RH Negs - The Cavemen and the Newbies - Part 2

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Vatic  Note:  This is very credible indeed. In reading this and watching the video at the end, I was thrown back to a time when I pondered about the khazars and if they were descendants of Cain or Esau.   I am now convinced, since some  of them have the RH neg factor (British royal family of German dessent) and yet do not have the same traits that we know about.  They have to conjure up things through secret rituals in order to have power, yet many RH negs, do not need such rituals to do so.

Then I realized, this has to be a lot more complicated than I had originally thought.  Were there a different group of watchers at different times that mated with daughters of man?  If so, did they come  from different places?  If aliens, were there different species of aliens?  Is that why the huge gap between them in good and evil?  

I keep thinking of Jesus who is AB negative based on the Turin that covered him.  Yet he was completely different than the pharisees who were RH neg as well.  Was he from Adam?   Were the pharisees from Cain?  Is that why they killed Jesus?  Why do they hate Christians so much and why do they follow and track good RH negs? Is that why Jesus called the pharisees the sons of Satan?  Lots of Questions with no answers.  

We have done some blogs also proving RH neg was not a mutation or a result of Neanderthals.... so this just continues our support of the fact that RH may not be from this planet.   Her and I definitely disagree about Neanderthal since the genetic evidence proves no Neanderthal DNA anywhere in the human line of RH negs. and proof of RH positive in the Neanderthal line.   We did blogs on this subject a while back. 

RH Neg - The Cavemen and the Newbies
by Roberta Hill, RH Negative Factor 
Now, instead of bringing this proof from the Bible or the Book of Enoch, let’s look at where the physical proof leads us.  If Cain married a fallen angel, then the hybrids started from him and his descendants.  Do we have any proof that there was another species living during the time of the early humans?  

Of course we do, and many archeologists have found their bones all around the Middle East and Europe.  This species is called the Neanderthal people.  Many Christian’s don’t want to learn about these people for fear that this goes against the Bible’s scriptures, however these people fit perfectly into the stories in the Bible.  

Evolutionist have tried to use this species to provide proof of their theories that the Neanderthals evolved from the apes and we came from the Neanderthals, but the new DNA proof goes against that theory.  

What does the science of genetics tell us about the Neanderthal?  Basically the science does confirm that we modern humans aren’t related to the Neanderthal people.  These studies also suggest that there wasn’t much interbreeding of our two species if any at all, because there is no genetic proof in our DNA.  

Remember God brought forth the flood to try to destroy the hybrids, and then he taught the Jews to not mix with this other race of people.  Eventually, we know that the Neanderthal species did completely die out, and we became the dominant species. 

Here are some articles that tell about the research being done on the Neanderthals DNA and about how their DNA compares to our own DNA.
Neandertal DNA
July 29, 1997
by Mark Rose

Despite this evidence for cultural exchange, a study of temporal bones from Arcy-sur-Cure and other sites indicates significant differences between Neandertals and modern humans, suggesting interbreeding did not occur (see "Neandertal News," ARCHAEOLOGY, September/October 1996). 

If Neandertals made a significant genetic contribution to modern humans, similarities should exist between DNA of Neandertals and that of people from Europe, where the Neandertals persisted the longest. Pääbo and his colleagues compared the Neandertal DNA to that from five modern populations, but it proved no closer to DNA from modern Europeans than to that from four other groups. 

While this does not rule out the possibility of Neandertal and modern human mixing, it suggests that the Neandertal genetic contribution to modern gene pools, if any, was small.

Neanderthals Didn't Mate With Modern Humans, Study Says
The study shows that "at least for the maternal lineage, there are no traceable genetic markers that suggest admixture of Neanderthals and modern humans," he said.”

Eventually, we do know that the Neanderthals became extinct, and that God’s race prevailed.  Here is what we are not sure of at this point in time.  Even if the Neanderthals did not contribute to Human’s modern day DNA, we still don’t know if there could have been some sporadic mating going on between the two species.  

The Neanderthals have been proven to be genetically different from Humans, but some interbreeding could have occurred.  This may mean that there could have been another species that lived back then, and they would have been a Human/ Neanderthal hybrid.  They would have been from the line of Adam and Eve and Cain.  This is a real possibility.  
1)   Neanderthals (angels/human species)    Satan’s creation.  Died out.
2)   Humans (Adam & Eve)                          God’s creation.
3)   Human/ Neanderthal hybrid                   50/50

Apparently 85% of Humans have the blood type RH positive, which we know test positive for the Rhesus monkey protein on their red blood cells, and 15% of Humans do not have this protein and are labeled as RH negative.  Out of the 85% are people who carry the genetics for RH negative and they carry in their DNA RH negative recessive genes.

Many people have theorized that people with RH- blood types are descendants of the Neanderthal people, but the study of the Neanderthal’s Genome has proven that modern man did not mix with them enough to even contribute to our genes.  They also compared their DNA to many Europeans, since the Neanderthal occupied the area that is now known as Europe.  

The theory was that they might find more of a connection between Europeans and the Neanderthal, than any other Human group, but the test proved that there was no more of a genetic connection to modern Europeans than any other Human races around the world. 

The conclusion is that RH- people are not descendants of the Neanderthal, and this is not where we get this rare blood type.  This new research also completely disproves that we have evolved from the Neanderthal, so evolutionist will probably have a problem with the results of this study.

Let’s take a look at the habitat of the Neanderthal people.
Here are the areas that Neanderthal skeletons have been found, and notice that the Middle East was a hot zone.  Is it any wonder why our Bible talks about the hybrid giants that occupied some of Israel?  We see that these books in the Bible were not making this stuff up, and these ancient people were dealing with another species that was different than they were and it was scary to them.  Archeologist and geneticist have proven that all of these stories are true and these stories can no longer be considered as mere myths.

Although, the skeletons of the Neanderthal show some differences between modern Humans, they are not what we would expect from the descriptions in our Bible.  The Neanderthal weren’t physically taller, but they were more stocky and muscular, however some bones have been found that were noticeably taller than us.  

I have not heard of any DNA extractions from the giant bones that have been found, so we don’t yet know if these giant bones were from the Neanderthal species, but I would expect that they would be.  Although, until proof can be given either way, this is merely conjecture on my part, but I am hopeful that more genetic test will reveal the truth.

Here is a photo of a giant humanoid bone that has been found in Turkey.                                                                                              
With the evidence that we do have, however, we can ultimately conclude that there was indeed a species of considerable difference to the Homo sapiens.  I have seen pictures of body builders with their muscles bulging, and it is enough to make you wonder, how the Homo sapiens would have reacted to a more muscular humanoid.  If you were surrounded by a group of body builders, and you weren’t muscular, then how would you feel?  I would feel out of place and small.

All of the evidence, so far, still doesn’t rule out the possibility of Neanderthal giants, but more tests do need to be carried out on any giant humanoid bones.  Of course, even with us modern day Homo sapiens, giants do exist in our species, so perhaps this was occurring with the Neanderthals also.  Some people like to surmise that the giants of our species come from the hybrid giants in the Bible, but of course there is no proof of that at all.

The next chapter covers a widely popular theory on the internet, but I must confess it is a crazy theory that has absolutely no proof to back it up.  However, I am still covering this theory none the less, because if anything I can shed some light on this subject and uncover the real truth.
Cain’s race and Adam & Eve’s Race

Now, just for a final touch to make the point, please watch this video all the way through and listen to this man, Phil Schneider, who was killed in a brutal manner for his disclosures about aliens. 


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