UPDATE: Huge Ring Appears Over Australia, is HAARP involved?

UPDATE:     I have since found a video showing just such a ring over somewhere in Russia.  It appears to have the same shape etc as those that showed on the radar the year before.  This is not a radar image, this is what people on the ground saw and filmed.   The commentator on this is speculating based on something  not even close to what was over Moscow.  The similarity is greater to what is showing on the radar in Australia.  But check it out, you decide.... the second interesting thing that happened  was this was the first time we had real live trolls visit the blog,  So I just want to say we are flattered and to welcome you.  lol   Enjoy your stay.   I want to assure them there is not a concensus yet on whether HAARP was involved or not, so they can relax and feel  no pressure to show up again over this.  lol  I put this up only for the beginning part,  the author of the video goes into speculation as to what caused it but to me they do not look the same.   You watch and decide.  Thanks


Vatic Note: I get updates on this flooding from our very many great viewers from Australia. I can confirm many of them believe this is a HAARP event and are very upset at their government for not stopping it. In fact remember their prime minister recently elected gave the Masonic Handshake when taking over office from the previous prime minister so they are part of the cabal internationally with no loyalty to their nation. The Australian people, according to our readers are as sheeple as Americans are. Maybe even worse, if that is possible. Remember, they gave no resistance when their guns were taken from them. That is still up for us to find out how our sheep will respond, but that is for another discussion. Please look at these maps and see his very excellent point on the source and reason. The next question is "Why Australia for this"? Why not somewhere else? Is it because its an island and people cannot get away from it? Are they trying to see how they can adjust with no mobility and how many will become ill, die, or drown? What is the reason....???? Any ideas are welcome.  I ENCOURAGE ALL AUSTRALIANS TO READ OUR "PEOPLE-TO-PEOPLE"  INITIATIVE, ALONG WITH MISSION AND STRATEGIES and help us form a UNITED FRONT GLOBALLY AGAINST  THE ZIONIST INTERNATIONAL BANKERS RUNNING OUR COUNTRIES AND USING OUR WEAPONS AGAINST US AND EACH OTHER. We must unite as people to fight against them in our home countries using non compliance, resistance, and since you are unarmed, then non cooperation no matter what they try to do to you. 

Huge Ring Appears Over Australia, is HAARP involved?
Posted on Pakalert on January 14, 2011, by colin andrews

After receiving an urgent e-mail from a contact in Australia informing me of bizarre weather on the weather satellite imagery, I checked out the data and just hours later more strangeness. I am waiting to hear from the Australian Government’s weather bureau for their own explanation.

“There is very strange weather happening here – please check”

Written at 2230 Hrs (US Eastern) 15th January 2011.

A contact in Australia just alerted me to what he describes as “very strange weather taking place over the south west of Australia”. He told me to go to the national weather satellite images if I could not open the images he attached (See left). By the time I had discovered the e-mail and checked, the large clearly defined ring had mostly dissipated but still was just visible on a time loop which was spiraling counter clockwise (Low Pressure system).

The images above is what my contact sent which shows a wide band ring covering many hundreds of miles across the south west of Australia with a small dot (presumably cloud) shown just right of center.

I saved the loop of the area when I checked the site several hours later but unfortunately it was encrypted not to permit this. The loop is not now on the site but the satellite image taken at 16:30 UTC is also very interesting.

It shows a very large rotating over the western Australia where the mysterious large ring appeared from which a small but brief condense trail formed off the coastline and from the center what had been the huge ring a series of what appears to be three mini spiraling arms are seen moving out of the area, moving north east. This is one of those rare occasions when I could buy weather experimentation effects or other experiments being performed by HAARP are being observed. It is hoped to receive an explanation from the Australian Government Weather Bureau for these series of strange effects.

Posted at 4.15 pm US Eastern. January 16, 2010. Colin Andrews

VN: See these below and realize the rain is definitely affected by these anomolies, check out the yellow arrows and see for yourself.


Only remains of the huge ring now moving away north east, are several small spiraling arms. Satellite Image by Australian Government.
Other similar circles and rings seen on radar http://www.colinandrews.net/OtherCircles.html

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


MaidenPEI said...

Ummm...the date beside the picture says 2010.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has anyone else wondered if this is revenge for Wikileaks? After all doesn't Julian Assange hail from Queensland?

Vatic said...

It could be or maybe if he had done anything they didn't like, but alas, he vetted all his release through the evil ones before release so they had to approve of them before going out. No, I think its a controlled experiment setting up a starvation situation on an island where masses of people cannot get away from the horrors.

Its kind of like a global katrina in a way. Will they go to camps??? Will they succumb to authority, will they be controllable, will they riot, will they storm the government, what will they do???? Its like that.

Vatic said...

Date is suppose to be 2011, sorry about that but some people have problems at the beginning of the year in remembering to put in the new year. It was definitely written and posted in 2011. I also find sometimes someone is editing my stuff while I am also trying to edit and that could well have happened. Its happened before. They even mess with my videos and if I don't watch it vigilantly they get away with it before I can catch it and change it back.

This is one of those cases. They do it to try and discredit us and it must be because our readership is expanding exponentially and I suspect they do not like what we post up here.

They do this in their own country as well as here.

Anonymous said...

We had exactly the same configuration in exactly the same position this time last year circa dec. -jan.
What have they got going in that part of the NULLARBOR? .Last year we were besieged by extremely hot weather and that circle was there too before the photo was taken down .
Also we had birds dropping out of the sky round Esperance way I'm not sure of the precise time .
Also on two different occasions the Moon had a ring like effect round it .
What would have caused that?
It was like that for many many hours on both occasions

Vatic said...

Anonymous, what is NULLARBOR? And what do you think they have going on there? I suspect what happened with you with respect to the drought was exactly what is also going on now. How did it affect you and the population? That means its an experiment that they can track the results and use the information when they go planet wide.



Link to post regarding similar event last year over Australia.

Anonymous said...
warriorsbond from youtube.com

Anonymous said...

The date seems to correspond to the last year picture posted under the link http://www.colinandrews.net/OtherCircles.html. The above picture with the circle is identical to the one posted last year.

Anonymous said...

The Nullabor Plain stretches across much of Southern Australia, from South Australia (the state) to the West Australian State.

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, i am always suspicious of anything 'exposing' HAARPIE. My understanding is, that failure was sold by the American manipulators to the British a few years back. Must be because of its functionality, right?

Anyways, instead of conjecturing on possible hoaxes to keep the Sheeple on the edge, a sadistic and satanic specialty of the self-Chosen parasites and their minions, why don't you all contact someone in Russia, even, China, within the military, intelligence, or at least government, and inquire on their opinion not about these 'sightings' we cannot, repeat, CANNOT corroborate personally, but ask them what are the possibilities HAARPIE ('haarpy') is of ANY threat to their countries, or is it simply a scareamonga tool for ignorant sheeple.

Then we take if from there. Honestly, if it was THAT powerful -imagine the energy required to manipulate world weather by a simple antenna array in Alaska, and absolutely vulnerable to attack by enemy missiles- wouldn't the Russians and Chinese be on the edge also, and blasting off all over the internet, never mind at the United Nations forum? They don't even bother to utter a word.

Anonymous said...

google radar ring australia, you'll see that this is REALLY OLD NEWS

Anonymous said...

The halo ring around the sun or moon is caused by ethylene dibromide which is in the chemtrails as another obnoxious poison to go with the rest!

Anonymous said...

i have also seen these patterns on the Australian weather bureau radar map.
i first noticed them approximately 2 years ago when i was viewing the 'national' radar.
sometimes they look like you have shown above and at other times they can be circles (doughnut shape) of radiating straight lines and also radiating curved lines.
there was a small article in The Age newspaper website last year that briefly discussed these anomalies. the bureau had apparently received questions pertaining to these patterns.
the explanation given at the time was that the patterns were the result of natural interference and that the cause of this interference was being investigated.
what i have noticed is that the ring patterns are occurring less than they were a year or two ago.
the patterns that occur more regularly now are straight lines that radiate from a central point with anything between one and five lines (sometimes more).
the most popular locations for the patterns to appear are Kalgoorlie (shown above), Albany and Esperance (same area, south on the coast), Port Hedland and Broome, Melbourne (straight line patterns can be seen most days recently when viewing the 'national' radar), Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. FYI, the Nullarbor is a plain or area in south oz near The Great Australian Bight.
is there a connection between the patterns and the floods that are occurring in many states?
the state of victoria has gone from one extreme to another in two years.
black saturday bushfires in 2009 where rainfall was very infrequent and had been for many years to floods now. and this new weather pattern of frequent rain and storms has been occurring in victoria for over a year, no matter whether we are in summer, autumn, winter or spring.
Port Hedland, Esperance and Melbourne have single radiating lines as a i write this.

Anonymous said...

This ring anomaly was 2010 and early in the year, the Weather Authority did comment on the image/s and that it was not uncommon for data collected from these weather maps to show up errant things.

I would be more worried about the diminishing Pole strength and its wandering great distances and its effect on weather patterns more so than some radionic heater weapon.

Anonymous said...

This is almost certainly a simple radar station or data processing artefact. I've seen SIMILAR on multiple radar images at various sites from time to time. They can occur at any time and usually disappear within the next 1 or 2 "sweeps" (often about 20 minutes apart).


(note: I tried to sign in multiple times, and system kept refusing to honor legitimate sign-ins via alternates (e.g. wordpress, etc))

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like a repeat performance, same place, different times. The way the HAARP system works is that the signal strength is based on the large antenna array. Smaller towers, (originally called Omega, and here in the States, GWEN,) are digitally time-synchronous and 'localizable,' between other points on a phased 3D array. Each serves to emit a different set of waves, which can be combined (additive) and phase-inverted (subtractive) which means certain frequencies can be generated at pin-pointed locations by reductive math.

Why do we occasionally see these round dots? Why in particular were they spotted above Pine Gap and Pine Ridge, here in the Northern US?

Obviously, we can see in hindsight WHY they had to kill Australian whistleblower, Vialis.

Vatic said...

Give us, anonymous, what you think is then causing these anomolies??? IF natural, then why in the past two years....?? What has changed in nature that could explain such a phenomena??? We are certainly open to any reasonable explanation, but also include why it only happens over just those areas and not others on other days or weeks or months or seasons????

Thanks for the information. right now I have two friends in Australia that I love dearly and cannot get ahold of them, even by email. So I am very worried about them. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The halo coincides with the location of the Kalgoorlie weather radar and I suspect there were some errors integrating the data into the National Radar image (loop). I sincerely doubt there is anything sinister here. As an observer of the weather radars over the years this is not an isolated event and usually coincides with a fault in the system.

Vatic said...

Souix Chef, that is fascinating, you have a good knowledge of its workings. Thank you for that. As I have said many times we have no one we can trust anymore to tell us what is going on and I only have a feeling when I read something that it fits without trusted sources not controlled by the powers that be. So we are left on our own to decipher what is happening to our world. Thanks for that inside and I intend to google that whistleblower.

Funny how so many around the world are getting offed lately isn't it???

Vatic said...

Anonymous, yes the date does match last years date and its at the same time they were having a drought and fires, so it could be the same. Again, I am not an expert in these things, but added to other anomolies and given the ability of Haarp, as told to us by scientists, to do weather modifications, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, etc.... then its not out of the realm of possibility that they use it similarly for both droughts and for floods. All it has to do is change the jet stream to do so. I leave it up to all of you to decide, as I have to decide, that is what is left for us from the PTB.

None of them tell us the truth as they have said many times "The truth is the enemy of the lie and thus the enemy of the state". For me, personally, I assume if they open their mouths its a lie. And then I go from there.

Vatic said...

Anonymous, the ethylene dibromide is not all they are putting in the chemtrails now. They have expanded it from that plus the aluminum nitrate and bariam to also include arsenic, I just read was tested along with other ingrediants that will be posted on a blog coming up which then makes the sky appear blue rather than gray, but its done with a chemical. Nice, huh?

Oh, and excuse me everyone who wants me to be elegant. I refuse to be something I am not, honest yes, elegant, no. Real, yes, superficial, No. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

in refrence to your statement 'australians didnt resist when our guns where taken'
is not true there was much fierce debate and lobbying from shooters parties, politicians (particuly from rural elctrotes) and public protest on mass particualy in qld. i rememeber
the prime minister john howard was getting around in a flax jacket because of repeated death threats
from shooters interests. i recall that it was near immpossible to obtain any 150mm pvc pipe
with which to bury them (i have 3 rifles and a shot gun buried myself and heaps of ammo, me and mates used to chuckle when we would see ute loads of 1.5-2m lengths of 150mm pvc on the back getting around.there was also much demand from right accross the community from police unions to victims groups for an inquiry to the inconsistancys around the port arthur massacre, to no avail (the fact that the rifles used had been seized buy Victoria police 2 years prior, and obviously recirculated, to the fact that the legislation had already been drafted before the tradegty was cuase for much suspicion buy ordinary people, long before the internet publications like nexus magazine ,new dawn and others were widly popular and arguably the 1st of their kind in the media of the world. most of my countrymen are pretty level headed and not prone to the extremism widspread accross the US the recent floods here in qld attest to that, unlike new orleans people are pulling together beyond barriers and cultures, similer to agentina when there currency collapesed in 05 there were not riots in the street as expexted but communities pulling together

Anonymous said...

Its either revenge for wikileaks, or the God's and ancestors of the indiginous aborijonis of Australia have finally decided to come and save them from thier occupiers

Vatic said...

Hahahaa, anonymous, I love it. You have done what many here are currently doing. I am glad to hear it and I am sorry, but the way the press here spun the news was that most aussies were for it and easily gave up their guns. In fact, one of the issues was the %500 million dollars it cost to collect them all THEY SAID. Who knows, our press would not know the truth if it hit them in the face. Yes, when you live on a small island rather than a huge diverse country, its a lot easier to pull together, but we are working on that right now as we speak.

The PTB control not only the MSM, but much of the alternative press that gets big funding from the khazar zionist banker organizations. And they have worked diligently to feed hate and fear here. But we are not buying into it. Most here are pulling together. This blog is run by both a dem and repub working toward the same goal, the truth and to keep us all united together.

Remember, we have over 800 million guns and they bad guys need martial law to get htem and will have to use military to collect them. No one will give them up as they expect. so we refuse to fight in a civil war they keep trying to create in their controlled press. We simply will not give them the legal footing to do what they want to do. We will respond when they try to do it illegally, then we will be on legal footing and then its anybodies game.

Phil Brennan said...

RE: The rings. HAARP can theoretically do that.

RE: Scientists getting bumped off. Assassination amongst the scientific community is almost considered natural causes these days by all accounts...

Damn glad I am not a scientist...

Anonymous said...

Interesting, so what do you guys make of the cloud circles all over the world?



Vatic said...

Phil,I am with you about that. I almost became a mathmatician and astronomer. Yahoo, glad I went into political science and finance and macro economics instead. LOL Seems to be the safer occupations. Thanks for reaffirming that HAARP can do that. I understand this same thing happened last year only a drought resulted and not flooding. Its amazing how it is in the exact same spot.

Howard Gardella said...

I pray Holy Father that all truth be made evident
and plain for all to understand. That we who believe take our place against the tyranny in
this world. That all people weather believers or
not would be one against tyranny, without respect
for any kingdoms of man. For this world is for all
to live free and full lives, it does not belong to evil, so I pray Holy Father be Glorified Bless Your Church to rise and take Her place in Jesus name Amen.

Vatic said...

Anonymous, are you aware that is classic haarp signature??? Are you also aware that there are three arrays to haarp and I believe there is now one in space but that is just speculation on my part due to evidence of secret military mission in space during all this time.

Haarp is in Puerto Rico (Haiti ring a bell), one in Norway, (the norway spiral ring a bell?) and then the one in Alaska.

Anonymous said...

this ring photo is old..its from late 2009..to early 2010...freeman had it posted on his website last year!! whats up with acting like its brand new????

Anonymous said...

At the time of the Black Saturday Bushfires I was in my backyard, experimenting with a crude Reich Cloudbuster. Really nothing more than a metal bucket filled with water, on muddy ground with a 3-meter steel drainpipe standing up in the bucket. The pipe was aimed like a gun, to the North in the direction of the bushfire haze. Rain came that evening, to the delight of the fire fighters. Now could I use the Cloudbuster in reverse? To drive rain away instead of attract it?

Eudoxia said...

I am from Australia and most who are aware over here do think this as a HAARP event. It should interest all on this site to learn that a very good friend of mine is a construction supervisor. His contract last year and was to supervise the construction of a large water storage facility opposite the Royal Brisbane Hospital in preparation for a 10K year flood! That was his brief prior to commencing the contract. Did they know about this - they surely did!

Anonymous said...

has anyone been able to see the spirals/circles in the sky that appear on the radar?
the straight lines that radiate from a central point can be seen when conditions are right. they appear as thin long lines of cloud when viewed from the ground.
just doesn't seem natural to me...

Vatic said...

Eudoxia, thank you for that feedback, so far the friends I have made in Australia have said they believe it for a number of reasons, but they also told me that same exact circle they saw this time around was there last year only it resulted in a big fat fire filled drought. So I guess they can make rain or no rain in excess. Further I found it interesting they picked the exact same area little populated to do both in.Once such friend just wrote tonight to explain about that area and I am going to publish that probably tomorrow so others know what the area is like. Very little going on there and perthe in on the coast on the other side of the area.

Its like a test or war game to see how it all works and the peoples reaction to it.

Rabbit said...

Just to say I agree with and confirm everything Anonymous said above about Australia. The number of guns that were lost after the Port Arthur gun grab was a national joke and I can say tghat illegal weapons, including some veryt serious stuff has been much bigger business ever since.

Aussies are not idiots, we're a long way from as gullible and reactionary as our more mouthy cousins across the sea, and the only way things hgave stayed as quiet here is because so far, we have nothing much to complain about...except the abuse of our military and national image in these disgusting and unpopular wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most Aussies support the underdog, it's a national obsession you could say and that even counts when we're the one picking on the underdog. I and most people I know unahhamedly barrack for the Iraqi opposition and the Afghanis. We'd be delighted to see our troops along with the rest sent packing by a victorious local resistance. Never mind the media portrayals, the media here is owned and controlled by the same Zionists who own the US media.

Vatic said...

It would not seem normal to me either. Almost everything in nature is organic so when something that is not shows up time and again and the results are dramatic, you can almost assume its manmade.... and over the same spot as well. I saw pics of the spokes and was intrigued. I had not seen that associated with haarp before.

But like I said, everyone hs to read it, look at the pics and decide for themselves if what they see looks right. Like you, it didn't to me either.

Vatic said...

Thanks for the update and info about aussies, and you are right we are a mouthy bunch, but I suspect that will end soon, we will probably get our comeuppens. However, if we are lucky enough to prevail, we will have been humbled by the experience altogether. Trust me I see a change in our fellow Americans already. A deepening of character and spirit. A renewed sense of community.

What is going on now is being talked about everywhere, grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores and everybody knows, so there is a mass knowing making a viral entrance to the stage that has not been felt yet, but its coming.
I heard from friends there is a lot going on in Australia, Agenda 21 is fully being pushed there while its not hit here yet. I suspect once again its our guns. What you may not know is satanism is as prevalent in your country as it is in ours even though it was a surprise for us to find out about it. Not a surprise, a SHOCK. So we are all at some level in the same boat and that is why we have to all stick together against the khazar international bankers

Anonymous said...

the area flooded is mostly a "food bowl"
good target for TPTB, true for Queensland, West Australia, and Victoria, all food country,
it will cause masive food prices shock, and that kills people who live on $2 a day.

maybe that ring is a foot print of haarp, but the floods in QLD are in sink with a 19 year lunar cycle, semy predictable, in 19+-1 years be ready. the lunar eclipse of that time span could be meaningful like it was 2 weeks ago,

the people in Queensland use to build their homes on stilts, those who built within those stilts in the last decades, got nailed.

the important thing now is that you can't break the aussies spirit, now they having a clean up party, go aussie !


Anonymous said...

Hi all, Im from Oz too and have studied these rings for about a year. I wrote to the Breau of Met. and got no clear answers, they just say they are anomalies and thats that. They would not comment on what would cause the more spectacular rings, in fact I believe they are as pussled as anyone. The Physics must be simple. These big colourful rings, not theses pissy white ones, are not occurring o/s. Do you have them in US or Europe, same radar, same electronics in cities, no interference??? Only in OZ!! For a while they were a weekly occurrence. So they are in OZ, they are common, they are interference. OK. This interference is pretty well nationwide. Our Radar and BOM physicists and technicians are world class. So name the source of interference, cant be that hard, it occurs even in small and remote sites with only a pub and half a dozen dogs, eg NW coast of western oz. It also occurs in bigger cities. What gets turned on for an hour or so in a country town that produces these very rare radar rings, an apple computer, a transistor, a generator?? does not add up. Also no one is interested in finding out. I have just met a meterologist from OZ BOM and I will see what I can glean. When I raised the issue they did not jump at the opportunity to discuss.
Sure as hell something odd is going on.
Am listening to u tube"angels still dont play this haarp" Take it easy y'all

Vatic said...

Hi, Anon in Oz, who studies these rings. thanks for filling us in on what you have discovered and please do keep us updated as you find out more. Until someone comes us with something solid, I am going to lean toward Haarp. Too specific and limited in range, no movement of any sort like normal clouds, etc.

So please update us as I said and we will be eternally grateful.

Anonymous said...

Any radar technician can tell you this is just a sensitive receiver needing an adjustment.

Anonymous said...

Good gravy all this nefarious speculation. I work on radars but am unfamiliar with the Austrailian system. Was the system under maintenance? Do the techs cut off product production when under test? Do they have remote calibration/validation built in to their system that could create such a return? I can assure you that would save a lot of money in travel costs. For a true effect originating from valid external returns from the atmosphere check the national composite. The other radars should see the same returns in the overlap. The image illustrates a definate cutoff in returns at a set distance from the radars, our radars use a radioactive device to blank out signals for close proximity to the radar as a self protection device, it's extremely unlikely that the radar is blanking out valuable signals in the area of diameter nearest the radar for normal operation 1-5km maybe not 80-120km as this looks like. Radars have very narrow filters allowing return into the reciever section. Whatever the signal is has to be within that range of frequency. Were seeing a lot of interference with remote internet providers but those show up as radial returns in a straight line. Most typically whatever has the capability to radiate at the narrow frequency allowed by the reciever on an interference basis is within the installation itself. But most telling is the return cutoff. It is uniform that means it cuts off at the same speed of light equivalent distance location on a time basis every pulse of the radar. This is only easily achievable by software filtering on the processing or synchronized injection into the system itself with a signal that has a specific period. The Radar has a very narrow area of acceptance of external returns, typically 1 degree and it's changing in elevation so if its external it has a random uniform return value that cuts off at a specific period in synchronicty with the radar generated pulse. That sounds like a great sensitivity test to me. Maybe someone should call up the weather office and find out whats going on instead of chasing HAARP down the rabbit hole with extra ammo and mre's.

Radar techs aren't high preists of the NWO, its challenging to keep this systems running properly. The techs intimate with the system know what that signal represents. We're proud of our work and service to the people and we'll talk to you on a technical basis regardless of the communication protocol imposed by organizations. We won't tollerate allowing erronious operation of the radars if we can help it because it leads to more days on the road away from our families.


Vatic said...

Thanks, Anonymous. We appreciate you taking the time to explain such operations in detail. We have been very lucky on here over the past 24 hours to have quite a few of you to do who have experience with radar and some who have experience with the Australian radar system.

What has become clear is there are opinions on both sides of the issue. As you can imagine this is what happens when you lose trust in all your institutions and don't know who to believe anymore, so we have to dig, print what we find hoping others will come and give us clarification since we are not experts in everything, (oh, if only we were).

Its nice when its done with courtesy and respect. You have definitely done that as have others and those are the ones showing on the blog. We had some very serious trolls arrive that we had to moderate due to language etc....

What you may not have picked up though is the fact that this happened exactly a year ago right over the same area with the same affect on the weather except drought, NO RAIN, instead of floods, but in both cases extremes that lasted as long as the circle that when it broke up was visibly deteriorating into arms of clouds in a wider and wider circle until they simply became regular clouds. So unfortunately it had nothing to do per se with the radar.

Anonymous said...

If this is a test you'll likely see it more often, I don't really have the time to grind into this but on the whole our systems (and us) are under increasing pressure to provide higher quality and increased information from existing systems.

That means getting the system to do things that they were not orginally designed for (Possibly phase analysis of returns for doppler products). This can only be accomplished by benchmarking and validation, meaning new test protocols.

It's quite ridiculous to allow test signals out into the public domain and as a tech an anathema to be sure, but... there not our personal radars and we can't control who gets access to them and I certainly don't have control of anything past the product output from the site.

If an Atmospheric Physics scientist makes a play to control the radar occasionally for a project and crap gets out on the Radar techs just have to bite their tongues and gripe about looking like idiots when they can't control the situation.

This would be internal politics in the organization and I can see why the weather office would not want to be open to the public about this. So the approach would really effectively by handeled by a journalist through the proper channels. It will be addressed if it looks bad when they don't, blog sites don't have the pull for this. That's why your not getting answers.

In regards to this signal it would be useful to calibrate the reciever but all depends on the veracity of the signal generator. There's a lot of pressure to get uniform representation of atmospheric returns on the composite's (Where all or many radars are represented). It's a very difficult thing to do because the radars are physically different and sensitivity of the pulse generators and recievers are almost impossible to tweak to uniform performance. It's all easiest done by software and processing.
There may or may not be funding for that but it's not going to be done by the tech it will be done by the scientists.

Any individual radar tech who would come on this site, represent himself as an authority explain that the problem is caused by anything other than a technical problem would be risking his/her career. We're simply not allowed to communicate other than individually without prior approval and we'll measure you up first before saying anything.

Conspiracy stuff is great fun, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't, way better than TV. You get to pump your ego with arcane info then look down on everyone for their idoicy, what could be better.

But for me I'll pipe up once in a while to play the rationality card. No doubt HAARP is misunderstood, it probably is used for things the public might not agree with, the idea that governments are self desctructive or agressive with it is really out there, goverments are coercive with you every day on an intimate basis (speeding ticket lately). Why look in the ether for validation.

I work with high energy, high frequency signal generation and analysis. We have a lot less control over these signals than you might think.
We have very course control over them, the value is in the processing of what signals are generated. The higher the power the less finite control we have. Don't hold out for HAARP to get goats to walk backward in a right hand cyclical pattern at the push of a button any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what is a date of the satellite image which shows the loop ??? There's only written that image was taken at 16.30 UTC !!!

Dallas said...

Harpp is all over the world... alaska is a big one... but they have them in russia haiti ect... there all over...

Anonymous said...

i think that was an old picture...There is no cloud cover over any part of the eastern states. mmm...

Vatic said...

Dallas, you are right, in fact there is a haarp owned by us in Norway and in Puerto Rico, as well as alaska, then the russians have one and I believe I just read the Chinese have one, but don't take that for a fact since I have not confirmed it.

So just with ours, we can cover the world and do any damn destructive thing we want like cause an earthquake in the madrid fault. Since we refuse to fight in their bogus WW III the bankers want, they may just do it this way with HAARP and the madrid fault.

By the way, incase no one reads the responses I have done, this is not the first time this circle has been seen, it was also over Queensland last year during their flood and over the same region it is today and that coincided with a very major drought. Gee, what a coincidence. People can take it or leave it, its up here so they can't say they didn't know.

Vatic said...

I should have said "we can cause any damage we want world wide that the Khazar bankers tell us to do". Sorry. forgot to mention whose boss in this country right now.

Vulture said...

There you go! EM warfare!
Wish you the best!


Vatic said...

Vampire, some people are into "being right" and others are into finding "truth", so I thank you for the link if it leads to truth and it did.

I updated my daily summary today and put that update on the blog this morning, so you see, we are here to provide the information and our own thoughts along with what was provided and let people make their own decisions. Since the school system not longer teaches deductive and inductive reasoning, we also try to guide readers along that path and learn such skills if they are younger. Us oldies already have them and once you get them, you never forget them. So go ahead and read what we had to say and "good luck" to you too. God Bless and have a great day. hehehe.

Vatic said...

Thank you, Eudoxia, I truly appreciate the feedback from foot soldiers on the ground to help keep us focused and telling it straight. We just put up a blog yesterday about how Australia signed a contract to actually do this rain through technology created and its also been used in Saudi Arabia.

Having said that, add the fact we can trust no one in the government anymore and it could simply be a cover story for HAARP doing what it does best. Given its under the control of the pentagon, and the pentagon is under the control of the Khazars whose only interests are Israel's interests, I suspect it was used for their globalizing fascist agenda. Keep up informed as more comes out. Thanks again.

James Mason said...

After receiving your website info from a friend, I admit I was sceptical, even though I have been aware of HAARP's existence for nearly 10 years. I live in Victoria Australia and have friends that live in The Kimberley Western Australia and am aware that they have had extreme and uncharacteristic weather conditions for this summer (wet season) and I check the BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) website each day to see how they are doing over there. The last 3 night3 and still today there is a ring with Wyndham in the centre in the northern section of the Kimberley WA. The ring seems to emminating the rain from it and no rain is moving through the ring ... check it out. James Mason

Vatic said...

James Mason, do you have a link to a picture or a satellite screen or anything that we can look at? If not, then could you describe it to us in great detail so we can put it up for the rest of the world to see??? Thanks for that information. Its odd that it would be over an American owned facility wouldn't it? Wyndham is American isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Please also remember that Australia hosts the Pine Gap facility in Central Austrlalia.They are also supposedly playing with ELF in that location. I would imagine that there would be a hell of a lot of interaction between Pine Gap and the HAARP stations,playing with similar toys.

Vatic said...

WOW, Thanks anonymous, its a very interesting turn of events. It looks like another rabbit hole to go down. We have a lot of readers and contributors from Australia, so I just might put them onto it to research and let us know just how big a deal that is.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Perth western Australia and at the moment we have experienced one of the longest, hottest,driest summers on record and one of the longest,hottest Marches ever recorded. Looking at the weather zone site on April 1 2011 I managed to capture a screenshot of a huge radar ring over Perth stretching from just above Geraldton all the way down to Albany. Today (APRIL 5) down South experienced its hottest April days with huge gusty winds, it was 13 deg above the average! Believe me if that place caught fire it would be a major catastrophe. Up north the Kimberly area is flooding, Carnarvon (another food bowl) is in recovery phase from the aftermath of the devastation that was caused there by major flooding at the same time the Eastern States had floods of biblical proportions. And the whole time this is happening Perth remains a dust bowl, not a drop of rain. Every part of Australia is experiencing EXTREME weather, it's like we are being targeted as a global guinea pigs. I don't know if these rings are HAARP or some sort of radar problem but I would really like to know the truth. I've read so called explanations for the ring phenomena but as of yet none of them except for HAARP (or other similar haarp like technology) seem to add up.

Vatic said...

Anonymous, thank you for that on the ground report. I would like permission to post this on my daily summary under our "Vatic Watch" category which are anecdotal pieces of intel from people on the ground all over the globe. Just put one up today from someone in parker, Colorado and previously from someone overseas. So let me know and tell me your cybername to use. Thanks. I agree, and as you probably could tell, I believe there is no doubt, its HAARP. We have a serious problem and we better get rid of it damn fast before they consolidate everything and we have no more choices.

NikiR said...

Hello from Perth again, and yes you are most welcome to add any of my comments to the "Vatic Watch"
April 7 update fro Perth western Australia,
Today we finally had some rain, its only a very small amount but still most welcoming, More disturbingly though we have had a minor earthquake. There have been widespread reports of windows rattling etc however Geoscience Australia stated the quake was not strong enough to be felt across Perth Metropolitan area. Geosience are suggesting that the reports of rattling windows are more than likely due to some sort of sonic boom. Basically they are say that as the same time there was an earthquake we experienced a sonic boom????

Well the plot thickens, is this just another coincidence?? I think not!I will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Dean said...

That is called a radar return look it up.

Jimmy said...

Not really sure what to think. Are you positive about this?

call Australia

Anonymous said...

Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Nalliah said...

At the end of WWII, an agreement was reached at the Bretton Woods Conference which pegged the value of gold at US$35 per ounce and that became the international standard against which currency was measured. But in 1971, US President Richard Nixon took the US$ off the gold standard after he and others realized that the USA no longer had enough gold to buy back every dollar that foreign governments were handing in.

In 1973, US President Richard Nixon Nixon and his new Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger asked King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to accept only the US$ in payment for oil, and to buy US Treasury bonds, notes and bills with their excess profits, so that USA can continue spending money and not pay it back. In return, the USA pledged to protect Saudi Arabian oil fields from seizure by the Soviet Union and other Middle East nations including Iraq and Iran.

The 1973 Arab-Israeli War upset this agreement, and the Great Oil Embargo of 1974 was the result. By 1975 the Great Oil Embargo was over and all members of Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) accepted to sell their oil only in US$. The US$ now became the reserve currency of the world. Every country needed US$ to buy oil. Ever since the US$ has been the most important global monetary instrument, and only the US can print them. However, there were problems with this arrangement not least of all that the US$ was effectively worthless than before it reneged on the gold-standard. But more importantly because it was the world’s reserve currency, everybody was saving their surpluses in US$. The OPEC oil sales supported the US$ and also allowed the USA access to exchange risk free oil.

Since it is the USA that prints the US$, they control the flow of oil. Period. When oil is denominated in US$ through US state action and the US$ is the only fiat currency for trading in oil, an argument can be made that the USA essentially owns the world's oil for free. Now over $1.3 trillion of newly printed US$ by US Federal Reserve is flooding into international commodity markets each year.

So long as almost three quarter of world trade is done in US$, the US$ is the currency which central banks accumulate as reserves. But central banks, whether China or Japan or Brazil or Russia, do not simply stack US$ in their vaults. Currencies have one advantage over gold. A central bank can use it to buy the state bonds of the issuer, the USA. Most countries around the world are forced to control trade deficits or face currency collapse. Not the USA. This is because of the US$ reserve currency role. And the underpinning of the reserve role is the petrodollar. Every nation needs to get US$ to import oil, some more than others. This means their trade targets US$ countries.

Because oil is an essential commodity for every nation, the Petrodollar system, which exists to the present, demands the buildup of huge trade surpluses in order to accumulate US$ surpluses. This is the case for every country but one — the USA which controls the US$ and prints it at will or fiat. Because today the majority of all international trade is done in US$, countries must go abroad to get the means of payment they cannot themselves issue. The entire global trade structure today works around this dynamic, from Russia to China, from Brazil to South Korea and Japan. Everyone aims to maximize US$ surpluses from their export trade.

The Petrodollar system nearly broke down during the US President James Earl "Jimmy" Carter's presidential tenure , mainly due to double digit inflation of the US$. US President Ronald Reagan removed all controls on oil and fuel prices and all restrictions on oil drilling to restore the stability of the US$. Oil flooded the market, prices fell, and petrodollars became more valuable. These were some of the most prosperous years that the US had. But the danger remained, because the US continued to spend more US$ than it earned.

Nalliah said...

The reality is that the value of the US$ is determined by the fact that oil is sold in US$. If the denomination changes to another currency, such as the euro, many countries would sell US$and cause the banks to shift their reserves, as they would no longer need US$ to buy oil. This would thus weaken the US$ relative to the euro. The USA propagates war to protect its oil supplies, but even more importantly, to safeguard the strength of the US$. The fundamental underlying motive of the US in the Iraq war, even more than the control of the oil itself, is an attempt to preserve the US$ as the leading oil trading currency. The fear of the consequences of a weaker US$, particularly higher oil prices is seen as underlying and explaining many aspects of the US foreign policy, including the Iraq and Libyan War.

Until November 2000, no OPEC country dared violate the US$ price rule. So long as the US$ was the strongest currency, there was little reason to as well. But November 2000 was when France and other EU members finally convinced Iraq's Saddam Hussein to defy the USA by selling Iraq’s oil-for-food not in US$, ‘the enemy currency’ as Saddam Hussein named it, but only in euros. Few months before the US moved into Iraq to take down Saddam Hussein, Iraq had made the move to accept Euros instead of US$ for oil, and this became a threat to the global dominance of the US$ as the reserve currency, and its dominion as the petrodollar. The euros were on deposit in a special UN account of the leading French bank, BNP Paribas. This Iraq move to defy the US$ in favor of the euro, in itself, was insignificant. Yet, if it were to spread, especially at a point the US$ was already weakening, it could create a panic selloff of US$ by foreign central banks and OPEC oil producers.

In the months before the latest Iraq war, hints in this direction were heard from Russia, Iran, Indonesia and even Venezuela. An Iranian OPEC official, Javad Yarjani, delivered a detailed analysis of how OPEC at some future point might sell its oil to the EU for euros not US$. He spoke in April, 2002 in Oviedo Spain at the invitation of the EU. All indications are that the Iraq war was seized on as the easiest way to deliver a deadly pre-emptive warning to OPEC and others, not to flirt with abandoning the Petro-dollar system in favor of one based on the euro. The Iraq move was a declaration of war against the US$. As soon as it was clear that the UK and the US had taken Iraq, a great sigh of relief was heard in the UK Banks.

First Iraq and then Libya decided to challenge the petrodollar system and stop selling all their oil for US$, shortly before each country was attacked. The cost of war is not nearly as big as it is made out to be. The cost of not going to war would be horrendous for the US unless there were another way of protecting the US$'s world trade dominance. The US pays for the wars by printing US$ it is going to war to protect.

After considerable delay, Iran opened an oil bourse which does not accept US$. Many people fear that the move will give added reason for the USA to overthrow the Iranian regime as a means to close the bourse and revert Iran's oil transaction currency to US$. In 2006 Venezuela indicated support of Iran's decision to offer global oil trade in euro. In 2011 Russia begins selling its oil to China in rubles

Muammar Qaddafi made a similarly bold move: he initiated a movement to refuse the US$ and the euro, and called on Arab and African nations to use a new currency instead, the gold dinar. Muammar Qaddafi suggested establishing a united African continent, with its 200 million people using this single currency. The initiative was viewed negatively by the USA and the European Union (EU), with French president Nicolas Sarkozy calling Libya a threat to the financial security of mankind; but Muammar Qaddafi continued his push for the creation of a united Africa.

Nalliah said...

Muammar Gaddafi’s recent proposal to introduce a gold dinar for Africa revives the notion of an Islamic gold dinar floated in 2003 by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, as well as by some Islamist movements. The notion, which contravenes IMF rules and is designed to bypass them, has had trouble getting started. But today Iran, China, Russia, and India are stocking more and more gold rather than US$.

If Muammar Qaddafi were to succeed in creating an African Union backed by Libya’s currency and gold reserves, France, still the predominant economic power in most of its former Central African colonies, would be the chief loser. The plans to spark the Benghazi rebellion were initiated by French intelligence services in November 2010.

In February 2011, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has called for a new world currency that would challenge the dominance of the US$ and protect against future financial instability. In May 2011 a 32 year old maid, Nafissatou Diallo, working at the Sofitel New York Hotel, alleges that Strauss-Kahn had sexually assaulted her after she entered his suite.

Accepting Chinese yuans for oil, Iran and Venzuelathey have constantly been threatened by the US. If euros, yens, yuans or rubles were generally accepted for oil, the US$ would quickly become irrelevant and worthless paper.This petro dollar arrangement is enforced by the U.S. military.

On Aug 18 2011, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announces a plan to pull Gold reserves from US and European Banks .Venezuela reportedly has the largest oil reserves in the world. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been a strong proponent for tighter Latin America integration - which is a move away from the power of the US banking cartels.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez formed oil export agreements with Cuba, directly bypassing the Petrodollar System. Cuba was among those countries that were later added to the “Axis of Evil” by the USA. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused the US of using HAARP type weapons to create earthquakes.

On Aug 24, 2001 a 7 magnitude earthquake rocks Northern Peru bordering Venezuela which doesn’t use the Petrodollar system and Brazil which has been engaged in discussions to end US$ denominated oil transactions. Is it a coincidence that these uncommonly powerful earthquakes are occurring in historically uncommonly large numbers during such a short period of time?. And that they are occurring in or close to countries that have been seriously discussing plans to leave the Petrodollar system, or are already outside it?

Nalliah said...

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is an ionospheric research program that is jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The HAARP program operates a major Arctic facility, known as the HAARP Research Station, located on an US Air Force owned site near Gakona, Alaska. HAARP has the ability to manipulate weather and produce earthquakes, since it is capable of directing almost 4 Mega Watts of energy in the 3 to 10 MHz region of the HF band up into the ionosphere. This energy can be bounced off of the ionosphere and directed back down at the earth to create earthquakes. HAARP could potentially be used by adversaries to produce such events. Depending on the frequency, focusing, wave shape, one can induce a variety of effects such as earthquakes, induced at a distant aiming point, severe disturbances in the middle and upper atmosphere over the target area and anomalous weather effects known as the "Tesla effect".

HAARP based technology is being actively used to emit powerful radio waves that permeate the earth and subsequently cause strong enough oscillations along fault lines of targeted areas to produce earthquakes. The high power radio waves of HAARP can be used to produce such intense vibrations as to cause an earthquake. HAARP based technology can be used to encourage and produce various weather phenomena such as hurricanes, flooding, or drought through manipulation of the ionosphere. Already Russia, China and Venezuela have suggested that a HAARP type technology weapon is capable of such and attack and been used against several countries causing severe destructions in Haiti, Japan, Russia, China, Iran, Chile, New Zealand, Afghanistan, India etc.

What would the probable response be to such a HAARP attack be? An armed conflict with USA? Or the elimination of the Petrodollar system and a subsequent dumping of surplus US$ into the international and US financial markets resulting in the quick collapse of the US$. Attacking these countries with HAARP would destabilize their economies and currencies and to prevent a move away from the US$ and the Petrodollar system.

Vatic Master said...

I left this one up out of the three or 4 long posts you put up, and in the beginning it was spam since it was totally unrelated to the subject, however, it was a good historical perspective of what has gone on in Libya and who the winners and losers are. I would ask that you either put it up on the recent Libyan post we did that showed the agenda was not as our gov said, rather it was other issues that you covered well in these three or four comments.

Or you can put them altogether and present it as an article with your name and group you represent and I swear I will publish it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this website. Thank you, I'll try and check back more often. How frequently you update your web site?

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous, posting November 2011, I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner, but we post blogs up on here everyday, usually three a day and sometimes 4 if something is time sensitive. Glad you decided to return and thank you for the compliment on the blog. Its been a lot of work and worse since the powers that be have really started hounding us cybernetically.

We are not sure why they hound us, but they do. We are small potatos compared to other bigger sites, so it doesn't make any sense.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

One thing we know for certain is that not only is it possible to alter the weather, but the technology to do so has been built. Put that with the idea that money runs the world. Rich people would love to get their hands on this type of technology to control the people. We are seeing a revolution of increasing independence. Governments are threatened by it. So are corporations. They want to keep us in the dark. They will do it with things like HAARP for sure. Throw a drought on us. Flood our nations. It'll happen sooner or later.