November 14 is Vatic Masters day off. She will return on Sunday 11/15 with blogs to read.

Vatic Master has been harassed so much that the day off has become a survival tool to stay sane.   It takes hours to fix the messes the evil ones create for me, and then they attack my fund raising as well.  So please bear with us.  Use start page search since they do NOT track  your ISP.  We will see you again on the 15th of November.  God bless you and your family for all your courage and support. 

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Anonymous said...

Reference the Paris "false flag".

A blogger posting on another site has stated that on the night of Friday 13th all the emergency services in Paris were engaged in a ...DRILL..i.e. a pre-arranged exercise.
If, this is true it would explain much, including the lack of urgency and concern/stress on the faces of the "volunteer victims" and emergency personnel.

A planned exercise is also one of the "hallmarks" of a false flag.