Ted L Gunderson Ex FBI Whistleblower Poisoned?

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Vatic Note:   Wow, this was very good video.... how did I miss this one?  I did not even know that Ted was dead.  He was a true patriot and was a credit to the FBI of the old days before the evil ones had finalized their coup completion under Bush Jr, and Obama. We have lost Many hero's from that organization and its been ever since Homeland Security, run by the ADL and SPLC, has been in control of the FBI, for Mossad here in America.   We lost the FBI's senior investigator, O'Neil who discovered Mossads role in the bombing of the USS Cole.  When his bosses told him to drop it, he quit.  Then Silverstein sought him out and offered him a job as security at the Twin towers.

Naturally, he was found dead, on 9-12, located in the twin towers debri. He was reported missing three days before 9-11 by his family and he magically turns up dead on 9-12 in the debri.  Ironically, his injuries were not consistant with that of a bombing victim of any kind.  That is for another discussion.  I bring it up only to show just how many men of integrity we have lost and who has killed them and why the remaining men working for the FBI don't dare do anything to thwart Mossad and MI6.  Now finally, Ted Gunderson who exposed more as a Whistleblower than anyone.  I am very sorry to see him also gone.

This smells like a Hillary hit since she is going to run for President herself and Ted was brutal to her during her previous run, so I am sure she did not want to deal with him again on her next run in 2016.   Now watch the MSM and if they start ragging on Obama, you will know the Zionists have decided to switch puppets.  I figured this out..... its the zionists in tandem with the Commies/nazi's and most are khazars no less than the zionists.   Its interesting to watch them juggle around trying to see who will come out on top.  Rockefeller (nazi khazar)   vs.  Rothschild (Zionist Khazar).   Their day for justice will be horrific for them. I have no doubt about that.

Ted L Gunderson Ex FBI Whistleblower Poisoned?
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Former head of FBI Los Angeles, Memphis, Dallas, poisoned with Arsenic says Dr Ed Lucidi who saw the body and treated Mr Gunderson who suffered bladder cancer and died as a result of its spread. Reportedly Mr Gunderson had a very large FBI dossier being a whistleblower against the agency and left out of moral considerations. He spoke to many around the country about his first hand information..

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