What the Media Won’t Tell You About Jared Loughner

Vatic Note:  We said early on this was way more than it appeared on the surface.  We also picked up on the mind control aspects of Jared almost right away.  It was too manchurian candidate of an act. His picture gave him away with that look in his eyes.     Now, what we did not know was why although we speculated.  This below makes perfect sense and True Ott has put this together beautifully.  It all fits.  You read and see what you think.   Remember we showed a while back how the military had done up a scenario back in 1995 showing in 2009 that 30 million people would die of a flu pandemic (Remember?  Baxter tried to do just that),  and in 2010 would be the border wars/clashes creating chaos and havoc in both mexico and the united states.   Then in 2011, the security agreement between mexico and the US and canada would be invoked to "solve" the problem "they created" and we "reacted to".    Then in 2012, to prevent further choas,  the North American Union would be completed and take control of all three countries and thus the NAU would materialize.   Now this was done by the military.  Not some conspiracy nuts.  Remember we also showed all the military weaponry found at the texas mexican border put there for storage by the Zeta cartel, and we wondered  how they got ahold of so much US military equipment AND AMERICAN SOLDIERS UNIFORMS.  Well, this appeared to be the effort to begin the chaos and drama for us to REACT to, so they could SOLVE the problem for us with the NAU.  Now we find out they have been preparing mind control subjects and using this organization to help begin creating the "problem".   Given they are always working multiple agendas, it does not surprise me that they saw an opportunity here to do more than just rid themselves of the judge.  Was the murdered 9 year old girl born on 9-11-2001 a sacrifice to gain success in the endeavor????  Just asking.   A reader also pointed out this all occurred on Oracle Road.  Interesting name for a street. 

What the Media Won’t Tell You About Jared Loughner
(The DEATH CULT of Santa Muerte)
By A. True Ott, PhD, True Ott files

Federal Judge John McCarthy Roll was the Chief Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Arizona who on Friday, January 7, 2011 issued a “preliminary ruling”in a case titled “United States of America v. $333,520.00 in United States Currency et al” [Case Number: 4:2010cv00703 Filed: November 30, 2010] that would basically disallow the movement of hundreds of millions of dollars of confiscated drug profits directly being placed into private bank accounts tied to mafia kingpins.

The following day, Saturday, January 8, 2011, Judge Roll was shot and killed by an individual the media would have you believe is a lone, anti-Semitic, right-wing fanatic who listens to too much alternative radio broadcasts!! The case being ruled on by Judge Roll, is all about bulk cash smuggling into or out of the United States by Mexican drug lords and who exactly has the final right of possession of the funds.

It appears that the Obama administration claimed the right to seize large amounts of cash and assets under authority of Presidential Executive Orders, instead of using existing laws. The Obama administration used as support for their claim before Judge Roll the seizing of all American citizens’ gold, in 1933, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of Executive Order 6102, which was ruled at the time to be constitutional. The question that needs to be thoroughly investigated is, why is Obama’s Justice Department, and A.G. Eric Holder getting mixed up in all of this, and why do they care what happens to Mexican drug cartel funds??

40-year old U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was also shot in the head by the same gunman on the same day. She, like Judge Roll, was apparently morally opposed to millions of dollars of drug profits going into private bank accounts, and was working on a bill to greatly restrict the movement of Mexican Drug money in American banks via debit cards –and clearly was in constant communication with Judge Roll on this pressing issue according to her aides. Is there a credible link to these facts with the accused gunman Jared Loughner? Was this terrible crime a premeditated assassination by organized crime bosses and the Mexican drug cartel and was this the primary motive for the shooting? Was Loughner demonically possessed and under covert mind control as a member of a very dark and dangerous satanic cult – making him the perfect assassination tool? Read on and decide for yourself.

The first striking piece of evidence that Loughner is under some form of mind control is the fact that his eyes reflect disparities such as non-uniform pupil dilations. It is also reported that Loughner was prone to public outbursts in his Community College classes, wherein he would ask instructors if they knew about mind control. However, the most convincing evidence comes from his own backyard in Tucson Arizona.

After Loughner’s arrest, reporters and investigators immediately began to search for clues and evidence at his residence –the home of his parents. In the backyard was found a makeshift “tent”inside of which contained a rather macabre “altar”. On the “altar” was a skull placed in an old pot half filled with fresh potting soil, rotted oranges, and apples in the front. There were also three candles. (See pictures below.) Pastor Russ Dizdar, who was my guest on the radio show “The Story Behind the Story” explained the symbolism of the white skull surrounded by offerings of fruit and candles. In his expert opinion, this was indicative of Loughner’s participation in an evergrowing “death cult” known as the “Death Cult of Santa Muerte”.

In my investigation of this “Death Cult of Santa Muerte” – I located an extensive report written by a man named Kevin Freese, employed by the “Foreign Military Studies Office” at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. This extensive report is titled: “The Death Cult of the Drug Lords –Mexico’s Patron Saint of Crime, Criminals, and the Dispossessed.”

Evidently, this “Death Cult” concerns enough brass at the U.S. Army that the FMSO produced such a detailed, inclusive report. Here are just a few of the report’s highlights:

1: “In Tony Scott’s 2004 action film Man on Fire, the haunted protagonist John Creasy (played by Denzel Washington) seeks revenge against a gang of kidnappers that, he believes, has murdered a little girl he was hired to protect. In one scene, as Creasy revisits the actual location of the kidnapping, Reforma journalist Mariana (played by Rachel Ticotin) picks up an amulet off the ground and says to him, “It’s Santa Muerte.

Death worship. The religion of La Hermandad [The name of the kidnapping gang in the movie]. There’s a curse on you.”

2. “--- When a devotee lights a candle, or a combination of candles (often in threes), to Santa Muerte, the color of the candle used corresponds to the desired result --- white represents purification (to the entity) and defense against negative energy (against the demon entity), particularly in situations when there is envy among relatives.” (Notice the candles in Loughner’s shrine were white.)

3. “Devotees of Santa Muerte, particularly incarcerated cult practitioners, will sometimes take the additional step of having the icon tattooed onto their bodies. This has been referred to as an offering of skin. In some cases, this is an image of Santa Muerte; in others, it seems to be the entire amulet that is tattooed. Such an application is not merely innovative; it is telling. While tattooing has become a mainstream practice in much of North America even among the middle class, in Latin America, tattoos remain the hallmarks of criminal affiliation and imprisonment.”

According to Pima County Arizona corrections officers, EVERY incarcerated illegal alien that was tied to case number 4:2010cv00703 that resulted in the confiscation of $333,520.00 in US Currency and a Saturn Aura XE 2007, VIN 1G8ZS57N97F136757 has just such a “death cult” tattoo as mentioned in the Army report. Is this just a coincidence that Judge Roll was ruling on this same case, and that his accused shooter just happens to have a Santa Muerte shrine in his backyard??

4. “Santa Muerte devotees attend to their practice by lighting candles and leaving offerings while reciting prayers, often ritual prayers, in hopes of receiving favors. ----- Fresh fruit is also used as an offering. Red apples are the commonest offering but other fruits are often left. The color of the fruit can correspond to the benefit sought, in a way comparable to candles.”

5. “It is not mere street thugs who are practitioners of the Santa Muerte cult. At least two incidents associated with Osiel Cárdenas Guillén’s powerful Gulf Cartel have been crowned by the presence of Santa Muerte paraphernalia. The first incident occurred on 09 April 2001, when the Mexican Army raided a mansion in a Tamaulipas village. The residence belonged to Gilberto García Mena AKA El June, a Gulf Cartel cell leader who was fascinated by the mysterious and who mutilated his enemies. The soldiers arrested García when they found him hiding in a secret, underground chamber in the house. While searching the property, the agents discovered a hut in his garden, which serve as a chapel. Inside, they found a stature of Santa Muerte surrounded by candles and offerings that García had given in hopes of power and protection.”

6. “A singular incident involving a Gulf Cartel member who happened to be a devotee of Santa Muerte would be of interest but of little real concern. The appearance of cult items in separate incidents, one near the U.S. border and one in Mexico City, three years apart suggests that the cult may pervade the cartel.” (VN: remember who is the big mafia? Bush cabal with bankers money laundering the profits, Bush is a satanist and we showed on the blog where he received the order of Molech and attended the Bohemian grove rituals sacrificing to the owl god molech.)

7. “Illegal migrants have been praying to Santa Muerte, carrying images of Santa Muerte in their clothing and giving thanks to her for their crossing.----- In some ways, Santa Muerte is a logical choice of patron for would-be illegal migrants. Crossing the border is often dangerous, simply because of the terrain, and illegal migrants must consider the risk of death when preparing for their journeys. Furthermore, illegal migrants frequently come under the criminal influence if not guidance of human smugglers and drug traffickers. Finally, the action itself is by definition a crime, an action for which a person might not expect a traditional saint to offer protection.”

The Army’s report then gives this chilling final conclusion, which sums up the problem very succinctly:

“Because its practitioners do not seem to seek any spiritual enlightenment, simply favors and rewards, the cult of Santa Muerte is probably best described as not so much a religion as an esoteric practice wrapped in the trappings of a religious movement. Although it may have been around for a considerable time, it appears to have been spreading more rapidly, particularly within the last decade. Efforts to truncate its growth may actually be encouraging it. It has historically been diffused but is becoming increasingly organized, especially in Mexico City. Tepito has been and will likely continue to be the center of the organized cult. It is growing throughout other parts of Mexico, particularly at the U.S border. It appears to command respect and have considerable influence upon its practitioners.

The Santa Muerte cult is anti-establishment and appears to glorify criminal behavior. Although not all members of the cult are criminals, all live an existence that is dominated by crime. The cult seems to be linked closely to prisons, prisoners, and family members of prisoners. It is also associated with at least two organized criminal groups –the Gulf Cartel and the Mara Salvatrucha. Although it does not appear that most practitioners would commit crimes on behalf of the cult, some criminals might use it as an impetus to commit a crime or to increase the scale and violence of their crimes. Furthermore, because of the inherent danger in crime, the invocation of death itself as patron has a manifest appeal.

The website of a Santa Muerte practitioner describes the Santa Muerte as, “a symbol that identifies people who live between the legal and the illegal, but it can also be found in high levels of society.” It is a veritable embodiment of the sense of dissatisfaction, exclusion, isolation, and despair among the marginalized in Mexican society. As long as these appear to be conditions of life in Mexico and Latin America and among Latin American communities in the U.S., the cult of Santa Muerte will almost certainly continue to prosper.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Deep Throat said...

The article by A. True Ott is highly slanted to lead the reader into thinking the Santa Muerte cult was involved in the Arizona shooting, when Ott seems to be slip-sliding away from a much more interesting and unanswered question staring him right in the face . It's hard to believe a Ph.D. wrote that article.

First, I would not know how Loughner would have or might have become interested in Santa Muerte. Living in Arizona he might have picked up on some of it, but the article seems to be implying that the Mexican Gulf Cartel or Mara Salvatrucha have the wherewithal to handle Loughner and create an assassin out of him. The only good rationale Ott's article gives for the possibility of this is given in the next to the last paragraph where it says, "...some criminals might use it as an impetus to commit a crime or to increase the scale and violence of their crimes. [Emphasis mine]

But it's apparent Ott knows nothing about Masonic signatures, whereby Freemasons can alert other Freemasons that a mainstream media drama event is in fact a Freemasonic staged event.

Would the Gulf Cartel or Mara Salvatrucha have had knowledge of the 9/11/2001 birth date of the kid that was killed (looking more like a sacrificial offering, and yes, to gain success in the endeavor. Bear in mind that this is often why a sacrifice is committed and is not exclusively something connected to Mara Salvatrucha ).

Hardly. But a CIA-Freemasonic-Mafia connection could get that information easily enough, and you mention about Bush and his drug cartel and Molech and the Bohemian Grove thing. And I think it's been established that the CIA is heavy into the drug cartels, even if doing so is infiltration "to stop the drugs entering the country" (which I don't particularly believe myself).

An American crime syndicate can create its own manchurian candidates and commit its own sacrifices to ensure a successful outcome, thank you very much.

But a bombshell and Key Issue that would have a REVELATORY NATURE is this:

Now, What does this mean that Obama attempted to put confiscated drug profits directly being placed into private bank accounts tied to mafia kingpins?

[Just for my own information, what is usually done with confiscated drug money?]

Ott, I presume, is exaggerating the "bank accounts tied to mafia kingpins" part.

However, does case titled “United States of America v. $333,520.00 in United States Currency et al” SPECIFICALLY SAY what Obama intended to do with the money? To put it in ANY PRIVATE BANK ACCOUNT? If so, WHO'S?

I do grant that Ott has a point: Why did Obama go after the money AT ALL (if this is not the normal procedure) -- AND -- exactly what he intends to do with it.

So, there may be something to Ott's article about this money after all, unseen, and working it's way into private bank accounts.

Of course we will never be able to follow the money trail with this one.

But Judge Roll's was a preliminary ruling, so I presume the money is still up in the air, and there will be other rulings. I would say WATCH this case VERY CLOSELY and see the outcome, and see where that money goes if the sacrifice was successful.

Vatic said...

Hmmm, very good analysis, Deep Throat and I appreciate it. I have gotten so busy with this blog without a staff that I am missing some things now that I used to not miss. I also miss going down my rabbit holes on these issues. LOL

So I thank you filling in the gaps for me. Its a good article but as you say there were some gaps he could have addressed and good rabbit holes to pursue, however, if he is half as busy as I am then I can understand the problem. lol Keep up hte good work. I appreciate it. Thanks

Deep Throat said...

LOLLLL rabbit holes are the MOST facinating places. You meet the most interesting people there! ASK ALICE!

p.s.: You really need to read Michael Hoffman's "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare". You'll get the picture of why the unseen BACKGROUND is the MOST interesting place to be watching -- not the superficial appearances of what we are told to focus on. You know this, I know...but do get Hoffman's book. It will positively CREEP you out!

Vatic said...

Oh, it sounds great and I will. He did such a great job on the ADL, I was hoping he had written enough for me to find out more about him. This looks like a good start, but can't do that until I get some help here with this blog. At least someone to post them once I put them together and to do my daily summaries and then I can get back to doing what I normally do best....DEEP RESEARCH and investigating RABBIT HOLES. LOL

Anonymous said...

Loughner wasn't the shooter. He was the patsy.
The shaved head and eyebrows were used to alter
Loughner's look enough that a similarly shaved double could be used to carry out the shooting in front of eyewitnesses.

Loughner was kidnapped earlier in the morning
while the professional assassin was moved into position. Notice that the shooting skill shows that it wasn't a gun novice as Loughner was.

Judge Roll was indeed the target. Gifford's head wound has been exaggerrated. Expect her to have a miraculous full recovery in no time.

The hit was to silence Judge Roll on evidence he had as Judge "lost" that would incriminate Janet Nepalitano, former AZ governor, regarding 27 counts of mail fraud and obstruction of Justice.

Say, Just how did Janet Nepalitano become head of DHS? I mean was she qualified, or was she being used by the Obama administartion: federal charges hanging over her head?

As governor, her state was the largest drug corridor in the US. Drug ties and corruption in the Federal government demanded her complicity. She was compromised as governor and is doing their bidding to this day, DHS under her watch becoming an executive branch police force.

It is probable that Judge Roll who collaborated with Nepalitano was showing signs of coming clean. Perhaps he hadn't "lost" the evidence, after all.

Keep in mind, Rep. Giffords is Rham Emmanuel's protoge. He was grooming her for the Senate. She was instructed by him to hold the very public "meet and Greet" events in Tucson, which had little or no security.

To cut to the chase, "Jared Loughner" was profiled to DHS by Sheriff Dupnik, a "drug corridor" crony of Nepalitano, as being involved in violent threats and distubances in Tuscon. He was a perfect patsy.

There you have it. Likely it was a Rham Emmanuel operation from the get go.

The reason? To protect illegal Drug profits and to keep the compromised and very useful DHS goon in place for further actions against the state of Arizona should its population get any funny ideas about controlling the most porous border in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the revelations on the Nepalitano/Roll conspiracy.