How Brain Training Can Make you Smarter

*** They gutted this one completely.  I had to go back to history to find it and reput it up, so you know..... not only pay attention to this one,  USE IT to expand the brain since that seems to make them afraid more than our guns. 

Vatic Note:  If someone is smart, and psychopathic, then it will cost you down the road to have that sociopath in your life in some key position.  If the corporation is full of sociopaths then the psycho should rise easily up the corporate ladder. The brain training is for us who have no sociopathic predilections.  This explains how the brain has an innate neuroplasticity, which is an ability for the brain to grow and respond to new challanges.  In other words, you can change your brain just like you can change your DNA.

What I want to know is can you make your heart brain grow as well? I suspect the answer is yes.  Anyway, you can grow your brain as much as 20%.  Now that surprised me.   But what about effectiveness?  Growth does not necessarily mean smarter.  Having said all that, I wish to remind you that using these programs may not be the smartest way to work your brain.   First of all Stanford is an illuminati school or they would not have hired Rumsfeld.

The Tavistock group had contracted with Stanford, sometime ago, to study the brain, psychological manipulation and mass psychology for manipulating entire populations.  We did a blog on that probably as far back as 2010.  The way this luminosity appears to work is that these institutions are involved in the program of each sign up.  If that is the case, then is it possible they are doing something to us that we know nothing about? At best they are using us for their own purposes in brain studies.

Given the goal of the PTB to devolve us into unquestioning slaves, its prudent for us to be very careful when it comes to trusting such a program/group.   I would first check out Luminosity to see if there are any connections to the powers that be before trusting them with my brain.  But you read, research and decide for yourselves. I always get suspicious when the fee is small or non existant.  I will check as well and report my findings later.

How Brain Training Can Make you Smarter
Your brain isn’t a muscle, but you can treat it like one

Many people focus on physical fitness, but few know that brain fitness is also something you can work on. In fact, you can exercise your brain as often as you would your arms or abs--and the results can be positive and empowering.

It’s helpful to think of your brain as you would a muscle. To improve your brain, you can’t simply repeat the same exercises over and over. Just as lifting a two pound weight will cease to challenge you, so will repetitive exercises such as crosswords or Sudoku.

Once you master easy exercises, you must move on to harder ones in order to push your brain—like your muscles—to a new level.
This is based on your brain’s innate neuroplasticity, or its ability to grow and change in response to new challenges. In other words, the right types of stimulating exercises can physically change your brain.

The science behind brain training

Scientists once believed that your mental abilities were fixed in adulthood. Now that studies on neuroplasticity have shown just the opposite, millions of people around the world have adopted the new practice of brain training.

The most popular of these brain training products is made by the San Francisco-based Lumosity, which employs a team of in-house neuroscientists with degrees from Stanford and UC Berkeley.

Realizing that brains need more sophisticated programs and guidance to grow and change, Lumosity’s scientists work with an experienced team of game designers. Together they’ve developed a fun, effective online brain training program that measure, tracks, and adapts to your progress so you’ll always be challenged.

Lumosity's training algorithm and 40+ games are based on well-studied tests used in clinical neuropsychology research.

Promising studies on the effects of brain training

In a 2013 Stanford study, a treatment group of 21 breast cancer survivors used 12 weeks of Lumosity training to work on processing speed, mental flexibility, and working memory tasks. On average, those who trained improved on tests of these abilities, compared to a group that did not train with Lumosity.

There is even some preliminary evidence suggesting that Lumosity may be beneficial to normal, healthy adults. In a 2011 study by Lumosity and San Francisco State University researchers, 13 people who did Lumosity training over 5 weeks improved on tests of brain performance compared to a group that did not train. On average, those who trained improved working memory scores by 10% and attention scores by 20%.

Brain training is designed to address real-life needs

The goal of brain training is not to improve game scores: it’s to improve the raunderlying core abilities that those games rely on. Neuroscientists like those at Lumosity design brain games meant to translate into real-life benefits; with continued testing and research, the body of evidence behind brain training continues to grow.

Better attention, for example, can mean greater focus in the classroom or at an important business meeting. With improved processing speed, you might react and adapt faster to the demands of a busy life. And a better memory could mean stronger, longer relationships with the people closest to you.

Brain training is an investment

Training can take just a few minutes a day, but the rewards can make a difference in many aspects of life.

Lumosity is one of the first and most popular brain training programs in existence. There’s a small fee to use the full product, or new users can start a free trial.

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