Obama Closing Peoples Private Farms Under Shut Down Laws

Vatic Note:  Warning, at the end of the video, the lady uses a swear word so be warned, but I laughted in shock.   She can't be a day under 60 and looks like an amish woman, so it came out as a big surprise when she said it.

I wondered why the PTB wanted to shut down the privately owned farms, and now we know.  It was to do away with the history of our nation.  Since they are privately owned, it could also be part of the land grab.   This farm in this video, was privately owned and depends on the income to operate the farm.

The PTB shut it down even though they receive no  money and no support from the government, so that means they will have no money when they reopen the farm so the agenda was much different for these farms than  for the forest lands.   I said when I saw what was shut down, that the agenda was different then their professed budget cuts.

They also, besides foreclosing on those farms after going broke from the shut down,  and grabbing the prime real estate, they also want to  destroy history of our revolution, our early settlers and way of life and the natural way of living that was so prevalent with the animals they can see that we used to raise as part of life, instead of stressfully traveling down a freeway, we meandered out to feed the pigs.  Big difference.

They want nothing to remind us of how to survive in a famine situation since control is the objective.  Its why we have disease now in our wild life, such as deer and elk, where hunters could feed their families and everyone else, that needed food.  They  intend to cause a famine and do not want us self sufficient to survive it, rather to depend on them for our food AND water. 

They will take our guns, PUT US IN FEMA CAMPS TO BE CHIPPED and then we will be slaves with no resistance.  Well, we are AMERICANS first, and that will be a cold day in heck that we won't resist, we will, on our time frame, not theirs. And we will all know at the same time, which will  be a problem for them.

Obama Closing Peoples Farms Under Shut Down Laws
by  David Vose,  October 6, 2013

Under the guize of the federal government shutdown. Even though these farms are privately funded, Obama is restricting access to the farm and closing while the animals are left without proper care and feeding (VN: and revenue shut off that they depended on to pay the salaries, feed the animals and maintain the property and buildings.)


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