearing from the planet.   See if it works.  Since its a big job and they have their rituals,  it might take a bit longer, but at least we are doing something about it.  We always have other options if it doesn't work.  That is why we have nothing to lose.  lol

Part 2 of "How to Double Your Brain Power"
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A simple way of using the most powerful gift God gave us...OUR MIND! Everyone has Genius sleeping within them, this video shows you how to wake it up.

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