"Black Swan" - Hollywood Preaches Satanism

Vatic Note:   We know who controls the movie industry don't we???  Khazar Bankers and we also know they are  satanists who never gave up their pagan religion.   We also know they wrote the protocols and check out protocol #4 and read what they intend to do through sexual deviance and other such black arts to convert the nation through her children to satanism.   After reading about the bees being killed by their genetically engineered virus and reading about their control over our key depts in government including homeland security with dual Israeli citiznes,  AND THEIR OBVIOUS BLATANT ATTEMPT AT GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE, we now know who is trying to genocide us and Europe and Australia through their owned chemical companies,  and other methods, so WE KNOW WHO THE ENEMY REALLY IS, WHO THE TERRORISTS REALLY ARE AND now we know who to go after.  Well, its finally coming out more and more.   We have so much evidence on this blog going back to the beginning, of the pervasiveness of Satanism in our world at the highest levels of every field,  that its clear they believe they will be taking over and are no longer hiding it (see blog "Age of Satanism")Notice we did not have a Christmas tree at the White House, but we did have the Menora.  Hmmm   That is representative of the Kabbala practiced by the Khazars who run the country right now in ALL FIELDS INCLUDING  politics, Drug companies, science, movies, publications, newspapers, electronic media, energy,  and recently just took over our food companies in 2008 with the proceeds of the market crash they caused and bought up the companies for pennies on the dollar.  Soon they will own it all if we let them. 

You know what they have done with what they own and its not been good for us.   We also covered Mind control thoroughly on this blog, almost to a point of leaving no stone unturned.  Military,  the brotherhood of the bell and black sciences, eugenics, depopulation, etc etc.  Its everywhere.  Now is the time to strike back by hanging onto the good in all of us and manifesting it continually.   It has to counter the evil that is pervasive in all areas of our lives.   We are many and they are few, but wealthy and powerful, so we must exert all that we can to counter such evil.  Our power lies in our numbers and UNITY IN ALL AREAS.   We also said this was a spiritual war and not a war of military.   If we win on the spirital battlefield we win every where.  THEY KNOW IT TOO. That is what THEY FEAR most.  Sometimes, I get so angry I want to do it their way, but do not let me fool you, there really is only one way and that is the non cooperation way which is just as dangerous and requires just as much courage as any other way, maybe even more so.

"Black Swan" - Hollywood Preaches Satanism

Posted on Pakalert on January 17, 2011

Do we need additional proof that mankind is controlled by a satanic cult?  The Illuminati uses movies (and entertainment in general) to spread its occult dogma. Most critics are simply too dense to recognize the truth and sound the alarm.  (VN:  We got that from Todd, remember? He was the Illuminati's point man for the entertainment industry, especially recording and music,  and of course he disappeared after exposing it all to the light of day)

Christianity is forbidden in the public sphere but spreading Satanism is OK? So that’s “secular” society.
One woman we know who saw this movie was so disturbed, she broke down at work the next day.

BTW, doesn’t Portman look ridiculous in this picture?

by Marcos, (for henrymakow.com)

Black Swan is one of those movies that leave you with a sick feeling in your gut. The reason is that it makes a very convincing case in favor of evil.

The movie stars Natalie Portman (née Natalie Harshlag, from Jerusalem), directed by a Jew from Brooklyn who lived in a kibbutz in Israel, Darren Aronofsky and produced by a company named “Phoenix”. Aronofsky had his debut with the movie “Pi”, whose main theme kaballah and Jewish occult numerology.

Nina (Portman) is a ballet dancer in New York. The movie starts with a dream where Nina dances with a seductive male dancer, an Antonio Banderas type who suddenly changes into a demon, horns and all.

Nina still sleeps in her childhood bedroom, surrounded by plush dolls and pink decorations. She is anorexic, has no boyfriend, is possibly schizophrenic and scratches herself until she bleeds. Her mother is a disciplinarian who wants Nina to be the first dancer in the company.

Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) is the French director who has just fired the first dancer from the company, Beth (Wynona Rider, nee Horowitz), after having seduced her.

Beth is approaching 30, and is disposable. After being fired, she is hit by a car and goes to the hospital. Thomas decides that he will produce the ballet “Black Swan” with the same dancer playing good white swan and the evil black swan. Nina is his choice, but he thinks she is too good and sweet and, although she can be the best white swan, she needs to find her evil nature in order to play the black swan.

Nina meets a bad girl named Lily (Mila Kunis, another Jewish actress), a dancer and competitor for the role. She has a tattoo of black swan’s wings on her back, meaning she already belongs to evil.

She takes Nina to a bar and a disco, introduces her to drugs, casual sex with men and has lesbian sex with her afterward. Because of the wild party, Nina is late to the rehearsal and almost loses the role to Lily herself. In the movie, we don’t know if Nina is imagining everything or if it really happened.

During opening night, Nina plays the White Swan and falls on stage. At her dressing room, during interlude, she is mocked by one of the dancers, who tells her she will fail and starts a fight.

Nina pushes her to a wall mirror, which shatters. She then proceeds to stab the dancer with a glass piece and changes into a demonic black swan. She performs wonderfully and, at the end, we find that in reality she stabbed herself and is dying. Her last words are: “Now I am perfect.”
(Natalie, put on a bra! Hillary can’t concentrate!)

Black Swan is a movie about mind control and demonic possession. Its main message is that you can’t achieve greatness without selling your soul to the devil and connecting with the evil inside.

Nina’s controller is her mother. She was unable to develop and is still a child psychologically and sexually. Her bedroom’s wallpaper is covered with butterflies, a reminder of Monarch programming.

When she is ripe and technically disciplined, her handler, Leroy (“The King” in French) enters her life and introduces her to evil, with the help of Lily (Lilith?).

He seduces her but doesn’t have sex with her. He just awakens her lust and greed. In a key scene, we see Leroy and Nina at his flat, where a stylized Baphomet is displayed on the wall.

Her gala night also takes place in a building where we see a huge statue of a black angel, obviously Lucifer. Nina is being invited to Satan’s side, and the reward is fame and success.

There are occult signals all over the movie, starting with the black and white duality and going through mirrors.

Nina and her mother have their mirror images switched in one scene, meaning the mother has to program the daughter to be a replica of herself.

In the end, when Nina shatters the mirror, it means she broke her personality in multiples and is ready to be possessed. She graphically changes into a demon in the screen.

It is very possible that Portman will get an Oscar for the role, in confirmation of what the movie teaches. She is an insider. That would make the movie more a ritual than fiction, much like Madonna’s kiss on Britney Spears. On the internet, Portman is well known as a mind control puppet.

Perhaps we should pay attention to the “failed” dancer Beth, who Nina replaced. Like other mind control slaves, she loses her programming as she gets near to age 30, and is discarded or killed.

After Nina tells Beth that she wanted to be “perfect” like her, Beth says: “Perfect? I am nothing.” That’s the fate of those who believe Satan’s lies.

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Anonymous said...

Who is Todd?

Vatic said...

Here read this and it will explain all about who he was. We say "Was" because he disappeared after a few years of revealing the truth about his employers. He was an insider.

John Todd

American Action Report said...

The critic didn't comment on the significance of the name "Black Swan." A black swan is a rare, almost impossible to predict event of catastrophic proportions.
While black swans do exist, the Conspiracy would have us believe that events that they contrive (such as 9/11) are unpredictable, hence unavoidable.
A 200-year flood is a black swan. A half dozen 200-plus-year floods all over the world in less than a year would be highly suspect.

Vatic said...

Very good information. I did not know that. Thanks once again for enlightening us and it makes sense doesn't it. Water and swans, they do have a sense of the black poetic, lol.

Anonymous said...

Yes I heard the Todd Tapes back in 1982. I was scared as hell to go anywhere for a moment. Then I realized that they can't do no more to me than GOD Almighty will allow them to. Now I've became a Screenplay writer and now I hear that people have to sell their souls in order to be successful in the Movie Industry???? Damn what's next? Why can't a good story just be enjoyed by normal people. Why does the devil or some wicked organization have to approve it, in order for it to generate status and money. God Almighty Help this world Please.

Anonymous said...

where is my posting

Vatic said...

Anonymous who wrote about Todd. Yes, a lot has changed, but its been very very gradual. If you read this blog in depth, you will find that what has ended up, was a result of massive investment in social engineering and a conspiracy so vaste that even I had trouble comprehending just how big it is.

Its what happened when the Khazars lost their country due to invasion by the catholics on the west and the muslims on the east and they were being force by both sides to pick a religion and give up their paganism. They looked around and realized if they picked either of the two big ones, they would be a minority within that religion, but if they picked Judaism, they would be a majority since they outnumbered the real Jews 10 to 1, so that is why they picked it, AND YET CONTINUED TO PRACTICE THEIR PAGANISM DRESS UP AS PART OF THE JEWISH RELIGION TO FOOL THOSE ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN. They ignored the Torah and then began their migration into europe and intentionally used the Jewish people as front for an agenda that would revenge themselves against the europeans and the muslim arabs for what they had done to their country Khazaria. They started with Russia and are finishing with the US and europe.

Its been like that ever since. They are generationally passing on this agenda and training their children how to continue until they control and rule the world with their pagan religion that they still practice. Rothschild is one such khazar and adopted the cote of arms for khazaria as his symbol which is the red sheild and in german is translated into "Rothschild". Then Weisman showed up in the 1700 and he and rothschild created the illuminati per se, with the 13 bloodlines from Egypt and began modernizing their plans. That is when they wrote the PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION and when you read them you will see this all laid out and its unfolding as they wrote 100 years ago. Very clever and they were focused on nothing else generation after generation.

They hate us, and when they took over russian in 1917, they proceeded to kill off 60 million Christians. Notice this year Christian symbols were banned at the white house, but a huge menora was on the lawn???? Yup, a symbol of their pagan religion. Its quite a story and the khazars took over the banking industry in order to pay for the take over of the globe and it worked.

Vatic said...

Anonymous who lost his posting. Please do me a favor and resend it to vatic2010@gmail.com and I will put it up for you. As you probably know we are having problems with Mossad right now messing with our stuff, so I am working around it as best I can. Thanks for your patience. If Mossad does not like it, they will block it. If they don't like it but don't care that we know it, then they let it through, unless I make a stink, then they back off because what they are doing is illegal in this country and one thing Pollack proved....... we will arrest them and keep them incarcerated or executed for whatever crime they have committed.


Anonymous said...

Jews in Hollywood?? Who would have thought that! What a shocker.