Biden tells Obama that 40 million U.S. homes will have 'smart meters' by 2015

Vatic Note:   Yup.... I knew when they introduced those smart meters that this was just a matter of time.  There was a G-20 meeting about setting up a global grid for, not only energy, but global spying on the remaining members of a seriously reduced and depopulated planet.

Its the answer to a global problem for the Satanists and their satanic NWO program they want, and they want it without resistance.   So, how does one spy on billions if not millions of people without them knowing about it?   Smart Meters were determine by the G-20 to be the way to go.   So far, its gone global and that includes the USA.

In my podunk town, all homes have just recently been smart metered and that means my utilities have jumped almost double for the same time last year and the year before.  At no time have we experienced such outrageous rates as we are seeing today.   I believe it was a way to shift attention away from taxes to generate funds needed to do this black ops, but also finding something everyone has to have and that is energy, in the form of utilities.

So the khazar banker zionists bought up the energy companies and now sit on their boards of directors, and so they get their corruptly gotten funds in this manner where the "people" have no say in it,  unlike taxes both assessed and unassessed, where the people have a huge say in them, both how they are assessed, collected and budgeted.  NOT SO WITH UTILITIES..... only the Board of Directors has a say in any of it.   VERY CLEVER way to avoid oversight. 

That means multiple agenda's on these meters.  Excess, and criminally obtained profits,  spying, global control through the energy grid..... and satanic globalists control of the entire planetary effort. Here is an article on one state that is resisting this effort.  Its well worth the read.   Read this and see what you think.

Biden tells Obama that 40 million U.S. homes will have 'smart meters' by 2015

A new report by Vice President Biden, which President Obama mentioned briefly in an appearance Tuesday, projects that the number of U.S. homes with smart meters will jump from about 8 million now to 40 million by 2015.

In a memo to Obama, entitled "Progress Report: The Transformation to a Clean Energy Economy," Biden says the Recovery Act will help fund the installation of smart meters in 18 million homes. As of January, he says 8 million homes had such meters, which track energy usage by month, week and even hour.
Biden projects that, through a mix of public and private investment, the number of homes with smart meters could skyrocket to 40 million within six years.
These meters, as noted in an earlier Green House post, have sparked criticism in California, where some users say they do not accurately measure power usage and their installation costs have increased utility bills.
Biden said the administraion, along with industry, is funding the installation of 877 sensors on the electric transmission system to improve reliability and security. He says there were 160 sensors in place when Obama took office.
The report describes the impact of these changes:
It will result in a future in which smart appliances can make decisions about when to turn on and off and consumers can program their homes to use energy most efficiently. It will result in a grid that can detect outages before they happen, and re-route power where it is needed.
The $4 billion in Recovery Act smart grid investments will likely result in 43,000 new jobs, and be matched more than one-to-one by private sector funding that could support up to 61,000 additional jobs on smart grid projects that will reduce cost, increase reliability and give consumers more choice and control over their energy use.
The report says the administration, by making "the largest single investment in home energy efficiency in U.S history," will weatherize the homes of half a million low-income Americans through retrofits by the end of next year.
It also says about two dozen tougher energy standards will be finalized in the next few years for everyday appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves and washer/dryers.
Biden says the Recovery Act's $23 billion for renewable power generation will likely create 253,000 jobs and double energy production from solar, wind and geothermal sources by 2012.  (VN: he forgot to mention, it will make us totally dependant on the controllers of that energy and thus suseptible to manipulation and control without firing a shot.   Just the threat of turning off the grid in the middle of winter would be enough to short cut any resistance.)

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Anonymous said...

If the utility company takes the Smart Meter name off the meter, how will we know if we have a Smart Meter and demand it's removal?

Vatic Master said...

How you will know that its on, is because, like everyone else that has one, your electric bill will double and you will be hit in the face with it. Trust me, that just happened to me. I raised holy hell about it and the girl tried to blame it on the supplier of the energy and I informed her that the electric company also owned the supplier so its still the electric company causing the rate increases using the smart meters. We have no way of knowing if this is just a corrupt mafia scam or for real. But somebody needs to start questioning it and doing something about it. We could all start locally filing court suits against the utility companies for doing this without any warning.