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***ALERT UPDATE - 10/30 - TYPHOON DISAPPEARS OFF JAPAN!! Was it the underground Teslar group that caused the disappearance after promising to fight those creating the typhoons? Read this and see.

by Senior Editor, Gordon Duff
Majestic Super Typhoon LEKIMA. SW-IR satellite image recorded at 14:30UTC on October 24, 2013.

Temperature of the patch located to the right of the typhoon’s eye measures about 150ºK (< minus 123ºC) making it the coldest place on or near planet Earth. Image sourced from: CIMSS/SSEC/WISC.
Mysterious Energy Pulse Threatens Typhoon “Business”  This week, one typhoon and one tropical storm simply vanished while heading toward Japan.  They were abruptly turned northward, sparing Japan and then simply vanished.
The MSM has responded with a news blackout.  There are no explanations.


Days before, the events were predicted in an article on Veterans Today, citing plans by a defense group to use a Tesla based energy system to disrupt the storms.
The website announced in advance when they were beginning operations and reported results as things transpired.
As to whether they were successful or that the two storms mysteriously disappeared, a freak of nature, will never be proven.
The group announced they are willing and able to cause another mysterious freak of nature when needed.
Vatic Note:  Well, lets hope these are good guys who were able to succeed in stopping this and will continue and lets hope and pray that Mossad with all their spies all over the place, does not find them and do away with them, as they have others in the past. 

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Anonymous said...

When I saw this article first on VT, I copied the link and sent it to a buddy in Tokyo. He confirmed that the events occurred as told, except that they went South, not North: "はい、台風は予想していたより南側を進んで、東京はほとんど被害がありませんでした。今日は、とても寒く、秋が深まっています!"

After Gordon Duff's submarine story, how the Zios were about to sink a ship off Japan, or blow up Tokyo with sunken nukes taken out of Bremen, using Subic as a refueling stop etc. etc. I double check everything that he writes. This one passes the smell test.

American Action Report said...

It's a good idea to fact check. Most typhoons head my way, and I commonly check the course and strength of typhoons on a site called Weather Underground. The history of Super Typhoon Lekima is unusual, but I see no reason to link it to man-made activities. It formed in the area of Micronesia, quickly became a super typhoon and soon downgraded to a category 1 typhoon. At this writing, it's still going strong, somewhere in the area of the Bonin Islands. It's no longer being reported probably because it's no longer a major storm and no longer appears to be a threat to a thickly populated area.

Vatic Master said...

AAR, now you know that I just love you dearly and respect you immensely for your brilliant mind. Having said all that, did you read the original article and view the evidence provided before reading this follow update? If you did, you would have seen the fact checking that was done by a very credible and historically accurate blogger, Dutchsinse. He even got kicked off utube for his work on the Fukishima bogus radiation lies. Go read and view the original article on this and let me know what you think?