RH Neg - If You Drink Blood and Shapeshift……You Might Be an Alien or an Edomite - Part 3

Vatic Note:  I believe the bad guys are edomites, and what that means, is up to you.  Was Esau an alien (line of edomites)?  Answer that question and you can go home while the rest of us study the response.  Now, the question is, "were they also lizards?"  Do they exist and this article does not believe they do and it attempts to discredit that point.  While its a legit point she makes, she does not do a credible job of supporting it. 
The same question can be asked about greys, Annanaki, which we know were here based on the Sumarian writings and other Egyptian paintings.  Were they lizards??  Who knows, I sure don't and if I did, I would have put the answer up right away as soon as I saw this.  We are finding out more and more about alien beings having at least visited here.  If we study Enoch, we would also know much about them.

But since we have no proof we can only speculate based on evidence available.  That is what we have done.  Personally, Royalty of Europe, khazar bankers, Israeli's, all act more like lizards than they do humans and that goes for historically as well.  But we will leave the final decision up to the reader.

Remember, there are more than one type of alien that has visited here as evidenced by the Sumarian writings and by the Books of Enoch.   So, its not out of the question that something visited here, we just don't know what and certainly no proof it was just lizards. We have proof of the Annanaki and greys,  but nothing firm on the lizards except what I saw with George HW Bush.

She said below that the pages saying that RH negs are all lizards, seem to dominate the search engines.  I suspect that is because Google basically controls the selections and since the powers that be do not want us to know ourselves and who we are and what we can do,  they make sure the image is one of horror and barbarism.  After all they borrowed money from the CIA to start Google in the first place.

What I don't know is whether they knew who they were borrowing from was the CIA.  If they were in on this global domination agenda from the start then  yes, they knew.  If they were not, then probably no, they didn't  and found out later when it was too late.

If You Drink Blood and Shapeshift……You Might Be an Alien 
by Roberta Hill, RH Negative Factor

There is a weird theory going around the internet these days, and I must say this theory is one that doesn’t have a lot of proof to back it up.  For instance, this theory states that RH negatives are the descendents of reptilian aliens and Human hybrids, and that RH- people drink blood, shapeshift and are actively seeking to control the world.  If you are an RH- person, then you might want to see if you fit into this checklist.  (VN: Any kind of a blanket condemnation of a whole class of people is wrong to do. I know humans who are RH positive that practice Satanism, does that mean all RH positives engage in that behavior??? Not by a long shot.)

If you can keep from laughing long enough to do this, then check this list.
1.   Drink blood.  (Does wine that symbolizes Christ blood count? No.)
2.   Shapeshifting (Does dieting, exercising and plastic surgery count?  No.  You need to be able to change your body rapidly.)
3.   Do you seek world domination?  (VN:  Are you a psychopath? No?)
4.   Do you practice human sacrifice? 
If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you might be an alien.  Congratulations!  You might want to beam up to the mothership now.  Please! 

The first time I read this stuff on the internet, I was very perplexed by it all.  I have RH- blood, so I knew that I didn’t do any of the things that these people said about us.  At first, I thought this has to be a joke, but then I discovered that these pages seemed to dominate the search engines for where the RH negative blood originates.  

I realized these people are serious and they really believe this stuff, and yet I could find no proof anywhere of the kind of stuff that they were saying, page after page after page.  (VN: Google is who controls where and what shows up when..... so does that mean the powers that be are attempting to control what we think again?  No, they would not do that, would they? LOL  Ask Utube where Google continually takes down videos that the powers that be do not want out here.  lol  There may also well be bad guy RH negs too. Royalty of Europe ring a bell?  )
Some suggest the Rh-Negative Hybrids came from the DRACO Caverns in the Carpathian Mountains and are mostly red-headed people with green eyes; but some may have black hair and brown eyes.
One of the claims of this theory is that we came from the Carpathian Mountains at somewhere called the Draco caverns.  Upon researching this mountain range I found out that it is located in the eastern part of Europe, which would put it a great distance away from the Basque people of Spain and France.  If this were true wouldn’t the Basque people be living in that area instead of the southwestern part of Europe?  (VN: True, but its right in the path of Khazars moving into eastern europe and no one has done any research that I know about on the khazars and RH neg.  I found that very interesting.)
As you can see from the map above, the Carpathian mountain range goes through the countries of Poland, Ukraine and Romania.  Upon looking at this map, my eyes automatically went to Romania, because I immediately locked on to the inside joke.  

Of course, the famous Vlad Dracula came from Romania, and we all know about the legend of this blood drinking prince.  It is obvious that people that believe the theory that RH- people are reptile hybrids and that they drink blood are the very same people that are going to put our origins in the area where Dracula once lived. (VN: even if true, the only ones with that blood would be the Royalty, since they are the ones that do drink the blood of babies, as does Bush Sr. according to Anton Levay's son who witnessed it when he was 12 and we published a blog with his sworn affidavit on that fact.)

We know that a majority of the RH- people actually came out of France and Spain in the Basque region and not the Carpathian mountains; so of course, this has been totally made up by a group of people that wish to demonize the RH negative people. (VN: now that is a leap of assumption and conclusion based on a faulty premise.  She does not mention or account for the Khazars, nor does she question,,,,, "how did the basque reach that region of Europe?" Like everyone else, they had to have migrated and since DNA of the Irish and the Basque is similar, then its proof the Basque have a history of migration.)

Why would people want to make RH negative people look demonic?  What is the real reason behind the reptilian agenda?

Let’s take a look at the person that is responsible for the reptilian theory.  His name is David Icke, and he believes that there is a reptilian race controlling everything that happens here.  Upon researching his reptilian theory, I have not yet found anything where he says that RH negative people are reptilian hybrids, but his followers are saying this on his forums.  (VN: if they are reptilians, its only the royalty, and not the average RH neg. Royals are copper based blood, and the rest of us Iron based.)

I agree with David Icke that the sons of God (demons, fallen angels, aliens) are on the Earth at this time and that they possess certain people in power, but I draw the line at people who say that RH negative blood types are the only kinds of people that can be possessed by a demon.  (VN: more importantly, the Bible says there were two creations and its only on the second one that God breathed spirit into man.  I believe the bad guys are the first batch with no souls, thus no creativity and massive control issues, because of it.  The reg RH negs are the second ones that God breathed a soul into to correct an error that had resulted in psychopaths existing in the first batch)

Our souls control our bodies and all souls have their own wills and our power is in our choices.  No spiritual beings or physical beings can force us to serve evil forces without our approval.  We can either choose God’s way or Satan’s way and genetics or blood types have little to do with what we will choose.

If the sons of God were more of a reptile species, then why wouldn’t Neanderthals look more like a reptile than a human?  It seems to me that the sons of God would have to be more of a humanoid species in order to be compatible for our two species to mate.  (VN: There is absolutely no connection between Neanderthal's DNA and the RH negs DNA.  No Neanderthal has been discovered with the RH Neg gene)

The Neanderthals did not look reptilian in any way and there skeletons show that they were a humanoid species.  (VN: its already been proven that Neanderthals have nothing to do with it.  There is no RH neg in Neanderthals)

Let’s look at their list which they say proves that RH negatives are reptilian hybrids.
Strange Facts Concerning Rh-Negatives
  • Rh-Negatives are not only rare, but the Rh-Negative Factor is considered a mutation of unknown origin which took place in Europe approximately 25,000-35,000 years ago. This unusual group of people then spread heavily into the area of what is now Spain, England, Ireland, etc.  (True) (VN: he forgot "France", southern, they are part of the same Basque of No Spain.)
  • Rh-negative women with a Rh-positive partners are at RISK of spontaneous miscarriage and other fetus REJECTION events. (True)
  • An Rh-negative woman with an Rh-negative partner has even a smaller chance of having a Baby born alive! In animals this is a problem with HYBRIDS!  (False.  Two RH negatives have no problems having a baby.)
  • Rh-negative women and men display Reptilian Traits:
    • An EXTRA-Vertebra (a "Tail Bone"). Some are born with an actual tail (called a "Cauda"). In Sanskrit, Ketuu = The south Lunar Node, also known as Cauda/Draconis, in latin, "dragon's tail" in English.  (Any race can have this birth defect.)  (VN: yes, but we are not discussing race here, we are discussing RH neg blood which shows up in all races to some lesser or greater degree)
    • Lower than normal Body Temperature   (The average body temperature for all humans varies throughout the day.)(NV: yes, but that does not have anything to do with the "AVERAGES" between RH neg and RH pos.   The RH neg "ave" is 96, consistantly, and RH pos "ave" is 98, also consistantly.)
    • Lower than normal Blood Pressure
    • Higher mental analytical abilities
    • Higher Negative-ion shielding (from positive "charged" virus/bacteria) around the body
    • High Sensitivity to EM and ELF Fields
    • Hyper Vision and other senses
  • Most Alien Abductees are Rh-Negatives. Are the gods/aliens monitoring the growth and activities of their hybrid creations?
There is also the claim that people who are RH- are more apt to be born with an extra vertebra or tail bone, and some people are actually born with a tail.  Upon researching this topic, I found that this is actually a rare occurrence, and only 23 cases of a vestigial tail have been reported.
In rare cases congenital defect results in a short tail-like structure being present at birth. Twenty-three cases of human babies born with such a structure have been reported in the medical literature since 1884.[7][8]   
(VN: I do not trust Wikipedia, since they are now controlled by Rothschilds Israel)
   (VN: These first 2 photos are photo shopped and you can see it on the right cheek and lower right arm in the second photo, and in the first photo they missed the mark, it doesn't even fit in the right place. And the baby with a tail is even worse. These are clearly frauds.  Weird, who would do this?  More importantly,  why????) 

I have found two incidences of a child from India and a Cambodian child that have a tail, which proves that there are people born with this birth defect in Asia.  Since only 1% of Asians have RH- blood, this is proof that this birth defect affects other people worldwide and is not just in Caucasians’, as some people have suggested.

Actually though, all Humans have a tail in the womb during their development which eventually disappears, so this seems to be a genetic trait in our embryonic stage of growth.  (VN: The question is "why" does the fetus show such a trait during development?  It shouldn't if there is no previous history of one in the family line)                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                 6 weeks                                                                                                                     
In the above picture a rudimentary heart has already formed, as well as an early eye. The tail will disappear within a few weeks, but a few small taillike shrunken vertebrae stay behind permanently.
Every human being has a tailbone under their Pelvis.
I know that whoever made up this list was trying to link Humans and reptiles, since reptiles have a tail, but all Humans develop a tail in the womb.  When we're developing in the womb we go through stages that makes us look like a reptile or even an alien, but it doesn’t mean that we are.   (VN: true, but that feature had to come down the genetic line from somewhere, so where?  Evolution?  I don't think so, since that has been pretty much pooh poohed where RH neg is concerned, since RH neg is found "NO WHERE"  in nature on this planet, except in humans. With evolution you have to have it show up elsewhere if its just a mutation.)

Another point that they have to prove that we are hybrids is that they say that two RH negative people can’t have a baby.  This is not true, because it is a mother with RH negative and a father with RH positive that causes miscarriages.  If both parents are RH negative, then the mother doesn’t need to have a rhoGAM shot and there is no danger to the child, because the mother and the child will both have the same blood type of RH negative. (VN: if the father is RH positive, and mother fully RH neg, then the father could have one RH neg gene that is recessive.  If that gene dominates in the process of becoming pregnant, then the mother could well NOT have a problem)

However the fact that the two different RH types have trouble mating could denote that there are two different species trying to procreate, but the fact that two RH negatives have no problems with having a baby means they can’t be hybrids.

The list says that we have a lower temperature than other people, but fails to explain that all people’s temperatures fluctuate normally throughout the day.  Apparently the person that made up this list had never researched anything that they were putting on their list, but they were just trying to make us look cold blooded like a reptile by trying to say we had a lower temperature than most Humans. (VN: what they are saying is that the Positives have a temp average of 98.6, while the full neg has one of 96, which is a significant difference for an average.  Its just one element, but its common to only the RH negs).

Unfortunately, this person was too ignorant to know the difference between warm blooded mammals and cold blooded reptiles.  A Human’s temperature stays around the same narrow range at a constant temperature, whereas a reptile’s temperature takes on the temperature of their surroundings.  In other words, when it is hot, a reptile’s temperature is warm and when it is cold, then their temperature is cold.

Here is some information about the Human temperature range.
Body temperature normally fluctuates over the day, with the lowest levels around 4 a.m. and the highest in the late afternoon, between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.[1][3] (assuming the person sleeps at night and stays awake during the day). Therefore, an oral temperature of 37.2 °C (99.0 °F) would, strictly speaking, be normal in the afternoon but not in the morning. An individual's body temperature typically changes by about 0.5 °C (0.9 °F) between its highest and lowest points each day.[1]  
(VN: True but the range is still higher when you average it and a good 2 degrees difference.  It still doesn't prove anything, its just  another element of difference between the two).
I I believe this theory has no proof to back it up, but every person has the right to believe whatever they want, no matter how foolish it might be.  I believe that we should research everything that we are not sure about, because this is the only way that we can find the answers to our questions.  If in doubt, check it out, and you will know the truth.  (VN: true, but look at the chart yourself.  Never does it reach to the 96.0 level of most RH negs. )

The next chapter will be covering the theory of a new genetic line that emerged out of Europe.
Not my ancestor(VN:  probably not, but could be!)

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