Witnesses Say 'Benghazi Murders Aided and Abetted by State Dept and DOD

***We are still in the the midst of this spiritual battle....so thank you for helping to keep us in the fray and this is Just a quick note to thank every single one of you who made our deficit this month.  We could not have done this without all of you.  Bless you all for your caring about truth, your country and your fellow Americans and your fellow Global citizens. We love you all.  We WILL prevail. 

Vatic Note:  Boy, we said something along those lines when it happened.  I will try to find the blogs where we discussed, either they were set up by SOS and DOD,* or it was all a production and the Ambassador is still alive.  I wonder if that is why SOS Kerry (Kohen) won't let the survivors testify before congress.  Notice as well, the testimony before congress of Hillary Clinton and how non descript it was and non informative.  It appears they are carrying on the same policies from Kohen to Clinton.*(The doctor who disclosed this has been murdered after giving an interview with Alex Jones on this and other crimes committed by the khazar international mafia, even Jones was shocked.  The doctor was Jewish as well, that is how you can tell it was Khazars who are the true culprits in all this using the innocent Jewish people as a front and the innocent Muslims as the enemy to justify killing millions of them so far, we are being used to commit horrific and deadly crimes against humanity so the khazars won't have to pay the price, our leaders will and that suits the khazars just fine.)

Notice it was an MSM CBS program that disclosed this below and thus shines the light on the players in the White House who are managed, controlled and orchestrated by the Zionist Khazars.  Obama works for the Zionists and Biden for the Bush Nazi' khazars.  If they can get rid of Obama,  then Biden becomes President and that means these false flags will be a lot more professionally done and harder to spot and expose.  That is why I almost hope the Zionists prevail since they have been so bad at hiding what they are doing.  It has made our job a lot easier.  

OK, having said all that, its important to ask ourselves,  "What did this program disclose that we were unsure of and can we trust it??"   Al Qaeda is introduced as an enemy when in fact they are funded and run by the CIA, mossad and MI6.  Then we find out earlier that the compound was a CIA safe house and NOT AN  EMBASSY BUILDING or a diplomatic compound as they kept calling it.  So, this all happens on a CIA compound, with CIA paid Al Qaeda, and the results are the death of the ambassador.   So why was the ambassador targeted for murder by Hitlary and the CIA??  He was resisting feeding weapons and personnel through Libya to the CIA, Mossad paid syrian bogus rebels to overthrow syria.  He had to go. 

This program below, basically supports Clintons version of the events that happened.  So is this to re-establish her credibility?   Second, go back and watch that first interview security guard and remember he wanted anonymity to protect himself, and then they gave away information on him that would easily have identified who the security guard was, and then they put his face up.  HUH?  What kind of protection is that?  Bogus, thats what.   They are into subtle mass population manipulation psychologically to get the results they want and need. If they can get the sheep to blame Al Qaeda, then they can pull off their "Christian" vs  "Muslm"  3rd world war. 

We need to get serious about finding the truth no matter where it leads.  If you have bought into the Muslim fantasy and want to bomb them, then you are contributing to our death as a nation.  So why are they doing this other than for the obvious.  Its either they want Hitlary for President,  so this was to re-establish her credibility, use Kohen to take the heat, and then run her for President in 2016.  Or it was to discredit the Zionists so the nazi's could take over the White House through Biden.  If anyone has any other scenarios that match the facts and makes sense, please share.  We are always open to any ideas, one may have.  THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO BE CLOSED MINDED.  THESE PSYCHOS ARE BRILLIANT AND KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO MANIPULATE US.

Witnesses Say 'Benghazi Murders Aided and Abetted by State Dept and DOD
by James of 12160, formerly Snardfarkers

"'60 Minutes' Benghazi Report Blames White House - 10/27/2013 


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