Is Albuquerque the new Gestapo Headquarters for airline travel?

Vatic Note:  What was made clear in this video is that what happened to this man is the first time in the history of the nation since it obtained independance that the issue of freedom of movement based on refusing to "SHOW YOUR PAPERS, PLEASE",  has ever been treated as a criminal offense where he could actually go to jail for it, so we are now fully in a fascist nazi police state if he is convicted and sentenced to jail. We, as a nation have always had a right to anonymity without probably cause and a right to freedom of movement anywhere in this country for any reason in any mode of transportation and they are now trying to make us like Israel, with checkpoints, gestapo tactics in "your papers please" in order to move about at all. Next I expect large concentration camp type walls to begin being put up, not to keep the illegals out, but to keep the legals inside.   If you cannot see the Khazar zionists international bankers fingerprints on all of these actions, then we are not paying careful attention to the slow eroding of our freedoms and of our nation and what it has always stood for.   If we wanted to live like those khazars in Israel, we would move there.  No thank you.  Bombing, using white phospherous and raping unarmed civilians is not my idea of a valid and legitimate conduct of a civilized nation state.   So why should we put up with it here???  We shouldn't, because as we see in Israel, the longer you tolerate it, the more they disrespect you and the worse it will become.  The day may come when they decide they want your kidney and will simply take it from you and by then it will be too late.  Same with your children,  Oh, thats right, that is happening already.   See???  If they want to fight a war, that just may happen right here, then they won't have to bogus one up like they continue to try and do. 

Man Faces Charges for Defying TSA Agents

KOB.com., By Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4, Source http://www.kob.com/article/stories/S1875813.shtml

A Seattle man’s trial in Albuquerque on charges of making trouble at an airport security checkpoint is getting attention from civil liberties groups all over the country.

Phil Mocek was arrested at the Albuquerque Sunport in November of 2009 after he refused to show I.D. to TSA officers at the security checkpoint. Police say Mocek became disruptive. They arrested him and charged him with disorderly conduct, refusing to obey an officer, criminal trespassing, and concealing his identity. After many delays, his trial in Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court was scheduled to begin this morning, but the judge ordered it postponed until January 20.

Representatives from several civil liberties groups were at the courthouse this morning, including Edward Hasbrouck of the San Francisco-based Identity Project.

“This is the first time anybody anywhere in the country has actually been arrested and put on trial on criminal charges for anything that happens at a TSA checkpoint,” Hasbrouck said.

Police told Eyewitness News 4 that when somebody becomes disruptive or offensive in an airport, they have a responsibility to stop it - and that’s what they said they did when they arrested Mocek.

Hasbrouck said the demand for Mocek’s I.D. started all the trouble.

“ What’s really at root in this case is whether travel is a right that we have under the Constitution - an ability to move about the country without having to show papers - which has been one of the defining characteristics of American freedom, “ Hasbrouck said.

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Deep Throat said...

This case should be interesting. I predict nothing will come of it insofar as 'having to show your papers'. The civil liberties people will not win on those grounds, since the TSA seems to already be entrenched in the American psyche, and people will continue to show their papers.

The problem still seems to be, I think, those people that come from or going to the Middle East 'terrorist' nations. Like the case with Gulet Mohamed, a Somali-American, who turned 19 while in captivity in Somalia and is trying to get to the U.S.:


I don't think Somalia is considered a terrorist nation (?), but whatever. I think it's his religion that's the problem. The dual citizens of Israel-U.S. make sure to have Americans understand that 'Muslims are terrorists'. (Never mind the Israeli spies operating in the U.S. of course.)

So, imo, the mostly jewish civil liberties groups will just be putting on a show, and blowing it out their ear to put on a show to the American people that they are 'concerned' in regard to this Phil Mocek case because

“ What’s really at root in this case is whether travel is a right that we have under the Constitution - an ability to move about the country without having to show papers - which has been one of the defining characteristics of American freedom, “ Hasbrouck said."

Meanwhile it's the civil liberties people that are keeping the borders wide open for all and sundry to come on in. Ironically, it's the civil liberties groups that are dismantling American 'freedoms'.

Vatic said...

All organizations both left and right are infiltrated and their agenda buried beneath high faluting words and ideas, but in reality the bottom line will always be to make us slaves and cattle. It was that way under FDR and he took them on and they vowed to come back only do it all under cover and then when the time was right to close the trap.

Rose Bud said...

Speaking of buying an airline ticket, and going through the pat-downs, etc., take a look at these pictures of what's inside the pimped up private jets that belong African dictators and other heads of state. In the second picture, notice the painting of naked women in the sleeping area:


Vatic said...

Rose Bud, its going to get worse too as we move more inexorably toward a fascist police state globally.